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Mustangsam Tue 19-Jun-07 11:56:03

Hi!I've lurked on here for a short while and this is my first post!

I'm 42 and a first time mum,our lovely daughter is 21 months old.I happily gave up work to be a full time time,i'm really enjoying it,can get a little lonely as hubby works full time-i'd really like to chat with other mums in the area.

Hope to hear from you soon!

TigerFeetFormerlyCheesyFeet Tue 19-Jun-07 12:39:52

There are a few of us Linconlshire Mums about!

Whereabouts are you?

Mustangsam Tue 19-Jun-07 13:01:59

That's great!

I'm in Skegness,whereabouts are you?

TigerFeetFormerlyCheesyFeet Tue 19-Jun-07 13:07:04

Boston, just up the road

There is a poster called LouFromSkeggy so I'm guessing she lives near you somewhere!

Mustangsam Tue 19-Jun-07 13:18:27

Nice to find there's some yellow bellies on here

I've been on another forum site for just over a year but most of them are based in Norwich,we managed to go to a meet up last year but it's quite a long way to go and our DD takes after me,i wasn't the best traveller as a child!

Hope to hear from Lou as well then!

TigerFeetFormerlyCheesyFeet Tue 19-Jun-07 13:27:09

I'm not a proper yellowbelly, I moved here in 1999 from a city so the change of pace has been a bit of a shock

DD was born here though

Mustangsam Tue 19-Jun-07 13:34:14

I'll bet it is!

My DD was born in the Pilgrim and we've just started ttc again.

I've lived in Skeg all my life but we're hoping to move in the not too distant future as we'd like to find somewhere with a nice family garden,this house backs onto a very busy car park!

Piffle Tue 19-Jun-07 13:39:26

I'm even further sth in Sleaford affectionately known in Lincs as Slugford

TigerFeetFormerlyCheesyFeet Tue 19-Jun-07 13:57:00

Slugford... pmsl...

went there once, had a good look around the place. Took about ½ hour

There are some very pretty villages round there though, we particularly love the Heckington Show too

Will you stay in Skeg then Mustangsam or are you broadening your horizons

Mustangsam Tue 19-Jun-07 14:12:54

Am open to the best place that presents itself within Lincolnshire really,my mum is now in Horncastle,the ideal for us would be to find a big house with an annexe for 'nanny'!

There are some lovely places in the area,this year we've become addicted to car boots-Stickney on a saturday,been to ones at Heckington, Burgh and Swineshead,got some great bargains.

Mustangsam Tue 19-Jun-07 14:15:00

Thanks Piffle-that's a new one on me!

Pfer Tue 19-Jun-07 14:24:52

I'm a yellowbelly!!!!! I'm from Ruskington (or Rusko as it's affectionately known by the local idiots/criminals/dickheads etc etc) about 5 miles from Piffle in Slugford - though I always called is Sleezeford - maybe that something to do with me getting 74% on the slut test though!?

Mustangsam Tue 19-Jun-07 14:30:52

PMSL Pfer!

Am learning some new stuff about Lincs today!

TigerFeetFormerlyCheesyFeet Tue 19-Jun-07 14:42:47

I work in Spalding.. called Slapding by some people who know about these things

Piffle Tue 19-Jun-07 14:52:01

i'm a retired slut, did I move to the wrong place then?

Mustangsam Tue 19-Jun-07 14:54:20

I worked around there a few years ago-Tinsley's i think it was called-huge place where i was on the production line making those M&S layered salads- think i lasted 3 days!

TigerFeetFormerlyCheesyFeet Wed 20-Jun-07 14:49:23

Tinsleys has been taken over by the company I work for. Don't blame you for leaving after so little time, I have to provide cover on the lines for break times when we are busy and I don't think I could stand it full time.

@ Piffle

Shirazzy Wed 20-Jun-07 18:17:36

And i'm North Lincs..just thought i'd jump in and say hi too! .

kittykat77 Wed 20-Jun-07 21:52:57

I'm also in north lincs. Sunny Scunny to be precise. Nuff said about the place name topic..

Have 2 kids - DD who is 1, and DS who is almost 4 wks.

Shirazzy Thu 21-Jun-07 16:17:00

KittyKat - i'mm just up thwe hill from Sunny Scunny - classed as Scawby!

Nive to see people very close by!

Shirazzy Thu 21-Jun-07 16:17:49

Apologies for the typing there!

Georgia-Mae was tryign to assist mummy!

moodywren Thu 28-Jun-07 21:21:04

I'm moving to surfleet, spalding in August. Live in Wiltshire, now so hoping to get in touch with some friendly lincolnshire mums

Mustangsam Wed 04-Jul-07 09:39:48

Good to hear from you moodywren!

When are you moving?

Mustangsam Wed 04-Jul-07 09:41:56

Whoops,sorry,must get eyes tested!

mimi03 Tue 10-Jul-07 16:49:58

hello ladies.... anyone in lincoln city centre?? just moved here from plymouth and am in desperate need for adult conversation!!!!!

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