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Essex Mums are you out there?

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LittleHarrysMum Thu 11-Jan-07 17:19:13

I live in Benfleet and have a 5 month old DS.

Anyone near by????

Marc30 Mon 10-Jun-13 20:22:57

Hello, I am looking for a childminder in the burnham on crouch, essex area. Can anyone help please?

jazzybabe Thu 29-Mar-07 21:49:51


lak114 Thu 29-Mar-07 10:21:58


lak114 Thu 29-Mar-07 10:21:47


jazzybabe Wed 07-Mar-07 11:08:25

lol looks like it

lak114 Wed 07-Mar-07 10:40:21

have we all had a dose of guilty consciences (sp?)lol

jazzybabe Sun 04-Mar-07 21:46:08

I see weve all moved over to the dark side lol well howdy all, i think berty got the message lol how funny this is reminds me of being at school and doing something naughty lol

lak114 Sun 04-Mar-07 17:57:00

isnt it spelt rotten??? lol hark at us lot not knowing how to spell
LOL BERTY yh i wonder maybe his dp has been nagging him to stay off the computer lol

breie Sun 04-Mar-07 17:22:44

oops i thought that word looked mis-spelt i mean rottern (is that right still)??

breie Sun 04-Mar-07 17:06:05

that is sooooo funny you rotting lot!! lol

NessMelCads Sun 04-Mar-07 16:57:52

Hi there i was thinking same thing code name: Berty??
Anyway, Berty's friend was on the other one wasnt he i didnt know his name LOL oh dear seems he will be posting on there but Berty hasnt which is good. Got the message do you think?

lak114 Sun 04-Mar-07 10:28:53

lol i cant write n e thing horrible wot if ???? finds the site?!?!

jazzybabe Sun 04-Mar-07 07:47:03

im here waiting lol

lak114 Sat 03-Mar-07 14:32:33

nobody else here yet no -just me avoiding the housework lol.

jazzybabe Wed 28-Feb-07 15:26:57

its ok to be late just that we got to book table when we get there for the amount of girls coming otherwise we wont sit all together, should be good as a few cominng

NessMelCads Wed 28-Feb-07 13:42:58

Great i will see how Cadence is over the next couple of nights as she is being a pest, got her 7th tooth coming and shes only 8 mnths. Melody didnt get a tooth till 10 mnths. If she has some bad nights i shouldnt drink too much so i'll drive and i'll try to get there for 7.30 but if im a few mins late it won't matter. I may still get cab but i'll let you guys know b4 fri

jazzybabe Wed 28-Feb-07 08:29:54

well ill leave it that itl pick denise up at 7 ish then let us know if you want to cme in cab or drive on friday morning then denise will now wether to cme straight to mine or yours

NessMelCads Wed 28-Feb-07 08:16:19

Hi Lesley im really sorry but my e mail is playing up and is not sending any messages. B4 it started playing up i managed to e mail Laura so she has my address. Im wondering if maybe i should just drive now, its just my dd is up twice a night again started last night and normally means thats the way forward for every night now and if i drink too much shell be in a right state. Im really p*ed off about it, i wish id never bfeeded i formula fed dd1 so why didnt i just do that. She just wont take a bottle now. Also im the only one who can put her to bed and i really dont want to hold the cab up or make us late. If you have already booked it then Denise can just tell them the next stop is yours Central Ave. Really wanted a drink as well boo hoo

jazzybabe Tue 27-Feb-07 22:28:39

right im booking cab tommorow or today depends when youl read this i need your addresses so if you can e mail me them my e mail is the first pick up will be 7 at shoubury then thorpe bay then southend then westcliff we cant be that late off 7 30 as the others are getting there about that time and we need to get in and book table other wise well be there till midnight waiting for a table big enough to accomodate that.!

NessMelCads Tue 27-Feb-07 20:38:28

Hi Corina nice to here from you, hows things with 2? i am Vanessa and i have 2 dds 1 is 26mnths and other is 8 mnths so like you got my hands full. I live in southend

wurlywurly Tue 27-Feb-07 20:14:43

just wanted to say hello to all the other essex mums,

<<<<waves madly>>>>

I'm corrina and I live in dagenham. Have 2 ds one who is nearly 8 and the other who is nearly3.

NessMelCads Tue 27-Feb-07 20:12:12

Finally a decision Lesley is booking the cab, at least we are clear on that one.

NessMelCads Tue 27-Feb-07 19:13:09

Ok so just e mailed Laura and Denise and Gill, just need to know address for Lesley and have message back from Denise. Dh will get cab booked with his mate tomorrow, im hoping it will be cheaper. What time am i getting him to take us back home???? Also i will need to get cab to pick me up at 7 as i bfeed Cadence and dh cant exactly do that for me (wish he could though)

lak114 Tue 27-Feb-07 18:51:35

lol dnt worry we rnt weirdos i know lesley n iv met u too vanessa so thats ok just denise i havnet met lol!

My email address is

breie Tue 27-Feb-07 18:00:01


Mine is,

I have not told anybody about going out only d/h, as i think peeps would think im mad! or madder lol!

Just ate fish and chips good for my diet!
I sneaked a packet of crisps out the cupboard last night or so i thought, my daughter flew down the stairs i chucked them and she body searched me good this diet lark, i got cross in the end, she said go on then get fat!

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