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Newly moved to Welwyn Garden City, and expecting third in April

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Mumcab Thu 04-Jan-07 18:11:31

Is there anyone in or near to Welwyn Garden City. I moved here recently with my family, dh, dd, ds and sd. We moved from London for a quieter pace for the children and it has been more difficult adjusting than I thought.

incywincy Fri 05-Jan-07 15:34:27

I'm not in welwyn garden any more, I did the opposite journey to you. Welwyn is lovely for families but the change from London must be hard. Have you been for a walk in Sherrards park woods or stanborough lakes yet?

Mumcab Fri 05-Jan-07 19:04:28

I've ben through Stanborough but niot Sherrardswood, Stanborough is lovely.

incywincy Sat 06-Jan-07 21:18:12


Sherrards wood is lovely. I used to go on a Saturday, park in the library car park where the entrance to the woods is and send dh and kids for long woodland walk whilst I went across the road to John Lewis in peace Hope you find your feet soon, settling in somewhere new is hard. Nct is very friendly - they have good secondhand sales. Also lots of good baby groups and classes - Dinky Dancers is especially good. The community midwives were also lovely.

Katelyn Mon 01-Oct-07 09:40:02

Also moved to WGC from London - due to my partners work and I'm doing ok. Pregnant, nice big house....lovely walks and nice quiet pubs.

I'd 'done' everything in London so I was more than ready for the move.

What is your difficulty? finding things to do in the day?

What did you do in London ?


cristaltips Tue 30-Oct-07 18:55:00

fancy meeting up wgc area soon? i am in cole green - village just outside. dd 18 months but didn't go to any nct classes so don't really have a network of fellow mummies. any takers? (she said, trying not to sound desperate!)

LadyVictoriaOfCake Tue 30-Oct-07 19:09:40

i'm in wgc. near the town/idustrail area.

midnightexpressmwahaha Tue 30-Oct-07 21:03:28

I'm in Glasgow(!) but down that way quite often as I grew up nearby and have both grannies in the area. How old are your LOs? I have ds1 2 next week and ds2 9 months. We took them to Willow Farm near St Albans last time I was down and they had a GREAT time - highly recommend it if it's a nice day and you're at a loose end (not sure what their winter opening hours are).

Afraid I don't know much about M&T groups and that sort of thing down there.

justbeme Sat 03-Nov-07 19:50:23

Hi im in Old hatfield - have a 16week old girl - would be up for a meet up. smile

PersonalClown Sat 03-Nov-07 19:57:33

I'm a WGC girl too. Up by the Gannetts area.
Didn't realise there were so many Mners around here!

BatteriesNotIncluded Sat 03-Nov-07 20:15:09

Hi, in not too far from WGC. On maternity leave unitl the end of Jan and really recommend Willow Farm, its a great day out. I havent been to the Hertfordshire meet up that I knew about cos it was just the wrong side of Herts for me - just too far. WGC is really family orientated and have a nice atmosphere.

fortyplus Sat 03-Nov-07 20:18:23

Whipsnade Zoo makes a great day out - not too far from WGC!

dannysmom Sun 16-Mar-08 17:16:37

I'm new to WGC too - grew up in Welwyn but lived in London for almost 20 years before moving back last month. Have son who is almost 3, live on west side of town and would love to meet up with other mums of toddlers!

lilypoppet Sat 09-Jan-16 20:23:24

hello we are moving to Welwyn garden city in summer 2016. I am hoping for monks walk sixth form for my 15 year old and am looking for a primary school for my nearly ten year old - I'd like her to go to a primary near to the secondary she ends up in so she can make friends and keep them after all the primary school moves she has had. please could any one give me any advice on the best areas to pick and reassure me that Welwyn is a lovely family-friendly area. thanks all for your help, Lily x

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