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Suffolk Mums?

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Bronze Wed 09-Jun-04 12:52:30

Are there any more of us out there? I cant find any other threads on it.
I'm 23 have a 14 month old and am 16 weeks pregnant and I dont drive so meeting up could be hard but are there any of you from the babergh area?

aliensinmygarden Fri 11-Jun-04 23:01:51

baburgh?? Can't find that on a map.... I'm North Suffolk. Are you nearer Ipswich?

Bronze Sat 12-Jun-04 17:04:34

babergh is the area ie im under babergh council. I'm between sudbury and bury st e in an obscure village where i dont know anyone
so i gues im south west suffolk. Im on the essex border

Bronze Sat 12-Jun-04 17:05:11

babergh is the area ie I'm under babergh council. I'm between Sudbury and Bury St. E in an obscure village where I dont know anyone
so I gues Im south west suffolk. Im on the essex border

Chinchilla Sat 12-Jun-04 18:13:18

I'm Colchester, not far(ish!)

aliensinmygarden Sat 12-Jun-04 22:40:46

Oh no, you are miles from me.... I'm up near Great Yarmouth... oh well never mind!

Ruth xx

littletree Tue 27-Jul-04 14:52:13

I'm moving to Dedham on the Suffolk/Essex border. Anyone nearby?

LunarSea Tue 27-Jul-04 15:18:01

Not any more - but I grew up on the edge of Ipswich. And my parents are still there so we visit fairly often.

crunchie Wed 28-Jul-04 12:25:46

Littletree, there are a few of us in Colchester, although we have just lost spacemonkey to the bright lights of Islington!!

I think Chinchilla, myself, Slinky is Clacton (if I remember right) so we are around

throckenholt Wed 28-Jul-04 13:24:58

I have a friend who lives near Badwell Ash - that's near you I think - I could put you in touch if you like. She has a 2 year old and a 2 month old.

littletree Thu 29-Jul-04 09:23:45

Thanks everyone! I have a 13 month old and am currently expecting number two in March. As soon as we get settled in- I sincerely hope by the end of August it would be extremely useful to be put in touch with anyone in the area. In particular can anyone tell me what the birth options are out your way? I tried to have a water birth with my ds but he was 2 weeks late and I had to have an induction. I would love to go the water birth route with this one but don't know what facilities are available at this point. Are there any natural birth centres? I did all of my ante-natal with ds at the Edgware birth centre which is lovely and practically in my back garden. I was hoping to have a similar option this time around... Help?

Chinchilla Thu 29-Jul-04 21:15:25

Littletree - Crunchie is right. I am in Colchester, about three miles from Dedham. I sell some of my hand-made cards in the craft centre there. Would love to meet you and maybe show you around the area if you need to make some friends.

In Colchester mat ward, there is one delivery suite with a water bath, but you can't book it. It is 'first come, first served'. Then, even if you get the room, as I did, you have to have a mid-wife who is prepared to allow the water birth! Mine wasn't.

Slinky Thu 29-Jul-04 21:21:25

My mum is from Dedham, still have aunts/uncles there

As Chinchilla says, Colchester Maternity has a birthing pool - I had a fab. midwife as I delivered my DS1 in it (even though it was an induction).

Having said that, you could be able to shoot up the A12 and get into Ipswich Maternity. Not sure of their Maternity services - but my GP always raves about how much nicer/better their A&E Department is compared to Colchester

littletree Tue 10-Aug-04 07:33:27

Hi! Sorry I didn't reply sooner- we were on holiday up in the Lake District- beautiful.

Chinchilla- I would love to meet up once we get ourselves settled. We are still trapped in estate agent/solicitor hell at the moment but hopefully it will get sorted out by the end of the month and we will be settled in our new house. That craft centre in Dedham is loverly. How did you get involved with selling your cards in there?

Slinky- thanks for the tip on Ipswich hospital. I will look into it. Its really not too far from Dedham but I'm not sure if NHS would allow me to go there?? Hmmmm... will check it out.

So, sounds like Colchester maternity is pretty basic facilities? Have you heard of any birthing centres out there?

Chinchilla Wed 11-Aug-04 20:35:47

I just popped in and asked if she wanted to see my cards. She did, and she liked them, and ordered 25 for a specific sale she was doing one evening. She recently took 42 more, including Xmas ones (for tourists). When you are living there, pop in, and you'll see my cards ('Chickadee'.

Let me know when you get settled, and maybe we could meet for a coffee? How old is/are your child/ren? Mine is just 3, and a little pooet, but has the energy of a whirling dervish

Chinchilla Wed 11-Aug-04 20:36:58

That was meant to be 'poppet', but pooet covers it too , as I am always having to change his stinky bum (no potty training success here yet)

littletree Thu 12-Aug-04 09:09:58

Hi Chinchilla! I have a little pooet too- last night before his bath he decided that the kitchen floor would be a good place- my was that fun!

DS is 13 months and bump in progress- How mad am I?

I will definitely look out for your cards... may even buy one

Chinchilla Thu 12-Aug-04 19:46:14

Yup, you must be slightly bonkers! Not too bonkers to buy my cards though I hope!!

lilnicky Mon 30-Aug-04 11:26:36

Hi everyone i'm Nicky 24 and live in Lowestoft and have two children Joseph nearly 3 and Bethany Grace 14 weeks are there any other mums near me.

louee Fri 03-Sep-04 10:06:07

Hi Lilnicky I Live south of norwich towards bungay ,my MIL lives in Lowestoft so often nearby ,I'm 27 with a Dd nearly 4 and a Ds now 1. Am I too far away ???

ebbie22 Fri 03-Sep-04 10:13:28

does anyone live near or in briston?

Lowryn Fri 03-Sep-04 18:35:47

Hi there, thought I would add myself to this thread. I am near Needham Market which is near the turn off from the A14 to Norwich.
I have a DD who is 3 in Nov and a 18week old DS.

louee Mon 06-Sep-04 18:08:44

Hi Lowryn

Lowryn Mon 06-Sep-04 19:05:38

Hey Lou, Do you still have some clothes for sale? We are in need of boys trousers 6mth+

lilnicky Tue 07-Sep-04 09:25:15

Hi Louee
No, it would be nice to meet a mum near me alot of my friends dont have children so i must bore them silly going on about my two, maybe we could meet up in norwich sometime my e-mail is

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