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Older mums ??? 40 plus???

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MamaHulk Mon 14-May-07 15:55:38

I know this thread was a long time ago but is anyone still around? Born in 65(difficult to remember age sometimes!!) with two boys (3&4ish)and definately PK. Live & work in Norfolk and wondered is anyone was up for a chat?

rabbleraiser Mon 14-May-07 20:49:09

Hi, Mama. I was also born in 65 and have a ds who's 2.6. I'm in the North Somerset/Bristol area.

sal13 Tue 15-May-07 09:23:42

I'm 40 now, ds 18mnth, ds 5mn, and , just found out... another on the way

mrsmummy Tue 15-May-07 13:07:01

me too!! born in 65 with ds 7 and dd 4, live in lancashire

sal13 Wed 16-May-07 14:11:34

Bedford, but originally from Middlesbrough area.

hermia Thu 17-May-07 22:54:21

Hi - also born 65. Ds is 4.5 and trying to decide whether to go for another one.. mm. I'm in Scotland.

madamez Thu 17-May-07 23:01:34

I'm 42, had DS when I was 39, live in London.

cat64 Thu 17-May-07 23:18:11

Message withdrawn

stepfordwife Thu 17-May-07 23:19:48

na na nanana na! i'm the oldest! 44. had ds1 at 36 (spring chicken, eh?) ds2 at 38 and dd at 42.
trouble is there'll be a clash of hormones when i'm menopausal and they're teenagers. eek.
but glad i'm an "older mum." think i would have resented missing out on my partying years if i'd had kids younger.

stepfordwife Thu 17-May-07 23:21:07

..not that my partying years are over, i hope..(and i'm not talking spideerman/dora the explorer parties)

katelyle Thu 17-May-07 23:32:23

I am so old that I'm not going to post my year of birth but I am definitely the oldest here - I've established that before. I've got dd 11 and ds 6!

joash Thu 17-May-07 23:38:54

katelyle - go on tell us. I was born in '63 if thats ny help.

RustyBear Thu 17-May-07 23:45:15

Are you older than me katelyle? 1956 vintage here.....

Arabica Thu 17-May-07 23:49:41

1961!! But I only look 106. I have DS (6) and DD (9 months) and live in N London. Delayed having children mainly due to immaturity. In my DS' year at school I am oldest birth mum, but there are two parents who've adopted and they are older than me!

controlfreaky2 Thu 17-May-07 23:52:10

i'm a 61er too. dss 9 and 7!

brimfull Thu 17-May-07 23:53:23

1962 here,can't belive I will be 45 next month.I have a 15yr old dd and a 4 yr old ds.
Would love to chat but need my beauty sleep.

jura Thu 17-May-07 23:54:37

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

clumsymum Fri 18-May-07 00:09:17


I'm 46, was born in 1960, ds was born when I was 38, he's 7 and a half now.

katelyle Fri 18-May-07 11:46:25

Ok - so I'm not quite the oldest - 1957. How old are your children, RustyBear?

rattleskuttle Fri 18-May-07 11:52:01

born in 64: dd's of 22yrs, 19, ds of 14, dd3yrs and ds 8 months. so i've had them young and old! (sadly misguided and dumb emoticon)
but i didn't miss out on partying
oh, and i have a gs too,lol

RustyBear Fri 18-May-07 12:43:57

I probably don't really qualify as an 'older mum'if you mean 'older when you had kids' as my two are 19&17, so I was only 31 & 33 when they were born. I don't think I'm the oldest MNer though, I'm sure I've seen someone older.

Flower3554 Fri 18-May-07 12:49:51

Might be me

Born 1953, live in the North East of England
DD1 born 1976
DS1 born 1979
DD2 born 1983
became foster carers 1987

Been changing nappies for over 30 years

diplodocus Fri 18-May-07 13:06:06

Born in '64 (42 with mental age of about 16), DD of 18 months and another on the way, so am I the oldest currently pregnant?

suejonezwillsoonbeKewcumber Fri 18-May-07 13:11:40

Also a 65'er, ds 17 months

Arabica Fri 18-May-07 14:59:56

Diplodocus, you might be the oldest currently pg and I must be one of the oldest to have given birth (I was 44 and 10 months) but I know someone of 48 who's got a 2 year-old, and she looks much better than I do, the cow.

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