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When meeting up take sensible precautions. Meet in a public place and let others know where you are going. You can also meet mums on your local site here.


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Egypt Sat 03-Mar-07 05:17:49

Who's still for the meet-up on the 16th?

Egypt Tue 06-Mar-07 07:38:12

anyone?!?!? someone is asking me for lunch and so far i am saying no......dont let me miss FOOD for nothing!!!

slim22 Tue 06-Mar-07 08:51:08

where's everybody???????

oldnewmummy Wed 07-Mar-07 05:48:46

Sorry, here's me suggesting the idea and then disappearing (work, parents visiting, sick so trips to A+E, blah, blah).

I'm up for it, but Rojak can't make lunch. I CAN make earlier for coffee on that day, but would prefer to make a different day if it's morning.

Can I suggest coffee on Mon 19th or Tuesday 20th am???? Prefer Tuesday, but not too bothered.

Will post on other thread too.

Egypt Wed 07-Mar-07 07:17:55

i cant do the monday as i'm at the obstetrician like all morning! the tues i am at a friend's for lunch at 1130 so unless its early morning, can't do.

eek, baby on way due 24th, getting a bit tight...

if we say we'll do coffee morning so rojak can join us lets list the days we can do in the next 2 weeks


tues 13th maybe
fri 16th
early - like 10am - tues 20th
wed 21
thurs 22

Egypt Wed 07-Mar-07 07:19:22

when are u here til slim?

oldnewmummy Wed 07-Mar-07 07:37:31


Tues 13 - not in Si
Wed + Thu (every week) - can't - work
Fri - can if that's the only date
Mon - can

Egypt Wed 07-Mar-07 08:14:22

so the orig fri is the only ne we can both do together?

Egypt Mon 12-Mar-07 07:45:36


Rojak Tue 13-Mar-07 15:35:19

Have only just looked at this thread as always checked the other thread.

How do we recognise each other at Starbucks? I have met Oldnewmummy and am presuming she will be bringing DS.

I will be bringing DD (2 1/2).

Egypt Wed 14-Mar-07 00:40:57

good question! I havent been there before so couldnt even suggest a place to meet. I'll have dd who is nearly 3, strawberry blonde and curly haired - her not me! i've got straight shoulder length brown hair and HEAVILY preg, you can't miss us!

Egypt Wed 14-Mar-07 00:41:31

and i'm meeting slim and her ds today so we'll know each other to spot

oldnewmummy Wed 14-Mar-07 01:03:59

And I'll have a small boy in a red pushchair.

For those just reading this: the Singapore mums are having a meet up this Friday (16th) at 10am, Starbucks at Raffles City. All welcome.

quokka Sun 10-Jun-07 07:06:40

hi guys have spoken to a few of you already and was wondering when the next meetup was and if I can come? We moved over 3 days ago and need some advice asap!

Egypt Tue 19-Jun-07 00:54:07

hi quokka!
not sure if i am missing a thread, but happy to meet up when you are free. i have dd1 on tues and thurs mornings and every afternoon, if you want some 3 yr old company! or other mornings if not

quokka Tue 19-Jun-07 00:58:37

Hi egypt I was thinking I should dig out your email today! This week is pretty busy for me what about sometime next week? I will have ds1 with me so maybe a playmate might be good for him . Hows is buba doing?

Egypt Tue 19-Jun-07 04:53:44

hi there
maybe could meet you along with slim22 that i have caught up with the last week. she just arrived in singapore too. her ds is 3. this week is busy for me too really. how about tues or thurs am? there is a good soft play place that the kids love and mums can sit and chat chat chat!?

Egypt Tue 19-Jun-07 04:54:55

baby fine by the way! forgot about her, of course she'll be with us too!

quokka Tue 19-Jun-07 04:56:04

is it that the bobo bambini one? Those days sound good to me, im not fussy

quokka Tue 19-Jun-07 04:56:46

do they have cake???

Egypt Tue 19-Jun-07 05:02:27

no just bevvies!
of the non alcoholic variety

Egypt Tue 19-Jun-07 05:04:06

its not great for facilities but good for play as you can watch them so easily whilst sitting on your backside!

there is a fantastic new soft play place, i'll google it for you, its called gogobambini and it has the most amazing cafe/restaurant, nail bar and facilities EVER. but the play area is so big you cannot see them. fine for a large group of you though.

quokka Tue 19-Jun-07 05:04:31

damn can't get good cake anywhere! Only joking, sounds like a plan let me know what day is good for you and slim. I think its the same place they have the aussie mum meetup on fri's?

Egypt Tue 19-Jun-07 05:07:55

really? its just at the delta sports complex.
this is the other one

quokka Tue 19-Jun-07 05:08:19

could you google the one we are going to so I know where to go?

Also whats a good department store. Need to buy bed and an extra long mattress. A new washing machine as well. I new I should have had my miele shipped over, we have the worst washing machine ever. I'm sure the clothes come out dirtier .

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