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West London Day Time & Half Term Meets - Feb 2007

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Paddlechick666 Mon 12-Feb-07 11:05:56

We never had a new Feb Thread!

Anyways, anyone fancy a half-term trip to
Bocketts Farm

I don't mind driving - can get 3 passengers.

Foxie, there's a tea rooms you could occupy whilst ds and dd come around the animals/activities with the rest of us (or me if it's just us!).

MrsRecycle Mon 12-Feb-07 11:09:26

Oh dds would love it - foxie you could get some practice babysitting ds whilst my dds looks after your ds and dd.

What day?

Paddlechick666 Mon 12-Feb-07 11:15:45

yeah cool! i can drive Foxie and the cubs - they're good at keeping dd occupied!

How about the Weds or Thurs? I think Foxie's busy Monday and I'm busy Tuesday.

Apparently it's only half hour or so drive from here - ex-nanny used to take the kids.

how old are your dds MrsR?

MrsRecycle Mon 12-Feb-07 11:29:07

How about Weds as dd2 wants us to go and see Gruffolo at the Compass Theatre in Ickenham on the Thursday?

DD1 is 9 today! dd2 is 6 going on 16 but gets on very well with 2 and 3 year olds (she's an old mother hen).

2Cute Mon 12-Feb-07 11:33:35

Happy birthday to your DD MrsR!

Fab idea paddle

Wednesday's a bit difficult for me because DH is off so I'm hoping the 3 of us might do something depending on his mood. Thursday/Friday would be perfect.

I could drive if anyone needs a lift. Dunno the way so I'll just have to glue to the butt of your car paddle!

Paddlechick666 Mon 12-Feb-07 11:34:27

Weds 22nd works for me

lol @ 6 going on 16.

my dd's only 15 months but she's good value and foxie's ds has a big crush on her!

happy birthday to your dd1 - my sds is 9 and very wordly wise these days! i blame schools!

Paddlechick666 Mon 12-Feb-07 11:35:52

have you got Sat Nav 2cute? i've not been before but the directions on the website are good.

i can do weds/thurs or fri or even sat/sun come to think of it!

my life is a social siberia LOL

MrsRecycle Mon 12-Feb-07 11:38:45

I hope you meant Weds 21st!

Oh no - just tried to book tickets for Gruffalo and it's sold out - dd2 will be mad.

So I can do the Thursday 22nd as well if that helps 2Cute.

foxabout2pop Mon 12-Feb-07 11:46:13

What a brilliant idea Paddle and thanks for the lift offer

I've been meaning to go to Brocketts farm for about 4 years but have never got my act together.

I don't mind driving either, if you can direct me but would deffo be up for a car share either way

I'm free 21, 22 and Fri 23.

Am looking forward to it already and I bet those farm workers have loads of experience in delivering foals etc if need be

MrsRecycle Mon 12-Feb-07 11:48:08

Did you see Paddy deliveing Viv's on Emerdale then foxes - if I were you I'd make a dash to the closest hospital!

Paddlechick666 Mon 12-Feb-07 11:55:38

doh! sorry I stand corrected!

well, if the Gruffalo's sold out then I'd prefer Thurs 22rd as we've got bit of a car day on Tuesday already.....

Foxie, more than happy to drive you m'dear. you need the break and i can use the company.

MrsRecycle Mon 12-Feb-07 11:56:10

I'm okay for Thurs 22nd then.

2Cute Mon 12-Feb-07 15:18:36


DH has sat nav on his mobile so I could try pinching it for the day but would still prefer to leave together.

MrsR, you could come round mine and go together if you like. I don't mind driving/not driving, whatever's easier.

sfxmum Mon 12-Feb-07 15:26:26

oh that looks fab but can only make it if there is space in someones car, did not know about the Gruffulo, note to self - must read toddlers directory and be better activity mummy

trying2bgood Mon 12-Feb-07 15:31:00

hello all, nice to meet some of you on sat. Just to say that there is always stuff going on at the Lyric theatre in Hammersmith which is right next to the tube so no car necessary.

This half term, I will be in edinburgh for 24 hours and attempting to bake my dd1's birthday cake so if you hear a loud explosion - don't worry its me .

foxabout2pop Mon 12-Feb-07 15:40:44

sfx if paddle and I use my car, you could come with us....

pudding77 Mon 12-Feb-07 16:25:13

Just found the thread! Would like to come to this but would need a lift as dh has the car - sorry, that's really cheeky

ComeOVeneer Mon 12-Feb-07 16:36:13

I would love to come, however our half term is this week. I guess I could come with just ds as long as it fitted with dropping/picking dd up from school.

MrsRecycle Mon 12-Feb-07 20:34:18

Pudding I could give you a lift if you want.

2Cute - refresh my memory - where are you based? I could try and think of somewhere for you to meet up and follow us.

2Cute Mon 12-Feb-07 23:52:31

Whitton, (Rugby stadium side of Twickenham)

Paddlechick666 Tue 13-Feb-07 07:51:56

not far from me 2cute.

okay roll call with your car status below. let's see if we can avoid Foxie having to drive.......

paddlechick666 car, 3 passengers, Isleworth

MrsBigD Tue 13-Feb-07 08:11:46

Hi I'm back can somebody please summarise for me?

pudding77 Tue 13-Feb-07 09:12:31

Pudding, no car, Brentford
paddlechick666 car, 3 passengers, Isleworth

sfxmum Tue 13-Feb-07 09:19:45

Pudding, no car, Brentford
paddlechick666 car, 3 passengers, Isleworth
sfx, no car, Kew

foxabout2pop Tue 13-Feb-07 09:39:29

Pudding, no car, Brentford
paddlechick666 car, 3 passengers, Isleworth
sfx, no car, Kew
Foxie 4 passengers but may go into labour

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