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Any mums in North Lincs / Humberside / Lincs

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Shiraz Fri 06-Aug-04 11:38:19

Hi, i'm Beccy and have just moved back to Nth Lincs with my partner and 7 month old dd Georgia-Mae! Just wondered if there were any mummies on here in the area! I am in desperate need of human dalmatian and cats are not much! I have not yet passed my driving test and live in a farmhouse in a lovely location (just off the A15/M180), but there are no bus routes...better get driving quick eh! But i'd love to meet other mummies, so they can pop in for a coffee or natter and so Georgie can socialise a bit more too! Take care, Becs xx

Gingerbear Sun 08-Aug-04 03:16:42

Hi Beccy
There was someone here from Grimsby chatting the other day.

I used to live in Cleethorpes and Barton and am now in Doncaster, but not too far from you.

I have a 2 year old daughter, dalmatian and also live in the countryside.

you had better get your licence quick if you live in the sticks!

harrassedmum Sun 15-Aug-04 22:06:26

Hi I'm from Grimasby, hi gingerbear. Not great with locations, but sure you're not far from me, though I'm afraid i dont drive either. How are you finding it, and where did you move from?

Shiraz Tue 17-Aug-04 11:15:58

Hi Ladies!

Gingerbear, i know excatly what you mean about needing to pass my test pronto, i love living where i am it is gorgeous, howeve a car would be useful so i could get out and meet other mums...

Harrassedmum, i live nr brigg/scunthorpe area, and my grandad and an uncle of mine live somewhere in Grmisby although i'm not sure where as i haven't seen them for years!

Oooooh i really need to drive so i can join in/arrange some meet ups!

Take care

Piffleoffagus Tue 17-Aug-04 11:17:45

I am moving to Sleaford in 3 weeks!
I drive

Gingerbear Tue 17-Aug-04 11:45:00

Lincoln is a lovely place for a meet-up girls. Shiraz, could you get a lift or go by train?

Shiraz Tue 17-Aug-04 14:48:54

Oooh Sleaford, i believe that to be the other end of Lincs to me.....hi to you Piffleofaggus! Hope your move goes well, we only moved here at the beginning of June and are still living upside down!

Oooh yes Lincoln would be a lovely place to meet up, shall have to see if i can get a lift..or maybe even a train...good idea!

If dp is not working or is on nights he can bring and fetch us!...

Just doesn't seem to be many mummies around her at all...

SenoraPostrophe Tue 17-Aug-04 15:54:58

if you have a meet-up in Lincoln around Christmas, I'll come!

I was trying to persuade dp to move there (in a few years). He says no, no and no again.

harrassedmum Tue 17-Aug-04 23:02:33

Why does he not want to move to lincoln? It is a gorgeous city, i think. Easy to get to by train i think, would also love to meet up there. I know wot u mean about driving shiraz, i used to live out in the sticks and it made things very difficult, plus trains were always getting cancelled and leaving us stranded. Brigg and scunthorpe also not bad, just been shopping there yesterday.

tangerinecath Tue 17-Aug-04 23:15:39

Hi girls,
I live in Boston with DH and DD (6.5 weeks), the other end of Lincolnshire to some of you but not too far from Sleaford. I've lived here for about 5 years after moving from the other side of the country, but I don't really know anyone locally as the friends I have made through work live in Spalding/Holbeach as this is where I have worked since I moved here. I'm meeting other Mums through mother and baby groups in Boston, but I'd love to meet up with you all in Lincoln as well. The more the merrier!

Shiraz Wed 18-Aug-04 10:22:41

Oooor this sounds like we could perhaps have a meet-up nearer xmas then!?

Harrassedmum, Lincoln is a gorgeous place i agree with you there, it's up there with York for me!

I grew up around here and it's sooo nice to be back, dp and i both worked in Leeds before dd was born (he still does) and i found it quite hard to adapt to city life at first! We still lived more or less in the country though, in a (previously mining) village between wakefield and Barnsley, although i found people in the villages very clicky, and hard to make friends with, so dp thought i'd find it better here (bless him) which i do! However i left all my colleagues from Leeds behind but i still saee them as a couple had babies the same time as me!

La la la, sorry i am babbling now as i am getting very bored!

SenoraPostrophe Wed 18-Aug-04 10:28:32

Shiraz - have you been out in lincoln on a Friday night lately? It has a very threatening atmosphere that I don't remember it having a few years ago (maybe it's the university. or maybe I'm old now). But it is a beautiful city - even dp agrees with that.

I'll be around from the 23rd Dec to the 4th Jan. *if* that's convenient for everyone else then great, but I don't expect you to change plans on my account.

Shiraz Wed 18-Aug-04 13:50:05

I haven't been into Lincoln for a night out since dp and i first went out together (nearly 5 years ago!)

SenoraPostraphe - Where do you live at the moment..if you don't mind me asking?

Oooh that sonds like a good idea..dp should be off work that week (hopefully) so he can bring and fetch me, do you guys fancy a kiddy meet up or girly one?

SenoraPostrophe Wed 18-Aug-04 14:01:57

I live in Spain - hence very small window for attending meetups!

kiddy or girly: I think girly, unless the kids ages are all quite similar (mine are 2 and 7 months)

Shiraz Wed 18-Aug-04 14:40:25

Ooooh where abouts in Spain??.

My ickle girlie is just over 7 months and i have a step dd who is 10!....

SenoraPostrophe Wed 18-Aug-04 15:06:20


It's extremely hot here. I want to see rain!

Piffleoffagus Wed 18-Aug-04 15:49:29

Well senora, I am seeing enough rain for all of us at the moment I can assure you!
Tipping it down in Hants...
We finally signed contracts so we are def without a doubt moving in the first weekend of September
so horribly excited!!!
I'm happy to go to Lincoln/Bourne etc I do not mind driving at all..

Shiraz Wed 18-Aug-04 16:29:40

We have had a lot of rain here too, except it's strange when they forecast rain we have blazing sun, and when they forecast sun we have torrential rain and storms?! Can they ever get it right!

Good luck with moving piffleofaggus! BTW do you have little ones or are you expecting?? I really need to drive....going to look for driving instructors around here now..........

linniewith2 Tue 24-Aug-04 22:19:24

Hi I live in Horncastle (half way between Lincoln & Skeggy)
Lived here or close to here for all my life !
have 2 dd's of 2 & 6wks

1/2hr drive from Boston/Sleaford/Skegg & Lincoln so pretty central.
Would love to chat/meet....... but back at work in dec boo hoo

alibo Wed 25-Aug-04 09:29:26

Hi I live in Newark-and go to Lincoln a lot, so would like to meet you all.My ds is nearly 7 months, and I am new to this area, all my friends are in Manchester. Shiraz, just out of interest where did you live near Barnsley? We have been recently considering moving to near my sister in Mapplewell as me and dh feel very isolated now we have ds and no family nearby. Would love to meet as many mums as possible-lets organise a Lincoln meet up soon, this weather is getting depressing!!

Piffleoffagus Wed 25-Aug-04 10:29:24

I'll check this thread in ten or so days time, I am moving up to Sleaford on the 4th sept...
Will be cool to arrange something afte that if possible!!

Shiraz Wed 25-Aug-04 11:00:03

Linnie with 2, dp and i lived in Wispington when we were first together, miss it quite alot! But we love where we are now!

We lived in a village called South Hiendley (nr brierley/hemsworth) about 6 miles from Barnsley!....

Hope to ,meet you all soon, just got to get around getting to Lincoln but i will find a way..

Hope you are all well, i'm having a busy week, step dd is here, and dp is off work, trying to keep them all entertained..pmsl!

Take care all Love Me xxxxxx

Gingerbear Wed 25-Aug-04 11:20:47

Shiraz, my parents live in South Kirkby which is very close to South Hiendley

Who wants to set a date for Lincoln meet-up then?

I can do most Thursdays and Fridays, and Shiraz, if you need a lift then I could probably travel to Lincoln via A18 /A15.

Any suggestions for a place to mmet that is baby and toddler friendly? (my DD is 2)
It is a few years since I have been to Lincoln.

Shiraz Wed 25-Aug-04 12:13:41

Yeah Gingerbear, we used to pass through Sth Kirkby alot!

Oooh and Gingerbear if you wouldn't mind picking me up that would be fab as i live on a lane just off the A15 to Lincoln, (just off the M180 roundabout too).

Dp and i went to Lincoln the other day as he's off work and i forgot all my directions, however i followed our old route and we found where we needed to be...pmsl!

Any ideas for child friendly then?? Ooooh i'll ask a mum i know from Lincoln on if you like!

How about the end of September, or October..whenever really!

Oh and my dd is nearly 8 months (anybody seen my baby??) she's really growing up now..pmsl

linniewith2 Thu 26-Aug-04 13:42:28

Hi all
Shiraz, did you move to wispington later on or are you originaly from this area ? just wondered if you went to school round here?

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