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When meeting up take sensible precautions. Meet in a public place and let others know where you are going. You can also meet mums on your local site here.

New West London Meet Thread

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Paddlechick666 Sun 04-Feb-07 07:57:55

Wow! We filled a thread!

Hope you all find this new one!

Our evening was great, had a lovely time. kids were all very well behaved. dd sleeping in our bedroom is a nightmare tho - she's sooo noisy!

we need a 3rd bedroom

we're off for Sunday lunch at The Botanist later YUM!

2cute, we're scheduled to have skids that weekend but not confirmed yet. if we do, not sure if i could come and don't want to invite 2 extra kids and dh as that'd be rather cheeky! if we don't then we'll be there

it's far too early for a Sunday!

sfxmum Sun 04-Feb-07 08:25:29

good morning everyone

belated happy birthday Sue, it was my birthday too yesterday (18th) and i had a lovely family day.

paddle - things looking very promising, fingers crossed

slinkstar - welcome

wave to evryone, hope you having a nice weekend

suejonezisdanielsmummy Sun 04-Feb-07 08:27:58

so funny that we filled a whole thread - thats new since I left.

Re roast Foxie - my mum does the best roast normally she and I do it between us with sister and her DH peeling all the veg (and brother turning up and eating it!) but of course I have a free pass today as I am looking after DS. Which of course means I am incapable of doing anything else! Not sure how long thats going to last with the family but will milk it as long as I can...

suejonezisdanielsmummy Sun 04-Feb-07 08:28:20

ah sfx - I was trying to remember who had a brithday the same day as me!

pudding77 Sun 04-Feb-07 09:47:30

after minor panic that I couldn't add messages to the last thread I found this one!!

thanks for all the belated birthday hugs for ds, I did try to pass them on but he shrugged me off with a'get off, I'm playing' expression! Oh, and happy belated birthdays to Sfx & Sue.

paddle, glad things seem to be going well.

We went to a friend's christening yesterday and, as dh was driving, he insisted I drink which left me in bed, fast asleep at 8.30pm . Just cannot do afternoon drinking anymore!

ComeOVeneer Sun 04-Feb-07 10:01:03

Mornong all, and belated happy birthday Sue and sfx. I don'tknow what is going on with ds the last 3 nights but his sleep has gone to peices. Yesterday morning he woke at 5am and that was the day started. Last night he slepp until midnight then was awake for 3 hours. We were up at 7am and I have 10 people coming for lunch today, aaaaarrrrrggghhh.

foxabout2pop Sun 04-Feb-07 11:07:12

Cov - 10 people coming for lunch? That's an aaaaargh - sure;y, whether or not LO's slept the night before?

Puds - Out of practice with afternoon drinking? You just need to practice more

Sue - milk it for all you can girl, it soon wears off!!!

sfx - happy birthday to you too

2Cute Sun 04-Feb-07 14:05:48

Happy birthday sfx!

Foxi - Oh yeh, I forgot you wanted the birth at West Mid. You never know, it might just happen!

Sue - I'll cat you the details of where the party is. DH is sitting next to me and said "surely you weren't going to put his party details on the net". Obviously I replied "ofcourse not"

Paddle - It'll be fine to bring them along if you have them that wknd. My DS has a bit of a soft spot for your DD, he might get a birthday kiss from her! <ducks before Foxi's DS see's he's got competition>

pudding77 Sun 04-Feb-07 14:31:01

Foxie - I think you can get arrested for afternoon drinking when looking after a child . Also, if you want to give birth at West Mid come and camp out at my house - we're just round the corner!!

Hmm, it appears Paddle's dd is something of a tease, two ds's taken with her and she's stalking my ds.... (sorry Paddle)

Paddlechick666 Sun 04-Feb-07 15:50:26

if you can get arrested for afternoon drinking in charge of a child you'd better cuff me now!

dd's 1st birthday party was a complete p*ss up!!!

glad to see my daughter has many suitors but have to say she's already betrothed to best friends ds who is 9 weeks younger. altho i may re-negotiate in favour of sue's ds LOL!

2cute, thanks for extending the invite - very kind. will let you know if i may?

foxabout2pop Sun 04-Feb-07 16:39:28

Eh? what about my DS?

He has a HUGE collection of Dr Who cards,which I'm glad to include as a kind of dowry.


Oh Paddle those clothes look great, am looking forward to trying them all on in a moment.

I've been nesting all day - sorting baby clothes and baby boy bnames.

***I want you all to help us shortlist some Aboriginal Australian boys names:

Here is the long list.

Please could you copy it onto a new post and put "yes" to any you like, and put "OMG no" next to any you hate?


Votes please???


Paddlechick666 Sun 04-Feb-07 17:50:09

here goes:

Monti - me okay, dh likes
Adoni - deff not
Kami - indifferent
Tarwin - deff not too close to tarquin
Miro - dh likes, me okay
Myall - dh likes, me okay
Coorain - me like, dh not sure
Pier - nope
Marloo/Merloo dh likes, me not sure
Pindar - nope
Parri - nope
Nardu - nope
Dheran - i like, dh indifferent
Berrigan - we both like!

Paddlechick666 Sun 04-Feb-07 17:51:36

ps: they've all gone home and i am very

sue, if you're lurking i've got a 9 - 12 months blue puffer jacket that would do your ds a treat........

will drop it by sometime soon ;-)

pudding77 Sun 04-Feb-07 18:09:41

Here's my 2penneyworth:

Monti - nope
Adoni - nope
Kami - ok
Tarwin - ok
Miro - ok
Myall - ok
Coorain - ok
Pier - nope
Marloo/Merloo - not sure
Pindar - nope
Parri - nope
Nardu - nope
Dheran - like
Berrigan - ok

Paddle - Sue's got to take my coats first .

Sue - would you like me to drop them round next week?

pudding77 Sun 04-Feb-07 18:19:42

Paddle - will it be long until they're all back again? Glad you all had a good weekend anyway...

foxabout2pop Sun 04-Feb-07 19:37:45

Puds/Pads/Pads DH - Hey thanks guys!!

Come on everyone else - your chance to influence the future by voting on our LO's name!! see below

Paddle - those maternity clothes are lovely - I so much live the stripey cheesecloth top and the denim short skirt
Just 5 days to go until DH and the boys are back with you again

foxabout2pop Sun 04-Feb-07 19:38:09

love, not live

sfxmum Sun 04-Feb-07 19:50:45

hi dh has been working all day and i have been trying not to eat my chilli choc all at oncei hate it when he works weekends i really miss him sorry that was mushy

this is my opinion but on a lot of foreign names a lot depends on pronunciation, for instance i like Laura but not as it is pronounced in english (and that is not really foreign)

Monti - yes
Kami - yes
Tarwin no please
Miro - yes
Myall - yes
Coorain - no
Pier - no
Pindar - yes
Parri - indeff
Nardu -really like it
Dheran - yes
Berrigan - no

suejonezisdanielsmummy Sun 04-Feb-07 19:58:36

Monti - no we used to have a rabbit called Monty
Adoni - maybe
Kami - OK
Tarwin - agree too close to Tarquin - YUK
Miro - OK
Myall - like
Coorain - no
Pier - too close to Piers (Morgan)
Marloo/Merloo - will be shortened to Loo in school
Pindar - no
Parri - like but thats because its also a Welsh boys name
Nardu - OK
Dheran - OK
Berrigan - will get shortened to Berry

suejonezisdanielsmummy Sun 04-Feb-07 20:00:33

I had Xmas lunch today.

It was lovely and the boy behaved like an angel and all the teenage nieces and nephews now think he can do no wrong.

He has even gone down to sleep without a squeak.

Almost makes up for Wales losing to Ireland IN CARDIFF. (but only almost)

sfxmum Sun 04-Feb-07 20:06:50

commiserations Sue you was robbed no doubt

glad dinner went well, where there crackers hats and naff jokes? or were you retrained so the child was not too scared by British ways?

sfxmum Sun 04-Feb-07 20:07:21

were were

suejonezisdanielsmummy Sun 04-Feb-07 20:08:13

No crackers or hats - just the turkey dinner (have no idea where my mum found Turkey from!). I complained to my sister about lack of crackers, she said she thought we would never come home so didn't keep any form Xmas for us

sfxmum Sun 04-Feb-07 20:08:17

restrained - oh i give up why don't i read before i post

suejonezisdanielsmummy Sun 04-Feb-07 20:08:40

we was robbed by the bloody referee

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