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Where are all the other mums

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SofiesMum07 Wed 20-Jun-07 14:55:15

Hi there,
I was recently the first of my friends to have a baby (now 4 months) and therefor don't spend so much time with them anymore. I also met some lovely mums through my NCT class but none of them are in my area so now i am looking for mums who maybe are in the same situation or just want to extend their list of mummy friends

I live in SW8 (chelsea / battersea ) and hopefully there are some other mums there too !?


figleaf Wed 20-Jun-07 18:09:45

Must be loads in London sofiesMum. If you get no results from this thread try putting up another but include your Location in it's title. This makes it easier for people to scan for their area and find you. Good luck.

figleaf Wed 20-Jun-07 18:10:41

I'm in Alloa (Scotland) by the way - bit far to meet me

figleaf Wed 20-Jun-07 18:11:08

I'm in Alloa (Scotland) by the way - bit far to meet me

figleaf Wed 20-Jun-07 18:11:26


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