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When meeting up take sensible precautions. Meet in a public place and let others know where you are going. You can also meet mums on your local site here.

Anyone around Broxbourne area

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JPM Mon 12-Jul-04 00:06:12

Hi, I'm mum to DS 2 next month and DD 3 months - anyone in a similar situation in local area would like to meet up and have an excuse to get out of the house for a while?

SecondhandRose Mon 12-Jul-04 11:15:58

You could try the local NCT 01707 879740

popmum Mon 12-Jul-04 11:47:02

I am!
Have a 14 month old and would be happy to meet up at the swings or something! I work 3-4 days a week though
Where do you live in Broxbourne - we are near the station

popmum Wed 14-Jul-04 11:56:29

have you been blown away?

JPM Sun 18-Jul-04 01:11:35

popmum - sorry been busy and this is the 1st opportunity i've had to get back online. I'm Cozens Lane East area so not far from you. Do you work regular days or different days each week??

JPM Sun 18-Jul-04 01:12:03

Anyone else in the Broxbourne/Hoddesdon area??

Smasha Sun 18-Jul-04 13:02:36

Hi I live in Waltham Cross, and would like to meet other Mums. I am a Mum of 2 boys - aged 2 3/4 and 9 wks.

popmum Wed 21-Jul-04 12:36:50

I normally do not work on Thurs, but over the summer am not at work on Tuesday and Thursday
What about you?

JPM Fri 23-Jul-04 23:39:56

I don't work (that sounds wrong with 2 kids under 2!!) but you know what I mean.... am available on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Why don't we arrange a day to meet over the park/field opposite broxbourne church??
Smasha - are you still around?? Do you drive?

Smasha Sat 24-Jul-04 08:49:31

still here, yes do drive. Can meet on a Tues or Thurs at moment as School hols.

JPM Mon 26-Jul-04 13:20:36

Smasha, just waiting to hear from popmum and then we'll try to arrange something

popmum Wed 04-Aug-04 19:06:05

Sorry, been busy!
Am free Thurs 12th Aug, AM - how about 10am?
Let me know

popmum Mon 09-Aug-04 09:21:58


JPM Fri 22-Oct-04 22:55:22

Sorry, have been on hols for a month and busy busy busy since we got back mid-Sept. Are you still around??

Tups Tue 30-Nov-04 19:05:44

New to site, am local.

Gabbster Sun 19-Dec-04 18:56:11

New mum to site. In broxbourne area

SecondhandRose Mon 20-Dec-04 11:17:06

Old to site, am local but my kids are older (9 and 6).

Gabbster Mon 20-Dec-04 16:08:29

Have two boys. Jamie who is 6 and a half and bradley who is 17 months. both a handful. whereabouts in broxbourne are u. I am on the silverfields estate

sarahg31 Mon 20-Dec-04 16:38:26

Gabbsters new nickname is sarahg31

Tups Thu 13-Jan-05 19:24:13

I live in Harlow and work part time in Hoddesdon. I drive and know the area.

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