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When meeting up take sensible precautions. Meet in a public place and let others know where you are going. You can also meet mums on your local site here.

right then thers a london and birmingham summer picnic, lets organise a DEVON one!

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mamatres Mon 21-May-07 16:05:51

theres no way i'm hoiking myself and dcs all that way although would love to meet everyone you feel you already know.
so does anyone fancy a summer picnic in devon....the beach, the moors, or just the park?

numptysmummy Mon 21-May-07 16:08:31


NikkiBFG Mon 21-May-07 16:10:01

Ooooh!! Make it when I'm back in Devon visiting family....purleeeassseeee!!!! I am originally from Devon so do have right credentials i.e love of pasties and clotted cream...obv not together..

Walnutshell Mon 21-May-07 16:14:14

I'd probably even wolf down pasties WITH clotted cream...

New to Devon (as resident) and think this is a great idea... where & when?

NikkiBFG Mon 21-May-07 16:16:51

Have you tried....<quakes with shame>

Yorkshire puds...cold...with clotted cream and jam?? mmmmm!!!!!!!!!!!!!

<slunks off to join chav food taste hall of fame>

mamatres Mon 21-May-07 16:26:09

nikki when are you in devon?
am going to check calendar and will get back to this prob after tea.
dont go away! (well you can, but make sure you all come back again!)

NikkiBFG Mon 21-May-07 16:27:42

Well, I live in Bristol but all my family is from Plymouth so am there pretty often hence my interest in meeting Devon mums!Its my second home as it were! I tried to arrange a Plymouth meet up for last week when I was there but it didn't happen...<sniffs armpits to check for BO>...

NikkiBFG Mon 21-May-07 16:29:21

Ahh, WHEN am I in Devon <note to posts properly

Am there this weekend for DS 1st Birthday Party <slopppy proud mummy emoticon> but not sure about after that - should imagine within next month or two though - I can't stay away too long - my mum pines for DS!

mamatres Mon 21-May-07 16:36:35

right then, i have calendar.
sunday 22nd july sounds sunny <optimistic emoticon>

and i just had a flash of inspiration and here are my suggestions:
fingle bridge (lots of picnicking space and shallow river for kids and dads to play in whilst mums natter)
double locks (loads of space and good play area but not sure we could take own food)
shaldon beach (across water from teignmouth- not too big so can keep eyes on kids easily and sheltered so not too much sand in sandwiches)
bellever on dartmoor (tbh no idea where it is but always used to go when i was little and am assured its still gorgeous- plus stream for paddling)
any other ideas? do any of these tickle your fancy?

gess Mon 21-May-07 16:39:21

I'll try and come, but not sure you'll see much of us (will have ds1 with us- he doesn't really do sitting down/staying in one spot). I'll have to bring some sort of help as well if I'm coming with ds2 and ds3.

gess Mon 21-May-07 16:39:48

My vote os for fingle bridge btw.

franca70 Mon 21-May-07 16:45:30

fingle brigdge sounds great.

mamatres Mon 21-May-07 17:02:20

right heres the details and list so far then-

sunday 22nd july*
bring and share lunch
bring any games/balls etc
bring something to sit on


anyone else? copy and add name to list!

mamatres Mon 21-May-07 17:34:13

bump for evening mners

mamatres Mon 21-May-07 19:08:21

anyone else fancy coming? i know its a long way off but its good to be organised! i like to plan ahead

NikkiBFG Mon 21-May-07 19:46:42

Must ask Mum where where Fingle bridge is! Have no idea and I lived in Devon up until I was 21!!!

<ashamed emoticon>

mamatres Tue 22-May-07 07:58:34

do you know i'm not sure i would know for sure without looking it up. but basically its off the A30, between exeter and plymouth (but much closer to exeter) then off and along main road then down twisty little lanes through lovely villages.
there. you'll find it easily now wont you?!!!!
second thoughts, maybe ask your mum. or look on a map.
dh will be driving us so i dont have to worry about it.

fennel Tue 22-May-07 08:46:00

Fingle bridge would be great, we had a lovely picnic there last summer.

NikkiBFG It's about 20 minutes west of Exeter towards Okehampton, near Castle Drogo. It's quite well signed.

I don't think we can make Sun 22 July, we've got Spanish friends staying then and they might not be that keen on a mass meeting of strange British internet mothers. You never know, some people don't quite jump at the idea

We could make most of the 3 or 4 weekends before that though if that helps.

mamatres Tue 22-May-07 11:57:32

hi fennel,
i was thinking that date as i think most schools have broken up by then and it might be a nice start to the holidays- may make soem new friends for meeting up with over the long long summer hols!

fennel Tue 22-May-07 12:29:50

Our school and some others around here don't break up til the Tues 24 July.

mamatres Tue 22-May-07 13:35:20

oh well i cocked that one up then! ds1 breaks up ridiculously early- 5th july would you believe and ds2 on the 17th.
i think greeny is going to london one week after on the 29th so we cant do it that day and then its into august and people will be going off on breaks and stuff. thought i'd try and do it early enough so that people were still around.

fennel Tue 22-May-07 13:52:48

it sounds as though most people will be free on that day, you'll never get a day which suits everyone.

mamatres Tue 22-May-07 15:03:24

sorry you wont be able to make it though. i know though, you cant please all the people all the time

mamatres Wed 23-May-07 13:19:16

anyone else like to join us?
add yourself to the list...


indiasmum Wed 23-May-07 17:28:00

this is my all new all singing all dancing mumsnet auction name! xx fka mamatres

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