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Moving to West Sussex (Arundel/Petworth/Pulborough area)

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floraflora Wed 14-Mar-07 12:30:21

Anyone out there in this part of West Sussex?
Moving from Herefordshire at the end of March and dreading it (for many, many reasons). Have one DS, 9 months old today.
Was wondering about groups to join too - playgroup / mums & toddlers / music groups (he loves it, I can't sing a note!)?
Some friendly thoughts much appreciated.

burek Wed 14-Mar-07 16:41:39

Lived in Yapton, near Arundel, up until last year. There's plenty of baby and toddler groups etc. One at the Yapton Free Church on Wednesday mornings, very friendly mums, plenty for kids to do, no religion. There's the Flying Fortress in Ford (massive climbing activity centre), with a baby/toddler section. There was a music group I used to go to in Yapton too (but can't remember which day it was) and there was also some in Bognor and the other surrounding towns too. Don't worry, there really is plenty of stuff to do, but you will need to rely on your own or shared transport, that's the only problem. My SIL nannies in the Petworth/Pulborough area and she always has plenty of baby/toddler activities to go to as well. Good luck with the move. I hope you'll be happy there.

floraflora Wed 14-Mar-07 19:49:56

Thanks Burek - that's really helpful.
Yapton might be wrong side of Arundel I suppose - not got head round geography yet - but it is on the way to nanna's down on the coast.
I'd be interested in any intelligence your SIL has - some toddler groups are lovely and friendly, others less so!

Tortington Wed 14-Mar-07 19:52:52

arundel - just down the road from me in boring goring. i bet your chuffed

anyway this means you are now cordially invited - forever to attend the brighton piss ups <ahem> i mean meet ups. noc hildren but lots of wine. and i get on the same train line as you - and have also fell off it - drunk after e meet up. so NO EXCUSES.

burek Fri 16-Mar-07 08:55:53

hi floraflora
Will email sil and get back to you. I'm also sure that there was an NCT booklet available for the area which seemed to list absolutely everything you can do. Worth trying them or just googling for groups in that area. Just found a couple of sites for you, might be worth a look:,
Also I think most of the libraries do story times for younger kids too. Used to go to a good one in Bognor sometimes and sil used to go to Pulborough and Storrington ones.

floraflora Tue 20-Mar-07 12:34:00

Burek - thank you - that's really kind.
Will check out the websites.

Novembergirl Mon 26-Mar-07 13:54:45

Hi Floraflora,

If burek cannot find the NCT leaflet, I have a copy and contact details for the local branch; do send me a message if I can help.

I live near Arundel, so if you need any more information on clases/places to visit with children etc, please feel free to ask.

I would also recommend that you visit the Netmums, West Sussex, site (if you have not done so already), which I think you will find helpful.

Hope the moves goes well

BalletMum Mon 26-Mar-07 14:05:00

Hi Floraflora,
You need to be a bit more specific about where you are. I live ten minutes from Petworth in a village called Ifold. So the other side to the others. There are lots of groups etc in Storrington and Billingshurst so let me know where exactly you are moving to and I will send you some more info.

burek Thu 29-Mar-07 20:15:39

Sorry for taking ages. SIL says she hasn't been to any of the groups for ages since the little girl she looks after is now in school - and I should have known that! But she says there were all good, no duffers. Sounds like some of the other MNs are coming up with tips for you anyway though.
Good luck with the move and hope you settle in well. I's a nice part of the world, and I miss it.

MegaLegs Thu 29-Mar-07 20:21:18

I live near Arundel, very close to where burek used to live in fact. If you end up this way and are feeling lost get in touch and we could meet up. Arundel has a great lake with cafe and a play park, it's a lovely place to live.

Novembergirl Fri 30-Mar-07 18:56:41

Hi Megalegs, I live near Arundel too (it is definitely a lovely place to live) and often take DS to Swanbourne Lake, the play park or for 'juice' (while mum enjoys a latte).

Maybe we could have an Arundel meet-up when Floraflora has settled in, as it would be lovely to meet some other mums in the area.

HopeIGetSomeMegaEggs Fri 30-Mar-07 19:35:22

That would be great NovGirl (It's Megalegs with an Easter name change by the way)will keep an eye out for you on here.

Novembergirl Wed 04-Apr-07 11:03:51

HopeIGetSomeMegaEggs, regardless of whether we can arrange an Arundel meet-up with floraflora (which I hope we can), do let me know if you would like to meet for duck feeding or a visit to Priory Park (just read your other post) and coffee and cake!

textkitten Wed 15-Apr-09 12:57:34

Hi there ladies, apologies for crashing your thread but I came across it as I was googling! My partner has just accepted a job offer in Arundel which means we will be relocating to the area it would be great to chat to some people local to the area, I am currently living in Somerset and have two children who are 4 and 2 and I won't know anyone in the area!!

TitsalinaBumsquash Wed 15-Apr-09 13:09:25

Im in Chichester so fairly near Arundel, (i used to live in Arundel) i would love to meet up with some people. smile

floraflora Wed 15-Apr-09 20:33:33

Hi textkitten. This thread went a bit cold after a massive house and home office move to sussex, further complicated by having a 10 month old at the time (now almost 3!)
It taken me a bit of time to get used to this part of the world - very different from rural herefordshire - though it is surprisingly unspoilt here too. What part of Somerset are you in? Arundel is lovely though. Its my favourite place for Christmas shopping.
Do you work too, or are you a full time mum?
There's lots of nice things to do with small children - and a good range depending on your tastes too.

textkitten Thu 16-Apr-09 20:27:25

I just realised the thread was from 2007! I have truly lost the plot but I suppose I still got a couple of replies so all is not lost!
I am currently a full time mum but hoping to go back to work once we get settled. I am living in Bridgwater at the moment, which is near Taunton. The town isnt particularly pleasant but there are lots of things to do with very young children.

floraflora Thu 16-Apr-09 20:32:38

I know that part of Somerset - Bridgwater isn't particularly pleasant but the Quantocks are lovely. I do bits of consultancy work for Hestercombe Gardens from time to time.
Is it outdoorsy things you like to do, or inside?
DS and I have just had a lovely day swimming in Littlehampton then down at the beach. Arudel is well placed for seaside and Downs.
Yelling from upstairs... must go now!

hophophippidtyhop Sun 26-Apr-09 07:31:33

I'm in yapton, would be up for a meet up!

beachyhead Thu 07-May-09 08:20:49

I've moved down here full time now. I'm in Felpham, near Bognor, so would be happy to meet up in the mornings or lunch. I have a 3.5 dd who is home with me on Mondays and Thursdays....

TitsalinaBumsquash Fri 08-May-09 07:32:13

Im in Chichester, i would love to mmet up. I can travel. I have 2 boys 4 and 2.

PatTheHammer Sat 09-May-09 18:53:59

Ooooooo, just adding this to 'Watch' in case anything going on in the school holidays in this area. Was brought up in Littlehampton but parents now live in Pagham. I live in Gloucestershire but stay with parents quite regularly when DD on holiday from pre-school.
Got DD (3) and DS (4mths).

mumoverseas Tue 12-May-09 07:06:23

oooh, Pat I'm adding to watch to in case something happens in the summer. We are in the Middle East but our UK home is in West Sussex (near LGW) I have DD aged 2.8 and DS 3.5 months!

Fi82 Wed 22-Jul-09 23:54:42

*Moving to Arundel*
Hi, My family and I shall be moving to Arundel and were wandering if there we any mother and baby groups around. We are right in the heart of Arundel, so somewhere within walking distance would be excellent. Im also keen on book clubs and other social evenings.

marief70 Wed 27-Jan-10 09:49:36


I live in Pulborough, let me know if anyone would like to meet up or go to a group together. My baby girl is 9 months now.


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