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When meeting up take sensible precautions. Meet in a public place and let others know where you are going. You can also meet mums on your local site here.

BEDFORD girls meet ups!

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sal13 Mon 14-May-07 17:33:33

I'm looking for other mums in Bedford for a meet up. I have a ds 18mnths, and a ds 5 mnths. would love to meet some other mums in this area.

detoxdiva Mon 14-May-07 21:26:38

Hi. I'm about 8 miles outside of Bedford - think there are some other local mums about on here - would be good to meet up.

sal13 Tue 15-May-07 09:25:22

great! thanks. I live quite near the main park near town.

QueenEagle Tue 15-May-07 09:26:57

I'm up for a meet-up too. I live near the Aspects Leisure Park.

detoxdiva Tue 15-May-07 12:01:23

Any other Beds mums fancy a meet up?

sal13 Wed 16-May-07 14:09:54

I'm also wanting to get the boys involved in a toddler/ mother baby group locally. Do any of you have one that you can recommend? ds1 loves other children and I think he is so bored stuck with me all day

hanghill Tue 22-May-07 16:36:12

Hello, I'd like to join the party too if I haven't missed the boat! I have a 7 week old DD and live in Kempston.

PurlyQueen Mon 03-Sep-07 20:03:33

Sorry to hijack this thread, but DH and I are thinking of moving to Bedford. We like the town and are trying to narrow down potential locations, but can anyone tell me where are the best state primary schools?

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