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When meeting up take sensible precautions. Meet in a public place and let others know where you are going. You can also meet mums on your local site here.

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f1nut Wed 21-Mar-07 14:42:53

this is my last try, seems there no one from reading/ berks here.

im shell and mum to 3 kids aged, 7, 4 and 2, i moved to reading 3 weeks ago and dont know a soul here, would dearly love some friends, do i sound desperste enough.
anyone out there like to meetup/ chat????


f1nut Thu 22-Mar-07 11:07:19

MrsBigD Thu 22-Mar-07 15:49:15

f1nut, I'm in Marlow so not quite around the corner, however there is a yahoo group berkshire mums, I'll post you the link next time I get a mail

MrsBigD Thu 22-Mar-07 15:50:24

found it

collision Thu 22-Mar-07 15:53:55

Well, I am in Warfield which is Bracknell and nr Reading.

I posted a Bracknell Mums thread but they are a bit quiet!

I have 2 ds's aged 5 and 2.5 and moved here at the beginning of February.

How are you finding it?

eliselady Thu 22-Mar-07 20:52:32

I'm in sunningdale and new to the area as well, only been here a few months. I know where the M4 to Reading is though!

f1nut Fri 23-Mar-07 10:12:32

aah thanks for replys xxx

mrsbigd thanks, im already on yahoo group, will be at meet next fri

collision, im getting used to it, more for kids to do round here, dd is enjoying her new school so cant complain would just love to make some new mates

hi elise

collision Mon 26-Mar-07 16:35:45

Shall we try and meet up in the easter holidays?

The Lookout in Bracknell is great and free!! and we could take a picnic if the weather is OK.

Anyone up for it?

colander Thu 29-Mar-07 09:27:56

I'm in Twyford - about 7 miles east of Reading - I have 2 DDs 4 and 1. Hope you are settling in to your new area. I have lived in/around here for quite a while. Let me know if you are meeting up at the Lookout!

collision Thu 29-Mar-07 10:31:27

I think we should try and do a meet up at the Lookout but the Reading/Bracknell Mumsnetters are so quiet!!

f1nut Sun 01-Apr-07 22:52:47

hiya whats the address for the look out? is there a web site?
my kids are at my parents this week so im home alone, hubby at work, god know what ill do with myself
how you all


hunkermunker Sun 01-Apr-07 22:53:28

I can read and I'm a mum...

collision Sun 01-Apr-07 23:03:26

lol in this area or more london way?

try googling the idea what it is and enjoy the peace while the kids are away!

hunkermunker Sun 01-Apr-07 23:04:12

Am more London way - am just in an Odd Mood tonight

issyissyissy Wed 04-Apr-07 09:55:12

Hi there. I am in Wokingham and would love to meet up sometime. I have a ds - 3.6 years and a dd of 7months. The lookout is fab, so can meet there or anywhere really.
How are you finding the week by yourself?

issyissyissy Wed 04-Apr-07 09:56:19

Also there is Wellington Country park. Thats quite easy to find from Reading

ApplePieandCustard Wed 04-Apr-07 10:23:01

f1nut - I'm in Reading!!
I moved to Reading in February and, just like you, don't know anyone!
Would be nice to have a chat to you. Where about's in Reading are you? Where did you move from?

collision Wed 04-Apr-07 10:24:04

Are you planning on getting annual passes for Legoland cos we could always meet there.

f1nut Wed 04-Apr-07 13:55:44

apple pie yey iv found someone thought id be alone forever
we moved from london, live now in caversham, but very close to reading town by reading bridge, u?

ApplePieandCustard Wed 04-Apr-07 15:36:07

Am in South Reading, not too far away from you at all
I have got three children, aged 3 (nearly 4) and 1 (nearly 2). Can I be nosey then and ask you why you moved?
I moved up here from Cornwall, to live with my boyfriend.

f1nut Wed 04-Apr-07 16:08:56

better schools, better life, we love it here :O) how u liking it?

ApplePieandCustard Wed 04-Apr-07 16:57:32

Loving it too!! Have settled in really well, just need to know some people now, lol.

f1nut Wed 04-Apr-07 17:19:33

well love to meet up if you fancy? could do with making some friends
where in south reading? i can find my way to waitrose and the oracle but everywhere els is kinda aint got a clu.

what are your kids names?
my lil devils are dani (7) david (4) and cory (2) there at grans this week while im trying to get the house in order and finish unpacking the boxes.

zephyrcat Wed 04-Apr-07 17:20:53

Hate these Reading threads, they make me homesick!!!!

f1nut Wed 04-Apr-07 17:29:11

zephyrcat where have you moved from and to

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