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When meeting up take sensible precautions. Meet in a public place and let others know where you are going. You can also meet mums on your local site here.

Calling Mums from Tamworth/Sutton/Lichfield or surrounding areas

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Ronniebaby Sun 30-May-04 19:11:52

I live in Tamworth, but drive around the country, just thought I'd see if there are any mums out there near here.

Rugeley, Lichfield, Stafford, Measham, Derby, Burton, Ashby.

Worth a try. Anyone fancy a meet up????

Tues or Thurs are my best days as I work MWF.

Madambutterfly - I know you'll be there.

Nutcracker Sun 30-May-04 19:15:12

and me

I can do most days usually. Am abit busy at the mo with house move and appointments for Dd2 but i'll try.

Nutcracker Sun 30-May-04 19:16:07

Oh menat to say too Ronnie, I got my new mobile (same number)so i can get a signal now. Have no credit at the mo, getting some soon.

Ronniebaby Sun 30-May-04 23:15:40

Nutty what are you like, glad you got the new mobi, but no credit, I dont know

No worries at least you can receive a text from me, even if you cant reply

jampot Sun 30-May-04 23:18:46

I only really know Sutton (not that well either) so if you're meeting there, I may join you if it's okay!

MadameButterfly Sun 30-May-04 23:19:44

Count me in for any meet up.

Ronniebaby Sun 30-May-04 23:20:05

Jampot - yeh no worries, not decided on a place yet, but Sutton is good and easy to get too.

Just posted on the Solihull in reply to your suggestion

gold123 Mon 31-May-04 09:20:17

Hi, I'm in Stafford, so if you ever do Rugeley or Lichfield, I could come too. Don't plan yourself around me, if you choose Sutton this time, I will come to another some other time.

jampot Mon 31-May-04 09:27:58

I'd just be gatecrashing so don't organise one in Sutton just for me (i'm solihull).

MadameButterfly Mon 31-May-04 10:45:48

Jampot, My inlaws are in Sutton, and Nutcracker is in Sutton too, so feel free to gatecrash is we do meet up there.

Ronniebaby Mon 31-May-04 14:37:49


Stafford aint that far from me, also MadamB lives in Burton.

Do you know the Fradley Arms on the A38, its a wacky warehouse etc.

That is a good place to meet up for Tamworth, Lichfield etc.

Let me know what you think

nikcola Mon 31-May-04 16:19:43

my mom lives in tamwoth

gold123 Mon 31-May-04 16:57:26

I don't know the Fradley Arms - but I'm sure I could find it. DH out at the moment and map is in the car, will look it up when he returns

mez75 Mon 31-May-04 19:37:27

We will come most days are ok with us

Ronniebaby Mon 31-May-04 22:50:10

Mez, wait to see if your Ds is ok, then we can maybe set a date up.

Nikcola - where do you live then???

Gold 123 its really easy to find, go thru Rugeley, A51, do you now Kings Bromley or Alrewas, or A38, its just by Fradley on the A38

Ronniebaby Mon 31-May-04 23:02:58

Directions to the Fradley Arms - Wacky

Travelling from the north take the M6 to junction 15. Follow the signs for the A500 and the A50 to Uttoxeter. Keep on the A50 until you pick up the A38 to Lichfield. The Premier Lodge is on the left hand side after the petrol station.

Travelling from the south, exit the M42 at junction 9 and take the A446 then the A38 to Lichfield. Leave the A38 signposted Fradley. Do not exit at Fradley Park.

The Premier Lodge is next to The Fradley Arms Millers Kitchen restaurant and pub.

nikcola Mon 31-May-04 23:08:33

i live in luton it too far away from tamworth

Ronniebaby Mon 28-Jun-04 18:25:27

Any other moms/mums about???

Fio2 Mon 28-Jun-04 18:28:04

I will be in the staffordshire vicinity shortly

MadameButterfly Mon 28-Jun-04 19:32:31

OOH, where and when Fio?

Ronniebaby Mon 28-Jun-04 20:13:27

Yeh Fio2 - when and where, MB and I could meet up with you, arent you coming to a meet in August??????

TraceyP Thu 19-Aug-04 17:58:38

I'm an older mum of a 3 year old, bored, depressed and lonely and living in Sutton (although I don't think the last four are necessarily related ). Anyone else out there I could talk to or meet up with?

mez75 Thu 19-Aug-04 18:46:43

Hi Tracey feel free to email me if you want a chat my email is we are in Great Barr

RUTH01 Mon 18-Oct-04 13:02:26

Hi - I'm from Rugeley am 29, a full time working mum and have a 4 year old DD.

Ronniebaby Mon 18-Oct-04 23:14:59


Cant seem to CAT you

I live in Tamworth, so not as million miles from Sutton, I pass thru sutton at least once a week to go to my moms,

If you fancy chatting or meeting up, let me know.

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