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BiblebashersRUs meetup

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Notquitegrownup Thu 26-Apr-07 22:35:44

Hi ladies

Since our thread seems to have disappeared from Chat, this is a reminder that we are booked to meet on 7th July, but I am about to change it to 14 July, in North Oxford. I will phone him soon. Honest. I will also find out whether a bouncy castle fits in the hall.

We will aim vaguely for:

mid morning arrival, tea/coffee, play etc. There's a playground across the road, toys inside the hall, a river with ducks nearby.

12.00 lunch - baked potatoes, various fillings, salad. Possibly barbeque bitsnpieces too.

12.45 optional visit to nearby park with larger playground, duckpond, crazy golf, icecream shop (5 minutes drive)

15.00 prayer and praise session. There's a pub over the road (with a bouncy castle in the garden!)/long country walks/a busstop into the City nearby for any dhs who need to escape.

16.00 tea: sarnies, pasta salad, quiche, pizza

16.45 walk to the local river/ducks and/or depart when you like.

So far for the 14th we have

CaptainDippy, MrDippy, Sprog x 3 (aged 3, 2 and tiny),
Weirdbird, Moominpapa, Sprog x 2 (aged 4 and very smallish),
Mary, + 2 (aged 7 and 4),
Roseylea, + 2 (aged 3 and 6),
Mufti (possibly Mr Mufti – at a distance - plus 1 aged 1)
NQSTM + 1 (aged 3. DS1 aged 7 may be around later!)

Also possibly
Zippidisooz, plus MrSlooz, Sprog x 3 (aged 10 and 3 and 3)
Fannyannie – plus dh plus 3?
Peachyclair (plus Mr Peachey + 2 sprogs??)
CaptainCaveman (plus children - how old are they CCM?)
PandaG and Mr Panda
Mumtogusandalbie – plus parents? plus gus and albie - you can possibly make it if we're changing to the 14th, can't you?!

NSFN (plus 4?) but probably too far. Do you want me to see if there might be accommodation with a local church family for the Friday night?

Plus anyone else who would like to sign up.

CarGirl Thu 26-Apr-07 22:41:49

Hi can you put me down as a provisional have dds who will then be just 5, nearly 4 and nearly 2 and one day I will introduce myself properly - honest! Don't think I could force dh to come!

MaryBS Fri 27-Apr-07 07:03:29

DH might be coming too... and DS is 5, not 4, but that's just me being picky!

Notquitegrownup Wed 02-May-07 10:29:36

Hi Cargirl

Good to meet you. Are you a lurker on the Christian prayer thread then?

Notquitegrownup Mon 07-May-07 10:15:51

Hi I popped into our Baptist Rooms yesterday. They are confirmed for us for the 14 July. They are very basic and a bit musty, but the playground is right outside, the pub with the bouncy castle is directly across the road and the river/ducks/ a vast meadow are only 3 minutes walk away, so I am sure it will be fine for what we need. The kitchen is functional and they can let us have an electronic keyboard, if FannieAnnie makes it, to have a prayer and praise session. (Does anyone else play anything, in case she can't?)

There are two smallish rooms - ie they would fit 20 people each comfortably - so we can set aside one room for sleepy little people if anyone needs to bring a travel cot for snooze times. I have one still we can use.

Will try to find out about accommodation this week for anyone wanting to travel.

CaptainDippySuperBoobs Mon 04-Jun-07 11:28:55

Just bumping up this thread a bit as the time is nearly upon us!!

Hi CarGirl - would be super lovely to meet you!

Will post a link from new Prayer thread ...

fannyannie Mon 04-Jun-07 15:47:56

not sure I'll be able to make it - mentioned it to DH and he was far from keen.......

Notquitegrownup Mon 04-Jun-07 19:37:58

FannieAnnie - there's loads to do in Oxford, for husbands wanting to escape from us! Let me know if I can organise anything to persuade him (local cricket match to watch, perhaps?) I'll try and rope dh in as a distraction as he wouldn't be seen dead with us!

notsofarnow Mon 04-Jun-07 20:27:50

It's dd's birthday so I don't think we're gonna be a yes i'm afraid, but it would be really lovely to meet you all.

CaptainDippySuperBoobs Mon 04-Jun-07 23:46:20

Awwwww, FA & NSFN ....

MaryBS Tue 05-Jun-07 16:39:09

CarGirl Tue 05-Jun-07 16:44:45

Hello! Sort of a lurker on the prayer thread but it is just so long and you all seem to know each other quite well already IYSWIM. Struggle to find time to fit in all the rl prayer requests etc.

Think July 14th is still okay for me and my dc

notsofarnow Tue 05-Jun-07 19:56:09

cargirl don't let the fact that we all seem to know each other put you off. Just post it doesn't matter if you can't pray for everything - I certainly can't, but God knows and just the fact that our prayer requests are written down is enough I think. so post away - you'll soon know us.

CaptainDippySuperBoobs Tue 05-Jun-07 23:39:31

I 2nd what nsfn says .... just post - it would be lovely to "see" you on the thread & I am sure you would all get to know us nutty lot before too long!!

I am starting a new thread every week from now on, with a brief summary of the weeks prayers at the beginning, so that should make it easier to join in!

Great that you are planning to come to the Meet-Up!!

CarGirl Wed 06-Jun-07 09:36:43

more frequent thread sounds good, it gets soooooooooooooooo long I can never face reading it all!

CaptainDippySuperBoobs Wed 06-Jun-07 10:46:39

I know. Sorry.

Notquitegrownup Wed 06-Jun-07 22:11:15

Hello Cargirl. Glad that you made it back to us! And thanks so much for posting - it is important to know that you (and perhaps others) have felt put off by the length of the thread. CD has done a brilliant job of these summaries, but we will try to help her with getting them out weekly.

Perhaps we should try to use this thread for chat too, to keep the prayer thread a little shorter?

So for the 14th we now have

CaptainDippy, MrDippy, Sprog x 3 (aged 3, 2 and tiny),
Weirdbird, Moominpapa, Sprog x 2 (aged 4 and very smallish),
Mary + dh + 2 (aged 7 and 5),
Roseylea, + 2 (aged 3 and 6),
Mufti (possibly Mr Mufti – at a distance - plus 1 aged 1)
Cargirl + 3 (aged 5,4 and 2)
NQSTM + 2? (aged 7 and 3, unless they go with dh somewhere!)

That's 10 adults and 15 kiddies, so far - we're outnumbered! Possibly plus CCM and others?

By the way there is a brilliant miniature steam railway which will be working in the afternoon, near to the brilliant playground. 60p a ride for kids and adults if I remember rightly.

CaptainDippySuperBoobs Thu 07-Jun-07 10:35:04

Oooooh, lots of people - Soooooo excited!! Miniature Railway!!!? Yippee! That's my DD1's most favourite thing in the whole world!! We're members of our local one & go at least ince a week!

MaryBS Thu 07-Jun-07 16:48:10

My DS is a HUGE fan of railways! Both miniature and full size! He's a real train nut - oh he'll love that!

Will also help tempt DH to come as well!

CaptainDippySuperBoobs Thu 07-Jun-07 20:54:07

Notquitegrownup Sat 09-Jun-07 09:57:38

Good news CCM - the B & B which Mr and Mrs Mufti may be staying in, will put you and your ds in their other single room, with a blow up bed for your ds, if you would like to all stay in the same place.

I assume that they will only charge you £25 per night. Waiting for them to confirm.

Their advertising promises a "Full English breakfast to last you all day."

I can then show you the way (and give Mr Mufti a lift, if he wants a pint during the day!) with the Dippies driving behind us, off to their accommodation.

CD - I have had one offer so far for you. It's 20 minutes north of here - 30 with a stop off at the B & B - so I'll see if I can find something nearer in the meantime.

mufti Sat 09-Jun-07 10:03:32

oh , sorry nqgn. now dh wants to just come , drop us off , and collect us later.
thanks for your efforts anyway.

Notquitegrownup Sat 09-Jun-07 12:09:06

No problems Mufti.

CCM - she wants £40 for an adult and a child. I'll ask around and see what else might be available.

PandaG Sat 09-Jun-07 19:14:15

I am still hoping to come, possibly on the train by myself, or if DH will come all of us! How far is it from Oxford train station, or is there a station closer to/bus route?

Thanks so much for organisisng this!

CaptainDippySuperBoobs Sat 09-Jun-07 23:46:17

Thank you sweetie - 20 mins ain't so bad - What kind of accomm is it - Let me know if something else comes up ....

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