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When meeting up take sensible precautions. Meet in a public place and let others know where you are going. You can also meet mums on your local site here.


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Merlin Mon 08-Jan-07 13:26:07

What about Thursday 22 Feb at The Rising Sun (Thai food) in Poole?

That is my final offer!!!!!!!!!!!!

whoopsfallenoveragain Mon 08-Jan-07 13:30:21

Sounds good to me

Surfermum Mon 08-Jan-07 13:38:04

And to me.

That was where we went for my first meet up. They had the biggest wine glasses I have ever seen . The food was good too.

Dh said "ring if you need me to come and get you". So I did at midnight. Next day he said "you silly tart, I meant I'd come and get you if they were all weird". You were, but the size of the wine glasses was more of a factor in my decision to stay .

theslownorris Mon 08-Jan-07 13:42:16

Count me in. That gives me loads of time to get things sorted. (Catj btw-got fed up with my boring name )

Merlin Mon 08-Jan-07 13:44:00

Surfer don't let on that we're weird - you'll scare Crystaltips and Mummypenguin!!!

Are their glasses really that big? I don't seem to remember ...........

Crystaltips123 Mon 08-Jan-07 13:50:03

I would really like to come. I don't have a baby sitter. My fols come down on weekends but I will ask if they could come on a thursday.

If not it will have to be the next one for me unless you know of any trustworthy sitters.x

MummyPenguin Mon 08-Jan-07 19:16:59

22nd is my DD's birthday. They're off school then too, half term, isn't it? So I probably won't be able to do that day as she'll no doubt have some sleepover or cinema (preferably both) thing going on, and I'll need to be around. She's going to be 11, and you know what they're like at that age...

jodee Mon 08-Jan-07 19:31:16

22nd good for me too. Had a great time the last time we went to the Rising Sun, so I guess the wine glasses were pretty big then!

Flamesparrow Mon 08-Jan-07 19:34:39

I think I can do that.

Crystaltips123 Tue 09-Jan-07 17:28:24

Hey i can come. My friend I met down here has said that she will babysit so whoops if that lift is still on offer I would be more than greatful. If I am getting a night away from the two princes i need to make the most of it!.

Looking forward to meeting you lot. Even if you are weird!

Surfermum Tue 09-Jan-07 17:29:57

I'm not weird, I'm the only normal one amongst them.

Look forward to meeting you!

MummyPenguin Tue 09-Jan-07 17:37:47

Crystaltips, that's weird, I call my two boys the two princes too! How old are yours? Mine are 7 and 8.

Merlin Tue 09-Jan-07 17:51:17

Surfer - come on - you are soooooooo not normal

jodee Tue 09-Jan-07 18:05:28

Definitely a bunch of weirdos - we've been to Bumbles, remember!

Crystaltips123 Tue 09-Jan-07 18:50:16

Even I have heard about bumbles I was toild it was full of troggs and lesbians!!! keep out of there girls!.

My boys are 5 and 7. I am looking forward to it. I feel a bit strange as you all know each other and then there is me!.

Is it half term that week?.

Sparkler1 Tue 09-Jan-07 18:53:04

sniff sniff sniff sniff - wine? somebody mention wine?

Surfermum Tue 09-Jan-07 18:55:26

Trust you Sparkler!

Don't worry Crystaltips, they all knew each other and I was the newbie on my first time and they were all lovely ..... well, in a weird way .

Crystaltips123 Tue 09-Jan-07 19:06:43

How often do you all meet up then?

Oh I love a glass or bottle of red!

Sparkler1 Tue 09-Jan-07 19:13:08

Big glasses??? No, No, No, No. Bottles with straws is what you need.
Anyhow, I don't drink.

Sparkler1 Tue 09-Jan-07 19:13:27


DelGirl Tue 09-Jan-07 19:14:29

we shouldn't remember how big the wine glasses were Merlin as we were both pregnant, remember? . That was when everyone was convinced they saw dd's 'bits' on the scan and declared I was having a boy!

22nd sounds ok to me [blink]

Surfer, can you babysit

DelGirl Tue 09-Jan-07 19:15:12

blink??? ,losing it

Crystaltips123 Tue 09-Jan-07 19:26:44

Never miond love I lost it a long time ago.

DelGirl Tue 09-Jan-07 19:28:01

we'll get along then . That should be we'll all get along then!

DelGirl Tue 09-Jan-07 19:30:06

Just thought, Bunnys dc3 will have arrived by then probably. I was just going to suggest we dress her up as a bride to be and pretend we're on a hen night to get free bubbly. Bunny that is, not dc3

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