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Mums in the Kennington area also antenatal classes at Henry fawcett school for baby's born may/June 2018

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Rewardingandtough2018 Tue 11-Sep-18 16:04:29


I am new to this as well as being a new mum to a now 4month year old.. although motherhood has been wonderful and very rewarding but there are times I do feel quite bored as I am so used to working!

So I was wondering if there are any mums in the Kennington or near by areas who would like to attend play groups together or a coffee to have a chat about the joys and similar struggles of being a new mum lol

I would also be particularly interested if any of the mothers who attended the antenatal classes at Henry fawcett child centre are on Mumsnet would be lovely to meet and meet your little ones and whether the classes helped at birth!!

Esshum Thu 11-Oct-18 19:41:36

Hiya! I live in the area and also have a four month old... What are the chances! I also go to the HFC and had antenatal classes there, though probably not at the same time as you. I'd love to meet up/chat about local classes (or the lack of them?)

Mimi2018 Fri 12-Oct-18 15:46:25


Was you taken care of by the Kennington/Maple team of midwives who also ran the antenatal classes at HF?

Yes we should arrange to attend the same play group in the local area and have a chat smile

Mimi2018 Thu 20-Dec-18 14:17:20


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