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Essex Mums are you out there?

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LittleHarrysMum Thu 11-Jan-07 17:19:13

I live in Benfleet and have a 5 month old DS.

Anyone near by????

LittleHarrysMum Thu 11-Jan-07 17:33:57


LittleHarrysMum Thu 11-Jan-07 20:07:20


lulumama Thu 11-Jan-07 20:14:26

hi, i know there are some loughton mums, my sister is one of them, don;t know if that is near you...but there are essex mums about ! hang on in there..they'll find you !

hertsnessex Thu 11-Jan-07 20:19:33

Hi Little Harrys Mum!

I live in sheering which is in between harlow and bishops stortford, although its herts, im a whole 5feet from essex!!! Benfleet is a bit of a way from me but ill get my sister in Law to log on as she lives in rayleigh and has a 11mths old!


LittleHarrysMum Thu 11-Jan-07 20:37:22

Thanks guys

LittleHarrysMum Fri 12-Jan-07 09:53:46


hertsnessex Fri 12-Jan-07 11:17:25

come on you essex mums.......!!!

LittleHarrysMum Fri 12-Jan-07 11:49:18

Yeah come on guys, of all the mums with buggies I see around at least one of you has to be a MNer

lulumama Fri 12-Jan-07 14:09:39

is benfleet near loughton? i am oop norf !

KezzaG Fri 12-Jan-07 14:18:27

Benfleet is about 40 miles from Loughton. I am near Loughton so a bit far from me too. Im sure there must be others closer thouigh.

lulumama Fri 12-Jan-07 16:16:22

my sister is in loughton..when we next visit. we;ll have to get together kezza!

marimum Fri 12-Jan-07 16:52:18

I am in Epping and would like to meet new mums!

KezzaG Fri 12-Jan-07 17:40:53

I would love to know what you look like Lulu, deffo let me know when you are around. Loughton is v posh, we looked there but house prices were too high. And everyone seemed to be blonde, tanned and drive a porsche LOL.

Marimum, maybe we already know each other. Do you go to any toddler groups or anything?

lulumama Fri 12-Jan-07 17:41:59

there is a pic of me and babylulu on my msn !!! my sis nothing like that..although they have a BMW!!!! xx

littlecallumsmum Fri 12-Jan-07 19:22:19

Hi Harry's Mum

I am in my sister in law said i have a 11 month old....well 12 months next saturday !!

LittleHarrysMum Fri 12-Jan-07 21:18:14

Hi callums mum!

See we were both as inventive as each other when choosing our names

Have you been to any meet-ups around here or a member of any good baby groups? I am rubbish and have no other mum friends!

So if you fancy of coffee (or a sneaky glass of wine) ???


LittleHarrysMum Fri 12-Jan-07 21:21:28

Hey Kezza I am blonde tanned and drive a porsche, well when I could afford highlights, holidays and the car repayments

LittleHarrysMum Fri 12-Jan-07 21:34:22


alfiesmum Sat 13-Jan-07 08:48:07

Hi Harrys mum, Im in Benfleet/Hadleigh where abouts in Benfleet are you? I've got two boys aged 3 1/2 and 14 months.

KezzaG Sat 13-Jan-07 09:07:51

Your right LHM, none of these Loughton lovlies had kids in tow, so had the time and money to put in such effort.

There is another mum on here close to Epping Marimum, maybe we should organise a meet up of our own.

LittleHarrysMum Sat 13-Jan-07 10:30:32

alfiesmum - I'm just past Kents Hill off London Road whereabouts are you?

Kezza it all goes to pot when you pop out a baby! Well that's my excuse anyway

Bubbaloo Sat 13-Jan-07 18:58:57

Hi There,

I'm not that near to any of you,but also not that far away either.We're in Chadwell Heath,not far from Romford and have a 19 month old Ds and another due in April.

taylormama Sun 14-Jan-07 13:33:51

i am a Loughton mummy (sadly lacking in blonde highlights tho' <<snort>>) ... would love to meet up at some point ... Marimum - i am v near Epping ... anyway wherever we meet up wine is more my tipple LOL!!!!

alfiesmum Sun 14-Jan-07 14:02:06

Im just off Benfleet road near the magnets roundabout x

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