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When meeting up take sensible precautions. Meet in a public place and let others know where you are going. You can also meet mums on your local site here.

Portsmouth Meet up

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lumpybumpymummy Fri 01-Jun-07 15:27:38

Hi i'm Emilie

Sorry about the typing i'm not good with full stops etc just bare with me

I'm new to this board but i post on mums club july 05 and mums club march 07 and trying for a baby board i have two children dd shes 22 months and ds is 11 weeks i dont get out much as ive suffered from depression and a few other problems for a few years but after my son i got pnd and was put on tablets i'm now ready to put the past behide me thanks to the help from the drs. Me and a girl i met from the net a few weeks ago have come up with the idea that we should arrange a mums meet in portsmouth for all them mums in the area who are interested its just and idea at the moment depends how many are interested to what we will do or where we will meet if your interested just leave a message here so i can email you and see how many we can get together we came up with this idea as we are fed up with being stuck in bored all day and think this is a great way of meeting new people oh please also leave what day would be best for you and we will try are best to match it

Thanks for reading

Luv Emilie

lumpybumpymummy Fri 01-Jun-07 16:09:21

opps i posted the wrong ad here but if anyone is interested just leave your email thanks

lumpybumpymummy Sat 02-Jun-07 20:17:26


Eve34 Sat 02-Jun-07 20:31:19

Hi ya hon - hope you get some new mum's to meet. I am in Eastleigh not to far away and have a little boy who is nearly 9 months now! I saw depressed too - so know where you are coming from there. I take each day as it comes.
not sure if I am allowed to suggest this but know there are a number of mums who chat on netmums from your way.


GreedyGecko Tue 12-Jun-07 22:04:45

Hi Lumpy!

I'm in Milton, I have 2 boys, ds1 - 5yrs, ds2 19mths.

I've been suffereing with depression recently, so know how you feel, am taking ADs, and trying to get out of the house as much as I can.

If you're still up for meeting up with other mums let me know.

GG xx

fairygirl3 Sun 01-Jul-07 21:36:47

hiya lumpy
i also suffered from depression a few years ago & know its easier said then done but more u get out the better u feel,i live in paulsgrove & hav 3 kids 9,8&1 & want to start tryin 4 no.4 soon,anyway hope yr feelin better,

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