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Older mums

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rosie17 Fri 02-Mar-07 18:27:02

Hello older North London mums - are you out there?

shebbo Fri 02-Mar-07 18:36:04

i think i am quite old too

shebbo Fri 02-Mar-07 18:36:50

and in north london

rosie17 Fri 02-Mar-07 19:34:35

Feeling like the oldest mum on the block. I'm 40 something this year with a 19 month old and a 5 year old doing their best the keep me young/age me prematurely (depending on what sort of day I'm having)

auntymandy Sat 03-Mar-07 18:22:27

sorry not from North London, but an older Mummy!
Started off been quite a young one, but havent stopped!!!

rosie17 Sat 03-Mar-07 22:26:10

Well, lets broaden the search - hello older mums where ever you are. who's up for a chin-wag?

EnormousChangesAtTheLastMinute Sat 03-Mar-07 22:32:12

i'm old and i'm in north london. hello

hester Sat 03-Mar-07 22:47:04

I'm in West London and I'm really ancient

EnormousChangesAtTheLastMinute Sat 03-Mar-07 22:52:21

phew, glad you posted, thought i'd killed the thread.

bunyanvillas Sun 04-Mar-07 21:04:00

Yep, I'm in West London and cracking on a bit

southeastastra Sun 04-Mar-07 21:05:18

hester Mon 05-Mar-07 22:28:09

When you all say older mum, what do you mean?

Please don't tell me you're all 35...

rosie17 Tue 06-Mar-07 09:05:48

Hi All. In my case Hester , pushing mid 40's. Not that I mind too much, just gets a little harder to find other mums that I have stuff in common with.

littlemisssensible Tue 06-Mar-07 15:02:19

Hi All,

I'm down on the South Coast, 45 (46on the 28th! eek!)with a 9 year old.

This is my 2nd family, 1st 2 are grown up 24 and 22 and I'm a granny too!

Being a granny is a damn sight more fun than being a mum! Mainly because I can ignore the midnight crying and hand DGD back when she crys/pukes/smells!

hester Wed 07-Mar-07 22:29:18

That's a relief, I thought I might be the only fortysomething. I'm coming up to 43, and my dd is 16 months...

cat64 Wed 07-Mar-07 22:43:36

Message withdrawn

littlemisssensible Thu 08-Mar-07 10:18:28

You'd have thought not Cat but I was treated as if I was over the hill by the medical proffesion when I fell pregnant with dd (and I was only 37 then!) and I did find that quite a few of the much younger parents at toddler groups seems to think I was a bit old and not up for nights out etc.

It's not too bad now but mainly because a lot of the parents at dd's school are older parents (though I think I'm the oldest for her class!)

CAMdenPalace1981 Thu 08-Mar-07 10:21:59

hello littlemisssensible I too live on the South Coast, was pg at 39 with my now 20 yr old (second marriage) and have 2 gc. Nice to know I'm not uniquely freaky

ScottishThistle Thu 08-Mar-07 10:23:54

Just out of interest what age is now classed as an older Mum?

In my home Town, at 34 (if I was a pregnant) I would be classed as an older Mum!

Fauve Thu 08-Mar-07 10:25:33

I haven't got any gc, but I am really very old. I'm in London, but sarf of the river.

batters Thu 08-Mar-07 10:43:16

cam, my darling, no you weren't pregnant at 39 with your now 20 year old!!

Tiggiwinkle Thu 08-Mar-07 10:54:25

I am like Auntymandy-quite young when I started but kept on till I was definitely an older mother! I live in south-east London: my eldest will be 26 this year and youngest is just 8!

CAMdenPalace1981 Thu 08-Mar-07 11:13:35

How did that happen Batters, I meant 10 year old of course, must be me arfritic fingers

Steppy1 Thu 08-Mar-07 14:24:45

43 with DS (6) and DD (4) I count ????

am in Somerset.......

sometimes feel bloody old, usually through lack of sleep......

suedonim Thu 08-Mar-07 15:57:05

50+ with dd2 aged 11 today and three older ones.

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