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When meeting up take sensible precautions. Meet in a public place and let others know where you are going. You can also meet mums on your local site here.

Northern Mumsnet Meet-up

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Rhubarb Mon 27-May-02 14:16:42

Anyone want to come to a Mumsnet meet up here in the North? I don't want it to be exclusively for Northerners though, so if any of you can make it, please post your ideas here.

I'm relying on public transport so I would prefer to meet somewhere that isn't too hard to get to, like Manchester, which might also be good middle ground for those who live further afield. But if any of you know of anywhere better please tell me.
I'm also assuming that a Saturday is ok.

If anyone is interested please post your names here and then when we have a suitable number of people I will give out my email and we can make proper arrangments.

Ferrets are optional!

CAM Mon 27-May-02 17:55:31

don't know if I could cope with the snow

janh Mon 27-May-02 18:37:51

CAM, we could arrange to issue skis and fur-lined parkas at Kings Cross. (Or Watford, if you come by car.)

Coxy Mon 27-May-02 21:42:24

Hi Rhubarb, I'd be up for it as long as the Saturday was before the start of the Nationwide League in August. Although having said that dh has bought both ds's season tickets so they could go to the footy en-masse and I could meet all you!

I can't make 6th July but would try my best for any other dates.

Ee by gum. Will tha' be wearing tha' flat cap chuck?

Rhubarb Tue 28-May-02 14:19:10

Yeah, it always snows in Manchester! Well I have two names, that's a start. Come on people, it'll be fun!!! Manchester's good these days! Or somewhere else if you prefer.
C'mon let's all get down to MANCHESSSSTOOOORRR!

berries Wed 29-May-02 12:35:43

Count me in - BUT, can't make most of the dates in June, or 6th July, & go away last Sat in July.
Sorry to be so awkward.
Hope to see you soon

Rhubarb Wed 29-May-02 21:53:33

How about last weekend in July then? Is Manchester ok or does anyone have other suggestions? We could book in at a curry house or something, what do you think?

cherry Wed 29-May-02 22:04:59

That sounds great Rhubarb! Manchester is good for me, or there's Leeds or York? Depends where everyone's travelling from I guess!

Tinker Wed 29-May-02 22:49:32

Can I tentatively say 'yes' to a Rusholme curry?

cherry Wed 29-May-02 22:54:22


Tinker Wed 29-May-02 22:58:02

Curry capital of Manchester.

cherry Wed 29-May-02 23:01:25

aah i see. Geordie lass, no culture lol!

cherry Wed 29-May-02 23:02:45

Sounds good though Tinker!

janh Thu 30-May-02 09:48:16

Leeds might be better, as Cherry suggested, it's quite easy to get to from NE and NW.

elwar Thu 30-May-02 10:20:31

I would come to a meetup in Leeds. Not so sure about Manchester...

Rosy Thu 30-May-02 12:09:36

Janh - I thought you weren't interested in meeting up! Or are you just a neutral travel advisor?

(I agree btw, regarding Leeds/York vs Manchester).

Rhubarb Thu 30-May-02 15:00:49

I think I could get to Leeds ok on the train. Is the date ok with everyone? Does anyone know of anywhere good to meet in Leeds, I've never been there myself!

janh Thu 30-May-02 20:34:21

I never said yes or no, actually, Rosy, sorry, I think I was thinking yes!

Rhubarb dear, the senior daughter is at Leeds uni and I have a good friend on another MB who lives in Leeds, I will ask both for advice re a good place to meet (ie near station but also easy to park near if necessary.)

salalex Thu 30-May-02 21:52:06

Think this will be too far away for me to get to. Have a nice time, sniff, sniff...

SueW Thu 30-May-02 21:58:18

I'd like to join the northern meet up too. Dates a little hazy at the moment though, until we work out what's happening with DD's health so I won't commit yet

Tinker Thu 30-May-02 22:40:56

Oh, think I'll have to opt out now! Leeds a lot trickier than Manchester. Have fun.

janh Fri 31-May-02 09:35:36

Rosy, sorry, I have a memory capacity only slightly longer than a goldfish's and forgot the comment on the Archers thread...but I was then assuming all meetups to be Southern affairs for some reason.

Tinker and Salalex, are there any other places that would work for you? Trouble is that most big towns/cities up here tend to be on one side or the other...Leeds is almost the only middle-ish one up here. I think. (Rushes off to consult map.)

janh Fri 31-May-02 09:42:26

And SueW, I hadn't seen the thread about your DD until just now. She sounds like a brave little soldier and I love your line in psychology! Good luck with it all and I hope you'll be able to make it.

Rhubarb Fri 31-May-02 14:33:31

Well, for those who can't make Leeds, how about Rochdale or Sheffield, are these any better for you? I'd hate for people to miss out because they couldn't get there. I'm coming from Preston and travelling by train. It would take me 1/2 to get into Manchester and around 2 hours for Leeds and Sheffield. 1 hour for Rochdale. If anyone wants to find out how near a place would be travelling by train visit
If everyone posted preferred destinations I'm sure we could come to some agreement.

Is 27th July any good for people? It is the last Saturday in July.

Coxy Fri 31-May-02 21:51:50

I would prefer Manchester as I'm coming from Wrexham area so Leeds might be a tad too far for me. Rhubarb, I'm originally from Preston and still have relatives up there (parents/brother/sil/friends) whereabouts are you? (I'll understand if you don't want to be too specific). If I time it right I could try and have a night out with the girlies the night before and continue the party with you lot!

27th July would be fine for me (atm).

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