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When meeting up take sensible precautions. Meet in a public place and let others know where you are going. You can also meet mums on your local site here.

Meeting new people in Glasgow

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Kiku Tue 19-Jun-07 14:20:48

Hi, I'm new to Glasgow and looking to meet up during weekdays.I'm also 6 months pregnant. If anybody is also bored or has plenty of time and would like to do anything, We could meet up

prettybird Thu 21-Jun-07 12:58:37

I'm in Glasgow, but can't really help you as I work full time - but I didn't you to feel you were iginire .

My ds is 6, so now quite grown up!

There are a few mumsnetters in Glasgow, but we are not very good at organising meet-ups. Do a search on the ante/post natal threads, as I seem to recollect that there were some Glasgow meet-ups purely for pregnant ladies, who didn't promote them on the meet-ups thread.
I think they've now had thier babies - but if they are meeting up, you could alwaus invite yourself along..... ;0

prettybird Thu 21-Jun-07 12:59:55

Soory - dreadful typos. Amongst others, - "iginire" = "ignored"

Kiku Thu 21-Jun-07 23:43:38

Thanks to getting back to me. Its nice to know that somebody is out there. I´ m new to Glasgow so I don’t know anybody here. Or to go anywhere. But I hope it changes soon

prettybird Fri 22-Jun-07 08:28:23

Have a look here here - looks like you can find some more active "local" threads - plus some adivce about places to go. I've put in some of the Glasgow suggestions/recommnedations - but I hadn't realsied it had become more active as a sort of talk board as well.

weeonion Fri 22-Jun-07 23:43:37

hi kiku - nice to hear from another glaswegian! i am one of those women that pretty bird mentioned who has met up. we are from terh bumps and bairns north of the border. we certainl did nt intend to exclude anyon - just we had all got to know each other. it woudl be great if you popped over to that thread (and anyone else for that matter!). we dotn have another meet up planned as yet but there has been talk of a picnic thang when the weather picks up!

i no longer have the bump as the bairn is now with me - 9 weeks 2morro! where abouts are you - are you a PRM/ SG / or QM??

prettybird Sun 24-Jun-07 22:39:16

Wasn't meaning to suggest that you were deliberately excluding others Weeonion! .... just that the threads re meet-ups weren't where you would have expected them looking for a meet-up

weeonion Sun 24-Jun-07 22:55:16

prettybird - no worries i think we actually did do a posting on teh met up boards about the last time we all hooked up. always well into meeting up tho' - just wish teh sun would come out so we could meet up al fesco!!

Kiku Tue 26-Jun-07 20:30:58

Hi weeonion, Sorry don’t understand your question (where abouts are you - are you a PRM/ SG / or QM??) How is your baby called?
It would be nice to come to a meeting with the other girls

Macdog Tue 26-Jun-07 20:38:22

Think it refers to the Maternity hospitals: Princess Royal Maternity, Southern General or Queen Mother's.

I'm in Ayrshire so can't really get involved in the Glasgow meet-ups, but good luck

weeonion Tue 26-Jun-07 23:29:08

oops - thanks for the translation there macdog and i was indeed referring to the hospitals!

Kiku Wed 27-Jun-07 10:31:49

Ok thank you I am in Princess Royal Maternity.

weeonion Wed 27-Jun-07 15:33:00

kiku - that is where i went. i had a great experiene there - really good and couldnt say a bad thing about it all. i actually live just about 5 mins away - we coudl meet up for a coffee after one of yr antenatal appts??

Kiku Thu 28-Jun-07 12:24:45

That would be nice, I have next Tuesday my next class.

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