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When meeting up take sensible precautions. Meet in a public place and let others know where you are going. You can also meet mums on your local site here.

Yorkshire summer meet up!

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sarahhal Wed 23-May-07 14:24:41

Any one fancy big picnic type meet up? Cannon Hall perhaps? Shall we throw some ideas about?

Here's mine - Cannon Hall, once school breaks up but before 18th August! Any weekeday fine for me in hols!

Phoenix/Gingermonkey etc- stop swearing or using " distasteful" language on your thread as my school system won't let me on because of it!!

Kathyis6incheshigh Wed 23-May-07 14:29:56

Hello, where's Cannon Hall?

I'm in York (had a mini-meet-up with Squonk and Thehairybabysmum the other week - was great )

Was thinking a picnic type would be nice as a follow-up.

sarahhal Wed 23-May-07 14:42:08

Just outside Barnsley, Kathy - if there are more people interested Leeds/York way we could always head up there!!!

Kathyis6incheshigh Wed 23-May-07 14:44:14

Yorkshire is massive, isn't it?
There's a crowd in Hull as well.

sarahhal Thu 24-May-07 08:30:04

So massive but with no one living in it judging by the lack of replies

Just me and you then Kathy in a field in between York and Huddersfield!!

filthymindedvixen Mon 28-May-07 00:13:08

If you were going somewhere public transportable, I might come...

Twinklemegan Mon 28-May-07 00:20:12

Well I'm in N Yorks and would be up for it. York area would be best for me.

Otter Mon 28-May-07 00:22:22


elkiedee Mon 28-May-07 03:49:08

I don't live in Yorkshire now but come from Leeds and expect to be visiting my mum now in Ilkley at least a couple of times over summer, will place a watch on this thread as would be interested if around at the time, and otherwise would like to know about mumsnetters in the area.

Otter, whereabouts do you live?

kiskidee Mon 28-May-07 04:46:56

i don't live in yorkshire but could do a meetup in york.

WriggleJiggle Mon 28-May-07 05:16:20

Like Elkidee, I am no longer in Yorkshire, but expect to be up visiting parents over the summer. Would love to join you if I can. Otley, Skipton, York etc all sound good.

Nbg Mon 28-May-07 07:57:46

I live in the same place as TwinkleMegan but I dont drive and have 2 children and am pregnant so will keep an eye on this and see what you all decide on.

Gingermonkey Mon 28-May-07 10:07:56

what are you saying sarahhal???? Phoenix and me have impeccable manners . Count me in for a meet up and I promise I won't swear (or be distasteful).
What about the YSP? It's easier to find than cannon hall?

fryalot Mon 28-May-07 10:11:14

you can count me in

York is good for me, but if we're doing a big meet-up type picnic, then we need somewhere with a large field or nice gardens.... how about Castle Howard?

or the beach? Scarborough or Brid?

Nbg Mon 28-May-07 10:12:56

Well in York theres the Museum Gardens, Homestead park or theres a big park by the river ouse which has parking.

DaisysGotSausageFeet Mon 28-May-07 10:21:09

Im in Leeds and would like to meet some fellow MNers...I know there are a few other ladies in this area that would be interested in a meet-up.

I can travel so anywhere suits really.

DrNortherner Mon 28-May-07 10:24:57

I'm in Harrogate and will be up for this.

FMV - you could have a lift if you like? Now I can drive and all that

trace2 Mon 28-May-07 10:25:29

i may come i should have bubs by then! sarahel you tell then off for sweraring

Phoenix Mon 28-May-07 10:26:56

I'm up for it if i'm not working.

Sarah - distasteful language??????????? Don't know wot u mean

bewilderbeast Mon 28-May-07 10:43:12

i'd be up for it if |I'm not working. What about temple newsham, its quite easy to get to from the north and south?

tribpot Mon 28-May-07 10:52:31

Count me in - I'm in Leeds but have transport.

fryalot Mon 28-May-07 10:54:15

bewilderbeast - I'll give you lessons in how to say those words that I won't post on here coz if I do, sarahhal's school system won't be able to access this thread

Gingermonkey Mon 28-May-07 16:34:12

temple newsham sounds good to me also (have no idea where it is, but have heard of it!!!! ). Is it near rothwell?

lovebabies Mon 28-May-07 16:43:11

I live in Strensall. Been here just over a year and still don't know anyone. Would be good to meet up with some local mums.

Gingermonkey Mon 28-May-07 16:44:29

where's that? (sorry for my complete ignorance ). I'm in wakefield.

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