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weston-s-mare moms are you there????????????????

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fransmom Fri 23-Feb-07 13:32:10

? i can't be the only one of a handful

fransmom Sun 25-Feb-07 22:46:10


fluff32 Mon 26-Feb-07 00:18:46

not many from weston super mud then? hows olds yous then?

fluff32 Mon 26-Feb-07 17:38:54


fransmom Mon 26-Feb-07 19:56:08

hello! how olds what? me or dc?! there's only a few i think

fransmom Mon 26-Feb-07 20:56:14


fluff32 Mon 26-Feb-07 23:12:56

any of you. I'm 32 and now ther is 2

fransmom Thu 01-Mar-07 12:25:34

same as you. there are a few about

fransmom Fri 06-Apr-07 23:28:37

this is like getting money from a bank manager!!!!

fransmom Sat 07-Apr-07 21:49:49

bump bump bump

TwirlyN Sun 15-Apr-07 15:26:42

oh hello, just up the road in clevedon.

fransmom Tue 17-Apr-07 21:53:30

hi! hows you? i didn't think that there was anyone listening

FionaJT Tue 17-Apr-07 21:59:26

hello! Think we met on a similar thread a while ago fransmom - but then a broken computer and a dodgy internet connection kept me off here for quite a long time

fransmom Tue 17-Apr-07 22:02:34

hello stranger! yes i remember. hows you now?

FionaJT Tue 17-Apr-07 22:07:21

Good thanks, am now working (2 different jobs) and have just moved house, although still in central weston. So it's all been a bit chaotic. How about you?

fransmom Tue 17-Apr-07 22:13:14

2 jobs????????

when i have holiday, i always wonder how i manage a pt (26hr) one! so i take off my hat (if i ever wore one!) to you.

i have up and down days - since we last "spoke" the docs have realised that ii have pnd and have been on fluoextine since feb - it seems to be helping and haven't had many noticeable side effects.

dd 2 next week - aaaaaaarrrrrgggggghhhhhhhhh

hows you and your family?

fransmom Tue 17-Apr-07 22:15:37

ps am doing a sponsored walk for mile for maude on 12th may, would you like to join in?
have a look at this thread

FionaJT Tue 17-Apr-07 22:21:44

2 jobs isn't as bad as it sounds - 18 1/2 hours of one, and the other is 2 half days teaching at the college, so it's only term times. (But it does mean finding time to do preparation which is a challenge!).
Glad you have had some success with the docs - I spent 6 months of last year on Citalopram, as I was getting really low when it was taking me so long to find work, and it certainly helped me to get back on track.
Are you having a party for your dd? My dd was 2 in january and got so excited about hers - which was just a picnic tea on the floor in the lounge with a few kids from toddler group and a lot of balloons!!

fransmom Tue 17-Apr-07 22:24:27

tried citalopram but it didn't suit me at all - not going to say much about that - tmi- but spent far too much time in the little room

there are mners in weston then!

FionaJT Tue 17-Apr-07 22:26:04

have just looked at the mile for maude thread - would love to join in. I'm off to bed now (dd is an early riser!) but will check this out again tomorrow.
Night night.

fransmom Tue 17-Apr-07 22:28:46

wasn't going to have party- said to dp that they (family) don't bother to come see her any other time, why on earth should we provide free food for them so they can meet each other and then go home?" i did have pms that day i think

i sent sis a txt msg asking is she coming down or not, no reply, only now i find out that she has told my dbro that she will be down on the satday!!!! wtf???
and my cousin has said she will be down if she can, no further info from her, so i shall have to do a tea party now so i have something for them grrrrr

rant over

fransmom Tue 17-Apr-07 22:29:04


fransmom Thu 19-Apr-07 22:27:28

hi fionajt hows you all keeping?

FionaJT Sun 22-Apr-07 20:38:19

Hello Fransmom, sorry for the radio silence - went away for a jaunt round the country to visit some friends on thursday and only got back this afternoon! (Probably won't be around on here much this week either as we have a family do on at the weekend and my sister and nephews are coming to stay.) Hope all's well with you - am still planning to join you on the 12th.

fransmom Thu 26-Apr-07 23:35:30

i better print some sponsor forms off pretty sharpish then! lol

i haven't been on much either dd's birthday today and bro down for a while so see you soon!

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