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When meeting up take sensible precautions. Meet in a public place and let others know where you are going. You can also meet mums on your local site here.

Any Mumsnetters in the Plymouth/surrounding area?

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Melly Sun 09-Jun-02 09:25:25

Was wondering if there are any mums in the Plymouth area? I'm in Tavistock area, and would really like to meet up with other mums. Dh is in the Navy and I'm quite often on my own and get a bit fed up. Tried getting involved with local NCT group but whilst it's ok, it's very sort of here's the programme of events on the appointed days etc. I'm looking for something more informal, sometimes I'm just desperate for someone to have a coffee with. I'm not billy no mates (well maybe just a bit) , but because of moving around a fair bit with the Navy have not really made many close friendships.

WideWebWitch Sun 09-Jun-02 10:17:55

Hi Melly I'm about 35 (I think??) miles from Plymouth. Don't go there much, except to the aquarium recently which was rubbish because it's being refurbished. But I'll happily meet you for a coffee! Ask mumsnet to give you my email address and I'll respond to any email you send me with my phone number.

WideWebWitch Sun 09-Jun-02 11:29:53

Melly, you can email me at if you'd like to meet.

helenmc Sun 09-Jun-02 14:02:50

Hello Melly, I grew up in Tavistock - does it still rain almost every day? My dad (Cornish) used to joke he had webbed feet. I'm in East Anglia now as its so much drier. Actually I miss the moors and the little streams we played in. And the chance to pop along to a beach.

starmoon Mon 10-Jun-02 11:25:17

Hi Melly, just wanted to say hello, I grew up in Looe Cornwall & still miss it terribly. I live in Kent now. Would love to been near you desperate for someone to have coffee with.

Melly Mon 10-Jun-02 12:55:05

Hello wickedwaterwitch, Helenmc and starmoon.
WWW - thanks for the offer of meeting up, I will email you and maybe we can get together.
Helenmc - yes it does seem to rain every day in Tavistock! My parents also both Cornish but dad joined Met. Police back in the 50s and we moved to Kent. I decided to move down to Plymouth in 1990 as I always had such lovely memories of my childhood on holiday with grandparents. Best move I ever made, don't miss the South East at all and would never go back (except to visit friends).
Starmoon - my dad is from Looe and I have family there now. You never know, might even know some of your family. What took you up to Kent?

Rozzy Mon 10-Jun-02 15:56:23

Message withdrawn

WideWebWitch Mon 10-Jun-02 19:38:10

Rozzy, Devon side, probably an hour from Plymouth. Maybe we should arrange a South West mumsnet meet up? (although still happy to meet anyone for a coffee)

Rozzy Mon 10-Jun-02 19:46:23

Message withdrawn

WideWebWitch Mon 10-Jun-02 20:02:16

Rozzy, I'm in Devon, about an hour from Plymouth on the A38 heading towards Exeter/M5 so a bit nearer than you I guess (?) although country miles take a lot longer than motorway miles to drive

Rozzy Mon 10-Jun-02 22:33:46

Message withdrawn

Enid Tue 11-Jun-02 09:18:04

Can you all make it to the Bath meetup?

Rozzy Tue 11-Jun-02 12:15:40

Message withdrawn

manna Tue 11-Jun-02 14:26:18

www - do you live in totnes?

starmoon Tue 11-Jun-02 15:12:28

Hi Melly, I moved to London about 22 years ago from Looe, still visit my mum and dad though, I am going doen in Aug to see them. Also, my sister is still there with her family. My husband is from the SE have been living in Erith for 14 years miss the sea though terribly.

WideWebWitch Tue 11-Jun-02 15:14:23

Manna, quite close, yes. God, is it obvious? Do I sound like a hippy (I'm joking, no offence meant to anyone from Totnes)

charliesmummy Wed 12-Jun-02 00:38:19

YES WWW - sadly moved 3 years ago from Totnes - and no I was'nt part of the lentils and love beads brigade on Saturday Market Days! Really miss it so much. Wiltshire is not the same. Once a Plymouth Girl always etc as my dh says. I miss the honesty of the people and the views and my house and friends.

tigermoth Wed 12-Jun-02 09:44:35

Lets hear it for Totnes! I love it, especially on market days. I'm not a hippy, but every time I visit I start day-dreaming about a transformation. I like reading all those posters advertising altermative healing etc. I've been a frequent visitor to this part of the country for 12 years - MIl and FIL live near nearby.

At Easter I got the email address of the people who run Pig Finca in Kingsbridge. Send them an email before your visit and they will, they say, email you a list of local music and other events of the more alternative sort.

WideWebWitch Wed 12-Jun-02 09:56:42

Ok here's a brief story about Totnes, friend's DH needed nappies late on christmas eve and had to queue in the only shop still open. At the front of the queue was a drunk who started being openly aggressive to the woman on the till, much to her consternation. Friend's DH laughed when the WHOLE queue started saying "hey, let go those negative vibes" and "calm down man, just chill" "Release that negative energy, let it all out... Only in Totnes

tigermoth Wed 12-Jun-02 10:01:48


charliesmummy Wed 12-Jun-02 23:56:02

When I said I miss the honesty of the people (tad patronising but it was late) not those people WWW, only in Totnes. My vivid memory of the hippy dippys was when they would call on the house and ask if we wanted to donate any food for their lunch.

signingbabes Sat 15-Jun-02 16:52:13

Hi I live in Plymouth!!!
I have 2 children aged 3 and 2 (girls).
If you wanted to get in touch you can e-mail me:


AnnetteReid Fri 13-May-05 09:21:18

Hello all, this is my first time on this website and already it has made me feel better,

*i am a navy wife living in plymouth* and was also in the navy but left to have my son Tyler (who was born in March 05) i am finding being a first time new mum difficult as i don't really know anyone around here (apart from girls in the navy who dont have children) so would love to hear from anyone in the plymouth area.

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