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What's it like in Haywards Heath area?

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nellieellie Fri 02-Feb-07 09:10:45

Hi, My DH, DS (17mths) and I are planning to move to the Haywards Heath/Lindfield area this year. We currently live in East London. I was just wondering if anyone could give me an idea of what it's like to live there. I'll be a SAHM for a few years - I am pregnant with 2nd child due in August and so information about the prevalence or lack of baby toddler groups or any mother networks would be really useful. I'm attracted to the area as it has easy access to countryside and not far from the coast but a bit worried that the town centre in HH seems a little dull.
My DH is stuck with Hayward Heath if we are to move out of London as needs to be on the fast track of Thameslink - can't go further South as will take too long for him to get to work, and further north would defeat our aim of being nearish to south coast.

So, we were wondering will I be able to get things like wild mushrooms, speciality breads, vegan cakes that at the moment are just around the corner?! Are there any South Indian restaurants rather than bog-standard tandooris, and any wood -fired oven pizza places rather than just pizza express? Are there local farmers markets? (I heard there was one but only once a month) Yes I know you have to expect some sacrifices in leaving London and I'm sure other things will make up for it. Any thoughts on what it's like as a place to bring up a family would be great.

nellieellie Fri 02-Feb-07 10:29:57


suzandbump Thu 22-Feb-07 00:23:45

Hi Nellieellie,

I moved from Croydon to Haywards Heath about 5 years ago. Have not looked back since. I moved here, for same reasons, to be in countryside, near the sea and be able to commute to London. Expecting first baby at end of April and have noticed that for pregnancy not a lot of classes available in Haywards Heath, more in Brighton, or East Grinstead. But I think there is more for mothers and toddlers, although not really looked that far ahead. Hope someone else will be able to add to that. However, HH does have a french market once a month. The Broadway is the road where the restaurants and bars are lined out. ZiZi is good for pizza (chain with "Ask") and there are a few nice indians "Blue India" is a more modern restaurant. Shopping for food - Sainsburys is the main shop, with Tesco Quick Stop, Iceland and Marks & Spencers being the only others. Crawley and Brighton very good shopping centres within easy access. Small shopping centre, with Holland & Barrett and other natural food store. More supermarkets in nearby Burgess Hill. Leisure centres in HH, Burgess Hill and East Grinstead. Hope this info helps.

MoreChampagne Tue 27-Feb-07 17:48:48

Yay!!! hawards heathians I too live in HH and yes - it does have it's dull parts - but it's movin on up!!
The broadway is lovel;y - spesh in summer! All the restaurants and bars along the road have outside seating areas and its like being on your hols!! As suzandbump says - Zizi's is very good too!

There are loads of mummy and toddler groups and tons of pre-schools in the area too! There is a leisure centre which is pretty good and is going to undergo a major extension (alledgedly).

Me and a few mums who've met via here or other internet groups also meet weekly for nattering etc. We've got kids ranging from newborn to 10yrs old - so great for meet ups in the parks in summer! We even slip out for the odd evening for some adult conversation - which is made all the better with a large beverage

supermumof3 Thu 18-Jun-09 12:48:46

hi nellieellie,

recently found the above old post and wanted to check how you got on? we are thinking of moving to haywards heath ourselves later this year and do not know the area at all and would be very interested in your thoughts about the place.

thanks in advance

vwbabe Tue 24-Sep-13 17:23:19

Which is better....Burgess Hill or Haywards Heath

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