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~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*SUMMER MUMSNET PICNIC Sunday 29th JULY 2007~*~*~*~*~*~*~

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VeniVidiVickiQV Sun 22-Apr-07 23:27:09

Was thinking Hyde Park , a Sunday afternoon - 29th July sounds like a fine day.

Who is up for it?

ViscountessPetitLapin Sun 22-Apr-07 23:39:59

Oh, I would LOVE to, but will be doing a 7 hour journey back from the Lake District that day

Wonder if I could get DH to drop me off on the way!

nally Sun 22-Apr-07 23:41:36

would love to, but not sure if i could stand bringing the dc on the tube in the height of summer... or is it just for the grown-ups?

VeniVidiVickiQV Sun 22-Apr-07 23:44:38

Nally - up to you I think. Bring them or not - your choice

Shame LL...

nally Sun 22-Apr-07 23:46:30

ooooh intriguing

UCM Sun 22-Apr-07 23:47:19

I will say I am in now, but nearer the time, I could not be IYKWIM. DH might whisk me off to a romantic location - in my fecking dreams . But yes, I would be interested, thank you for asking. Why do these things happen so far in advance though? I understand the Christmas one, but a picnic in the park. Couldn't this be done at the beginning of May.

NadineBaggott Sun 22-Apr-07 23:47:21

ll you are in LD?

newlifenewname Sun 22-Apr-07 23:48:48

Lovely idea.

On the public transport front, would st James's Park be any easier as it has good mainline and tube connections?

Just a thought, plus I love St James's

VeniVidiVickiQV Sun 22-Apr-07 23:49:16

UCM - it is 8 days away from the beginning of may!!!!!

Shall i start a list then?

UCM Sun 22-Apr-07 23:50:33

I know but I can't think about the next hour let alone the oncoming months - post natal madness I am sure LOL.

UCM Sun 22-Apr-07 23:51:50

Yes do a bloody list then. I have 4 at the moment. One for each of us which involves 5 pairs of pants etc

jampot Sun 22-Apr-07 23:52:08

can you choose somewhere so i dont have to use the tube please.

UCM Sun 22-Apr-07 23:52:14


ViscountessPetitLapin Sun 22-Apr-07 23:55:38

NadineB - yes, up at my ILs place near(ish) Cartmel. That will be a fun drive from Portsmouth!

ViscountessPetitLapin Sun 22-Apr-07 23:55:55

Meant to say - I'll grab you some soap

BonnieDarko Sun 22-Apr-07 23:59:01

Oh I'd love to join you, but the last time I was in London was when I used to live on the 20th floor of a flat in Mornington Crescent.

Back when I was 18, and doing voluntary work.

Gawd. That was 22 years ago now .

<feels very old>

minxysmum Mon 23-Apr-07 00:01:39

i'm intressed and it's two days before my 29th bday and four days berofe DDs 2nd bday.
fun in the park sound fun *

minxysmum Mon 23-Apr-07 00:02:08

god ny spelling is naff

WendyWeber Mon 23-Apr-07 00:05:22

Ooooh, NadBag, can we organise a Lakes meetup while VPL is up here???

WendyWeber Mon 23-Apr-07 00:06:53

(As long as she's up here for longer than a weekend!)

(Nobody sane would drive Portsmouth-Cartmel for a weekend...???)

BonnieDarko Mon 23-Apr-07 00:09:57

WendyWeber, not that I'm nagging, but did you send a boy? on Sat? with the Ice pop bags?

WendyWeber Mon 23-Apr-07 00:12:05

Overnight boys were awake watching DVDs until about 4am so were useless on Sat morning

(Do keep stalking me though, it will help concentrate the mind )

bonniedarko Mon 23-Apr-07 00:36:53

stalk, stalk......

ViscountessPetitLapin Mon 23-Apr-07 09:06:51

WendyWeber, we are up for a week. So I am thinking, MN meetup in either L'Enclume or the Village Shop <death by sticky toffee pudding>!

WendyWeber Mon 23-Apr-07 10:02:57

Oh lovely - I would love to meet you and you little smiler

Well if poss Tue or Thu would be best days for me atm - I am working the others but may be able to book one off or do a shift swap or something if they don't suit others.

Could we meet in Cartmel? I've never been and someone was recommending it to me this week - is there a park or something we could gather in?

What is L'Enclume???

<ducks behind bush to hide from BD>

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