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When meeting up take sensible precautions. Meet in a public place and let others know where you are going. You can also meet mums on your local site here.

Essex Mums are you out there?

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LittleHarrysMum Thu 11-Jan-07 17:19:13

I live in Benfleet and have a 5 month old DS.

Anyone near by????

hertsnessex Sun 14-Jan-07 14:47:23

nice to see you on here littlecallumsmum!

as my sister in law i forbid you to ever look under the mother-in-law posts!!!! only messing!!

littlecallumsmum Sun 14-Jan-07 19:50:04

Hi little harry mum!

I have not really attended any groups really just meet up with a few ante-natal friends once a week for a bit of lunch and a catch up but if ever you fancy it you are more than welcome to join us ??

Where abouts are you in benfleet ?? Starting to get to know benfleet a bit better....since joining benfleet running club so i may even know where you are !!!..... I am not far from the rayleigh weir.


littlecallumsmum Sun 14-Jan-07 19:53:01

hey hertsnessex !!

Is there really a place for posting stuff about you mother in law....... i am going to be on there all the time !! HA HA


hertsnessex Mon 15-Jan-07 19:45:40

hiya littlecallumsmum,

theres a 'relationships' board where some times - some people - can post and have a moan!!


claireh11 Wed 17-Jan-07 21:18:24

Hi littleharrysmuma and alfiesmum (again) I live in Thundersley with my 4yr old son and my friend is a nanny lives in Daws Heath Rd, Hadleigh she has a 5 yr old dd, 4 month old dd and is soon to be nanny to another 4 month old girl and a 2yr old boy.

Looking for mroe things to do, did you fancy meeting up somewhere or do you go to any groups?

marimum Tue 23-Jan-07 15:58:23

taylormama, sorry for delayed response. If you fancy a glass of vino or a cup of tea in the high street sometime then let me know!

lulumama Tue 23-Jan-07 16:02:18

marimum-- taylormama is my sister..glad she found you !x

jazzybabe Wed 24-Jan-07 14:45:04

hellooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo im lesley i live in town and have 2 girls who are 8 months and 20 months am fed up with being stuck in doors for ages while it rains and blows and possibly snows looking out the window at mo think i have nmet alfies mum once in the past at the shore house !!!i wasnt there long as my one kicked off big time and never got to drink my large glass of wine

wurlywurly Wed 24-Jan-07 14:49:52

just wanted to say hi, i'm an essex mum bit far out tho, we are in dagenham.

KezzaG Wed 24-Jan-07 14:52:11

what about meeee, ME ME ME <<jumping up and down and waving arms>>

If you organise an Epping/Loughton meet up without me I will gatecrash

jazzybabe what town are you in?

yummymummylu Wed 24-Jan-07 15:11:16

Hi, Just thought I'd add on!!!
I live in Romford and have a 5month old DS.
Am going back to work soon but would love to meet some 'mummy' friends as all my friends are still party animals!
Would be good to hear from others


wurlywurly Wed 24-Jan-07 15:52:53

yummymummylu you are probably a bus ride from me

Bubbaloo Wed 24-Jan-07 17:04:11

And I'm near both of you,in Chadwell Heath.

wurlywurly Wed 24-Jan-07 18:23:06

we will have to meet up for a cuppa

Bubbaloo Wed 24-Jan-07 22:18:24

How old are your Lo's Wurlywurly? I've got a 19 month old ds and another due in about 12 weeks time.Whereabouts in Dagenham are you?

marimum Thu 25-Jan-07 08:53:05

taylormama and lulumama - when can you meet? I am at home Mondays and Tuesdays

funkimummy Thu 25-Jan-07 09:04:08

OK - this'll make you laugh. I'm an Essex mum. Nowhere near any of you lot though. Burnham on Crouch (back of beyond sailing village/town.) Where all the locals are yocals (me included!!)

Any takers to anywhere REMOTELY near where I live?

jazzybabe Thu 25-Jan-07 09:22:20

im from southend on sea so although im from essex no where near you lot lol

wurlywurly Thu 25-Jan-07 09:29:13

i have a 7yo and a 2yo. am right by morrisons on woodlane.

Bubbaloo Thu 25-Jan-07 10:15:56

You're not that far at all then-We're just behind the Moby Dick.

Funkimummy-Is Burnham on Crouch really in Essex?.We went on holiday there a few years back and loved it.

funkimummy Thu 25-Jan-07 10:37:50

Bubbaloo. Yes it is most definitely in Essex!!

Did you stay on one of the caravan parks? I love Burnham. It's so quiet round here, the local newspaper called for witnesses to a dreadful 'attack' on some innocent passers by in town. Turns out a few kids swore at these two blokes a bit and called one of them gay. Phew, what a crime wave!

If you live behind the Moby Dick, are you in Southend, or have I got my geography all wrong!!

wurlywurly Thu 25-Jan-07 10:38:49

think your are getting confused funki

funkimummy Thu 25-Jan-07 10:42:47

?? I was replying to Bubbaloo's comments about Burnham ??

How's that getting confused?

funkimummy Thu 25-Jan-07 10:50:10

Ah <<penny drops>> Wurly, I gotcha. Forgive me, the first cup of coffee has barely kicked in this morning!!! Either that or it's the sea air and snow getting to me!

Bubbaloo Thu 25-Jan-07 12:51:52

Yes,we stayed at Haven in Burnham and really enjoyed it.
No,I'm in Chadwell Heath although strangely enough we may be moving to Southend at some point next year.The Moby Dick I was referring to is the one on the Eastern Ave,but there are a few around,so Southend could have one too.

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