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When meeting up take sensible precautions. Meet in a public place and let others know where you are going. You can also meet mums on your local site here.

stourbridge, kidderminster, dudley mums meet up

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nappyaddict Mon 07-May-07 16:19:42

i propose another meet up for us lot as i really enjoyed the last one. last exam is 4th june so anytime after this preferably.

can we do this a bit more organised this time lol.

everyone post with the days and times they are free.

for example:

nappyaddict mon - am (until about 12)
wed - pm (until about 5)

note that is just an example. i am actually free most days and times except for saturday and sunday afternoon.

nappyaddict Mon 07-May-07 18:41:38

oh and if you are happy leaving your email address do that too. mine is tobys_mummy at btinternet dot com

nappyaddict Sat 12-May-07 02:16:10

ok, forget the 4th june, i'm free as of now!

BornToBeAPrincess Thu 24-May-07 16:10:41

Hello. I work everyday but can skive a day now and again cause my boss likes me

BornToBeAPrincess Thu 24-May-07 16:37:36

Oh and my email address is baggiebird83 at aol dot com

slalomsuki Fri 25-May-07 13:21:48

ladies you can count me in too

fairyjay Fri 25-May-07 13:26:16

So baggiebird - do you reckon you're going to be happy on Monday? Fingers crossed!

nappyaddict Fri 25-May-07 13:45:48

oooh what's happening monday?

nappyaddict Fri 25-May-07 13:46:09

oh duuuuuuuuh the football!

nappyaddict Fri 25-May-07 13:47:04

well i hope the baggies win even more so cos its against derby who ds' arse of a father supports!

nappyaddict Fri 25-May-07 13:47:35

oh slalom can you post days and times you are free please?

fairyjay Fri 25-May-07 13:49:04

We'll take all supporters - whatever their reasons nappyaddict

BornToBeAPrincess Fri 25-May-07 18:12:41

I'm quietly confident for monday! Someone offered me tickets for 100 quid each
I'll get the piss taken out of me at work if we lose.

fairyjay Sun 27-May-07 16:43:06

But just think of your smile when we win (fingers and everything else crossed!)

nappyaddict Mon 28-May-07 22:45:58

so not amused about today's result!

fairyjay Tue 29-May-07 13:02:17

I'm in mourning!! And we got absolutely soaked waiting to get on a train - what a stupid place to build a national stadium.

Suspect I might feel slightly differently if we'd have won!

BigHotMama Tue 29-May-07 18:04:04

Gutted about the baggies!

Me and ds are up for the meet up, free most days during the week but not at weekends.

nappyaddict Tue 29-May-07 18:08:20

BHM did you get my email about this then?

emailed the others from the last one but none of them seemed to have made it over here yet!

BigHotMama Tue 29-May-07 18:28:12

Yeah Nappy, just read my email thankyou sent you one back.

nappyaddict Tue 29-May-07 19:56:12

oh maybe everyones just on holiday then.

nappyaddict Sat 02-Jun-07 12:13:18


HonorMatopoeia Sun 03-Jun-07 18:15:12

Hi there! I was on holiday, juat got back from a week in Devon!
I'm free Thursdays (all day, but not this one!)
Fridays (pm)
This is a general though, as these are my only days off I tend to try and fit everything into them so they can get full!
I've got a bit of an issue with driving longer than 15 minutes at the moment (Pg is an interesting one this time round!) so would love to meet up but would need to either cadge a lift or get one from Dh!
Hope all are well.

nappyaddict Tue 05-Jun-07 00:13:14

ah so i see my guess was correct. obviously i am the psychic one amongst us hope you had a nice time in devon.

HonorMatopoeia Tue 05-Jun-07 09:21:45

Yes, weather was changeable but got a couple of beach days in, which Dd loved!

BigHotMama Wed 06-Jun-07 21:17:16

Honor, where do you live?

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