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Any Eastbourne Mums about?

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EastbourneGal Thu 10-May-07 17:42:59

Im in Central Eastbourne, n looking to find other mums about. Im a single mum to Millie who's just turned 2. x

cathcart Thu 10-May-07 17:50:01

hi eastbourne gal! i live in central eastbourne too! have you just moved here? do you know many other mums nearby?

EastbourneGal Fri 11-May-07 10:25:07

Hi Cath

Have a couple of close friends with kids, but they work too so dont have as much time on their hands as I do. How many kids do you have, n what ages??? xxx

cathcart Fri 11-May-07 20:05:05

my dd is 14weeks old - i'm new to this game! haven't been to any parent toddler groups, not sure if they are my bag although i keep meaning to take dd to motcombe pool baby swimming. the problem is i keep getting very distracted by mn !
I've not seen your name before - are you new to mn?

EastbourneGal Fri 11-May-07 20:39:50

yeh, Im newish. 14 weeks, awwwwww.....u'l make me broody. Whats her name? Tell you what, my email addy is Mail or msg me anytime. Be good to hear about your set up....e.g....where you moved from, how old u are, single parent? etc I'm nosey like that!

Im tryin to get mils sleep routine sorted at the mo, but will message in the mornin'!

cathcart Fri 11-May-07 20:42:31

you can find out more about me on my profile gal! where's yours?!

EastbourneGal Sat 12-May-07 11:41:10

Im a bit stupid at all this yet....hence not having a profile.

So r u a single parent?

cathcart Sat 12-May-07 14:53:54

To set up your profile you need to click on MY MUMSNET and then SET UP PROFILE PAGE. Its hardest I think to try and think about what to write that shows the real, all round, you - i spent far too long thinking about what my fave films are etc!
I'm married, 4 years this September. Its all going really well but he works a lot of hours and plays in a band so i get a lot of time to mn - slightly addicted i have to confess! i usually take dd out round the town/on the seafront most days otherwise she won't nap and i would be driven mad!
Saw your thread about pre-schools, have you had a look into it yet?

EastbourneGal Sat 12-May-07 17:47:42

No, I shall do though. Millie is with her Dad today and tomorrow. Even seeing friends and family, I always feel a bit lost when shes not here. Least I'll have no excuses, or distractions though.

I want to go back to college full time in sept, and put mil in the creshe there. So, to try and get her used to it beforehand, I'm going to get her a couple of sessions a week at my local nursery so its not a complete shock to her little system in sept.

cathcart Sat 12-May-07 18:25:43

what are you hoping to do at college gal? The creche sounds like a good idea, is she quite used to playing with other children, have your friends got kids her age or have you taken her to P&T groups before?

EastbourneGal Sun 13-May-07 09:59:12

I want to do a retail diploma.

Millie hasnt been around kids her own age all that much. She adores her cousins, n is with them all the time, but they are girls of 9,13,16.

My best mate has a boy of 11 months who she kind of mothers rather than plays with (though that will all change soon no doubt as hes almost walking and coming in to his own) The only other mate with a boy millies age has some speech/possible autistic features and shows no interest in interacting with her. She doesnt get it.

I'm going to try her 2 sessions a week at my local nursery this month, try and get her used to other kids before sept.
Got to start it now, but anxious about it because she hated it last time, and Im also in the middle of getting her to sleep on her on in her room. Dont want her getting upset and go backwards with that as a result.

cathcart Sun 13-May-07 11:48:36

ooo retail! thats my background! i put people through retail nvq's and apprenticeships now, when i'm not on mat leave of course. i've got to go back in 6 weeks and totally don't want to leave dd! i'm onlyu going back part time so she will go my mils one day a week and dh will have her the other day.
It must be hard trying to get your lo to settle into nursery, i know i'll be a big pansy when that time comes for dd!. Have you ever taken Millie to a parent and toddler group where you can stay and watch her play, this might get her used to playing with others her own age before she goes to nursery. I was thinking about taking dd to rhyme time at the library soon just to get her used to being around others her age. they do one session for babies and one session for up to 3ys i think.

EastbourneGal Sun 13-May-07 12:00:21

That sounds good. Dont know times do you?

cathcart Sun 13-May-07 12:06:09

i think it is 10.30 on fridays for the 6m - 3yr session. i've got a load of info on local groups and free sessions, including swimming, if you are interested. I'll dig it all out later, i got given loads of info by all the community midwives and surestart people.

cathcart Sun 13-May-07 12:07:15

i'll double check that rhyme time for you in a bit.

EastbourneGal Sun 13-May-07 12:29:14

cool. I've just found a grapevine website with loads of groups. Definately try that this week, n the rhyme time.

I never got any info or help with things like that when I had mil. I worry that I should have done it earlier, coz now shes so used to older kids, I worry she may come across a bit bolshy with kids her own aga, n not being used to share. Shes a lovely little girl, but they dont know until they have to be around peers of their own age do they.

cathcart Sun 13-May-07 20:55:07

I get the grapevine newsletter sent to me every so often, you can also pick it up in Birth and Baby on South Street. I haven't looked at the website but I'm sure its much the same.
I'm sure Millie will love going to some of the groups, I think DD is a bit young but as you have said I suppose it is better to get them social as soon as you can. I don't know anyone in eastbourne who has young children except a couple of mums I met at the post natal group. Have been planning meet them to take Dc's to the sovereign centre on wednesdays at 1.30 for free baby and toddler swimming but something has cropped up each time and so far I've not made it. Its a shame our lo's are not closer in age but if you want to come along there are older babies and toddlers too. I think I want to go to the pool at Motcombe because although it is not free it is smaller, quieter and the water is a bit warmer for dd.
I don't know anyother mn-etters who are from eastbourne but there seems to be quite a few over Brighton way that meet up for a good night out every so often. I can't go out much at the moment as I'm bf and dd won't take ebm yet, but if you want to meet up with others they are organising a meet up very soon.

EastbourneGal Mon 14-May-07 08:53:37

Yeh, I have to do something to find other mums n kids of mils age for her to interact with. Im off seaside, n not a driver so a bit limited when the weather is this crappy! I havent taken her swimming keep hassling her dad. But I so dont want to have to adourn a swimming costume! Bad mother, bad mother!

cathcart Tue 15-May-07 18:38:50

mmm, the weather has been rubbish the past few days. i've only gone out to get dd to nap in her pram! i must live really near to you - funny to think we have probably crossed paths around the town! What do you tend to do with your days? i'm looking forward to the summer and getting out and about a bit more with dd!
i'm going to go to rhyme time the friday after this if you want to meet up?
<runs brush through hair and powders nose at the thought of meeting a rl person !>

CaptainDippySuperBoobs Fri 25-May-07 11:48:11

Meeeeeeeeeee - I'm an Eastbourne Gal!!

Lizzzombie Tue 29-May-07 14:32:38

Hi - I'm moving to Eastbourne on Friday! Very exciting, but I only know one person in the whole town. Please can I be friends with you lot too?! x

Lizzzombie Wed 20-Jun-07 17:44:46

bump - help I am finding it hard to get to know other new-ish mums in the area.Everyone has known each other for ages in the baby groups I have been to so I am feeling very left out! Does anyone fancy meeting in RL for a coffee or something?

Lizzzombie Thu 21-Jun-07 09:06:32

bump! anyone?

RnBee Thu 21-Jun-07 09:08:09

Eastbourne is lovely. I lived there for many years

cathcart Thu 21-Jun-07 09:21:40

Hey Lizzzombie, how are you settling in? i'm on mn most days but didn't see your post last month.
I go to a few things with dd, baby group, swimming etc, if you want to meet up?

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