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When meeting up take sensible precautions. Meet in a public place and let others know where you are going. You can also meet mums on your local site here.

Redhill, or nearish?

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cathytom Mon 07-Jun-04 00:13:40

Hi I have a ds aged 4 and a half, and have moved to Merstham near Redhill, a few months ago. It would be really nice to email and maybe meet up with other mumsnetters nearby, if there are any! If anyone is interested please get in touch, take care.

essbee Mon 07-Jun-04 00:19:32

Message withdrawn

jodee Mon 07-Jun-04 00:35:31

Hellloooo cathytom! What are you doing up at this hour (and what am *I* still doing up!!!).

Well I can tell you that Essbee is lovely, you must meet up with her!

Hope you enjoyed Fishers Farm as much as we did,
speak soon, byeeee from sunny Bournemouth!

Ghosty Mon 07-Jun-04 02:10:24

Very homesick now Cathytom ... how is Merstham these days?

essbee Mon 07-Jun-04 18:51:37

Message withdrawn

geogteach Mon 07-Jun-04 19:34:29

I'm in Redhill, DS 3 and DD 1 and another on the way. I work Mon, Tues and Fri for next 6 weeks, then a lady of leisure! A local meet up would be good

popsycal Mon 07-Jun-04 20:01:23

just barging in here - we may be going to visit a friend who lives in reigate in the next few months....that is near you lot isnt it>?!

essbee Mon 07-Jun-04 20:09:33

Message withdrawn

jodee Mon 07-Jun-04 20:49:07

Hi Essbee! It's just GREAT, feel like I'm on a permanent holiday (which is kind of true as I'm not working yet )...hope you and family are OK, come down to Bournemouth for a visit!

popsycal Mon 07-Jun-04 21:06:19

when we come down it will be on a weekend......

will need to meet up

but what do i tell our friends?!?!
going to meet my virtual friends...?

essbee Mon 07-Jun-04 21:11:25

Message withdrawn

cathytom Mon 07-Jun-04 23:50:54

Hi there jodee!! You found me! Yes it was a lovely day at the farm, and great to see you both. I am unable to email you at the moment, as all the addresses on my computer were wiped out when it was down, only got back online Sunday, could you email me, and give me your address again? Thanks. Glad to hear you got home okay!
Hi Esbee, and Geogteach, and others who posted, it would be great to meet up, and anyone who would like to email me is very welcome. I can meet up, any weekday afternoon, my ds is at nursery in the mornings. How do we go about emailing each other, through mumsnet?

essbee Wed 09-Jun-04 19:00:14

Message withdrawn

Mo2 Wed 09-Jun-04 19:20:54

Cathytom - welcome to near here!
Count me in - I'm VERY close (Reigate) and also have a DS aged 4.5 ...

Popsycal - you MUST meet us if you come down!!

Sadly I work FT so can only do evenings or W/e s

It's definitely time we had another meet-up...have met both Essbee (lots!) and Geogteach (briefly) and can vouch that they are not hairy truckers....

I'm now off on hols for 2 weeks, so couldn't do until after 26th June.

You can contact me on Contact_Mo2(at) or through Mumsnet (click through from "Contact another talker" at the top of this page..)

Mo2 Wed 09-Jun-04 19:22:39

<sticks neck out>
I'm even willing to volunteer to have you round to mine for a BBQ if the weather's good - have been promising Essbee to have her round for too long now...

essbee Wed 09-Jun-04 19:40:23

Message withdrawn

Mo2 Wed 09-Jun-04 20:32:17

essbee - eek - we're leaving at 9 am on Sat! Are you around any of the remaining evenings this week if I were able to pop over? (Mind you - haven't even STARTED packing yet

popsycal Wed 09-Jun-04 20:33:52

girls 0 i will definitely meet up when we come down...not sure when that will be but probably between now and the end of the summer.....

Galaxy Thu 10-Jun-04 12:19:43

message withdrawn

sandyballs Thu 10-Jun-04 12:30:12

I would love to meet you all - live in Coulsdon, so very local. Have twin DDs (aged 3).

Mo2 Fri 11-Jun-04 18:41:52

galaxy - you minx - what's this about a palace? - I wish......

Of course, it would be "strictly by invitation only... all to come in MN T-shirts to prove identity!

essbee Fri 11-Jun-04 19:08:08

Message withdrawn

funnytype Thu 29-Jul-04 13:27:45

Hi there,

I am from Copthorne near Crawley and up for a meet! I am currently on additional maternity leave am so bored! Obviously my 5 month daughter keeps me busy but would love to meet other mums in my area.


essbee Thu 05-Aug-04 15:12:57

Message withdrawn

funnytype Thu 05-Aug-04 16:52:22

Hi Esbee,

Yeah still around! Are you from Redhill?


If you wanna email me or chat you can on MSN (smile)

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