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When meeting up take sensible precautions. Meet in a public place and let others know where you are going. You can also meet mums on your local site here.

to any Birmingham mums

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kjaysmum Sun 01-Apr-07 09:02:29

Hello, I'm a Brummie who now lives in New Zealand. Me and my Ds who will be three, are coming home for six weeks in August to visit my mum in Moseley. We are a bit out of touch in Birmingham now and don't know any other mums, was hoping that closer to the date some of you may fancy a meet up so Ds can have a play and I a probably much needed chat!! Thanks

PelvicfloornomoreChocolate Sun 01-Apr-07 20:29:06


WinnieThePooh Sun 01-Apr-07 20:41:29

HI there,

I am in Sutton Coldfield (just outside Brum)

What dates are you coming over?

There are a few Brummie mumsnetters about and I am sure they would all love to meet up.

childern Sun 01-Apr-07 20:53:47

Hi there I live in Willenhall just out side of Walsall. I have two boys 1 who is nearly 5 and the yongest who has just turned 3. Whih part of New zealand do you live in? A freind of mine lives in Towa.

kjaysmum Mon 02-Apr-07 05:29:27

Hello all, great to get your replies. I fly in on August 4th and shall be in brum till mid sept but doing a bit of travelling inbetween.
I'm on the Kapiti coast which is about an hour north of Wellington, I love it here but miss Mum loads and can't wait for our visit. My Ds is an only but we are surrounded by kids here and although Mum is going to spoil him rotten he'll miss his dad and all his playmates, so hopefully Mumsnet will come to the rescue again!!
The time difference makes chatting to you folks in Europe a very disjointed thing but you kind of get used to it.

Whimsy Mon 02-Apr-07 07:49:24

We are in Birmingham too and I'm sure we can all arrange a meet up. I have 2 DS's aged 4 and 22 months.

mummyhill Thu 05-Apr-07 08:13:00

Hi there another Birmingham mum here would be happy to meet up.

kjaysmum Thu 05-Apr-07 10:06:33

hello and good to hear from you, we are moving house at the moment and the computer is about to be packed up so I shall be offline for a while, I'm very curious to know what part of Birmingham you are all in, it'll be really good fun to have a meetup whilst I'm over.

MuminBrum Fri 06-Apr-07 21:36:22

I'm in Moseley; my DS is just three. Let me know nearer the time if you'd like to get together!

Whimsy Fri 06-Apr-07 21:40:54

I'm in North Birmingham (Great Barr)

mummyhill Sat 07-Apr-07 07:43:16

I am in Great barr too

Blessed2 Sat 07-Apr-07 17:13:34

I'm Kings Heath (right next to Moselely) so I'm happy to meet up! How old is you ds?

twinklemummy Tue 10-Apr-07 20:23:45

hi there

yes i,m sure a few of us could help arrange a meet up during aug while you are over

i live in acocks green with dd who,s 5yrs

there,s kingsheath or cannon hill park if its a nice aug for a pinic and play

kjaysmum Wed 11-Apr-07 08:20:11

Hello all, I'm back on line after our move and well what a lovely reponse, knew I could rely on brummies to be friendly .

I am feeling much more relaxed about being in brum for six weeks now I know I can meet up with other mums and your lo's, thankyou.

Ds is going to be three next month and has a definate soft spot for slightly older girls, twinklemummy! We are generally pretty sociable and so it will be really good fun for us both, a picnic sounds great. We are just coming into winter over here so I shall be making the most of our bonus six weeks of summer while we're back home. Plus us brushing up on our accents of course

mummyhill Wed 11-Apr-07 08:37:00

Should of said my dd is 5 and ds is 18months.

As an Aside Hi twinklemummy you ok?

kjaysmum Wed 11-Apr-07 08:43:25

ooh two older girlies he'll be in his element!
I used to spend alot of time over in Great Barr when I was a kid, my Gran and Grandad used to live in Baltimore Road, that's where my mum grew up and my cousin lived, so although I grew up in Moseley I have very happy memories of that neck of the woods aswell, gosh I wonder if I know any of you ladies, mind you I'm no spring chicken TBH

Whimsy Wed 11-Apr-07 08:52:31

You will have to let us know which dates your able to meet up.

Hopefully you will see some summer weather while your over and a picnic sounds great

twinklemummy Wed 11-Apr-07 09:15:46

hi mummyhill how you keeping?we are fine cheers

mummyhill Thu 12-Apr-07 09:10:42

Up and down but getting there slowly thanks Twinkle.

Let us know what dates you want to meet up and we can all check the diary and get back to you.

Littlefish Thu 12-Apr-07 09:12:58

Hello, we're nearby too - would love to meet up somewhere like Canon Hill Park (because I know where it is!) or the Botanical gardens which is central.

twinklemummy Thu 12-Apr-07 11:01:55

hi there ye the gardens is a good idea too

i,m sure what weeks i,ll be off during the aug summer hols as i work ,my days off reg are tues and fri,s some weekends

kjaysmum Fri 13-Apr-07 06:11:47

we shall be in brum from August 4th (but jet lagged for a week no doubt) until sept 18th, I shall be away from the 16th August till 21st August and from 1st Sept till 10th Sept.

Littlefish Fri 13-Apr-07 09:40:49

Will you have access to mumsnet once you're here?

stretchmarks Fri 13-Apr-07 15:49:44


another brummie here with ds1 who is 4 soon and bump which is due on 4th August. We've got our family over from New Zealand over the summer so there may even be some kiwi kids still around in August not sure when they are flying back.

Will keep my eye out for meet up but will depend if this little one arrives when due or decides to hang around in there like his big brother did !!!!

Hello to twinklemummy, mummyhill and wtp hope you are all well.

kjaysmum Sat 14-Apr-07 02:44:59

yes littlefish I'll be online at my mums so no problems there.
Hi stretchmarks, that makes two of us who are counting the days till August the 4th then, how exciting for you. My b'day is on the 8th, incidently. One of the few hard things about moving to NZ is seasonal adjustment, which isn't easy, especially when it places your midsummer birthday in Midwinter brrrrr....not this year though .

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