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French speaking mums in the Croydon area?

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Zebulon Tue 13-Feb-07 16:15:41

Hello there!

I am a French mum and my son is 21 months old. I am lucky enough to have met another French mum in the Croydon area and it would be great if we could meet with other French speaking mums and maybe create a play group. I am sure there are a lot of us around here, so please contact me.

ndakin Thu 21-Jun-07 10:01:36

Do you know les petits lapins in Maidstone, kent? maybe a bit far, but i have a few contacts in your area.

chrisy Thu 26-Jul-07 17:14:15


Je suis la maman d'une petite fille de 6 semaines et Joline et moi adorions comme toi faire la connaissance de mamans et leurs enfants parlant francais. Nous habitons South Norwood tout pres de Crystal Palace.

A bientot je l'espere.


chrisy Wed 01-Aug-07 00:05:15


Je me permet de t'envoyer un autre email parce que peut-etre tu n'as pas recu le premier. Je suis francaise et suis la maman d'une petite fille de 7 semaines. Nous habitons pres de Crystal Palace et aimerions aussi rencontrer d'autres mamans francaises et leurs enfants.

J'espere recevoir ton email bientot!


latiflt Mon 11-Sep-17 12:00:07

Hi - sorry for jumping on the band wagon so late. I'm looking for a French speaking mum to play date with my Parisian au pair. We are based in South Croydon. Any recommendations on where she might be able to meet someone? Her English is very limited and it's her first time living in the UK.

Frenchmum1234 Wed 06-Mar-19 05:44:55

Hi have you found any groups in Croydon for French speaking mums? Would like my daughter to play and speak in French.

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