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North London mums with toddlers over 2yrs old

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bnomates Sat 21-Aug-04 23:14:21

Are you like me and noticed that all the other north london threads meet ups seem to be set up with mums with young babies.
Is your child 2yrs and above?
Well i live in Crouch End with our 2yr old ds and i would like to meet up with mums who have toddlers the same age or above because i know my ds will perfer to run around with them then those that are crawling.
I'm not alienating you not so posh north london mums but its just that i've done the baby talk and would like to move on.
If anybody feels the same it would be good to hear from you so that i can change this nickname

bnomates Sat 21-Aug-04 23:23:44

Me again.

Is it possible to make friends from this thread or am i destined to live with this nickname FOREVER ?


jampot Sat 21-Aug-04 23:25:45

Hi bnomates - my kids are over 2 (quite a lot actually) and I don;t live anywhere near london but for the sake of this thread I'll be your friend so you can call yourself "onecrapmate"

jampot Sat 21-Aug-04 23:25:58

tigermoth Sun 22-Aug-04 09:17:29

come to the central london picnic in September - there will be lots of over 2's there, even if their parents don't live exactly in your bit of London.

BTW no one, but no one from mumsnet seems to live my way (plumstead/woolwich). No mumsnetters with babies, toddlers or older children. Not a sausage!

bnomates Fri 03-Sep-04 18:54:34


onlineid Fri 03-Sep-04 23:25:32

Message withdrawn

ChicPea Sat 04-Sep-04 00:06:10

So am I!

onlineid Mon 27-Sep-04 16:23:57

Message withdrawn

prettycandles Tue 28-Sep-04 14:31:48

I'm in NW2 with a 4yo and a 21mo - so I fall in both camps! Mondays and Fridays are good for me too.

Brent Cross here we come?

Posey Tue 28-Sep-04 20:30:51

Ds is almost 2. I'll be your meetup mate!

onlineid Wed 29-Sep-04 22:40:08

Message withdrawn

ChicPea Wed 29-Sep-04 22:49:22

Where are the music classes on Friday AM onlineid? Are they at the centre near the Roayl Free?

onlineid Wed 29-Sep-04 22:53:54

Message withdrawn

ChicPea Wed 29-Sep-04 22:55:36

That was a quick response onlineid! Do you have a 2yo dd or ds?

onlineid Wed 29-Sep-04 22:58:01

Message withdrawn

ChicPea Thu 30-Sep-04 00:17:46

A just turned 2yo DD. Also DS who is 11mths. I am working at the moment so quality time with kiddies is scarce. Where in Hampstead do you live? Am aiming to work less, it's not happening yet.

expatkat Thu 30-Sep-04 00:34:06

onlineid: I think my dd does the same St. John's Wood music class, which just started last week. Only my dd has class on Thursdays.

onlineid Thu 30-Sep-04 22:55:03

Message withdrawn

norwaymum Thu 11-Nov-04 20:20:09


I came across this thread when searching for "Hampstead, toddlers". We are a Norwegian couple with a 2 year old daughter and we plan to move to Hampstead in January/February next year. We would really like to get to know others in our situation and also to know what you think about living in that area with children.

Hope to hear from some Hampstead mums!

IlanaK Fri 12-Nov-04 17:16:27

I am not North London, but not far from St John's wood. In know some of you from the Corams Fields meet up, but am curious abut the music class. We do Gymboree at )2 on finchley Rd, but ST John's Wood is closer. Could you give contact detailsplease?

Also, I have a 3 year old so would be pleased to meet up if it is not that far north.

Arabica Fri 12-Nov-04 22:45:44

I know a fab St Johns Wood music class too, called Muzsica! Gotta give it a plug--it's held in the synagogue opp Lord's cricket ground (you don't have to be a synagogue user--it's an independent class)
And bnomates, I'm not massively far from you, I'm in N16 with a 3.5 year-old. Yes we do travel that far for our music class cos it's brilliant.

Davros Sat 13-Nov-04 09:02:58

hi norwaymum, I'm in belsize park and have a dd who is 20 months. I think there's lots to do round here and would be happy to meet up when you move here. you could look at the LB Camden website and check out Cindex which lists all local facilities, services etc. I also go to a mother and baby group through the Hampstead Women's Club (google, it has a website)

IlanaK Sat 13-Nov-04 11:28:53

Arabica, do you have a phone number for that group? I googled but didn't find anything.

Arabica Sat 13-Nov-04 15:40:45

Hi IlanaK, Muzsika doesn't have a website: phone number is 7794 4848. We go on a Weds at 4pm (kids aged 3-5) but there are other options.

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