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When meeting up take sensible precautions. Meet in a public place and let others know where you are going. You can also meet mums on your local site here.

Are you in Bedfordshire or surrounding areas? a bit bored?

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ChopinRocks Tue 02-Jan-07 22:29:40

Hi, am in dunstable area have one dd 8 (year 4)and I work part time. Am looking to extend my circle of friends. I am happily married, 37, chubby and have been a non smoker for nearly 8 months! .

I love music, play the piano,love silly films, love dogs and adore happy people.

If you have children a similar age or similar interests to me then
Get In Touch! NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

granarybeck Tue 02-Jan-07 22:35:31

Hi ChopinRocks. I'm not in Bedfordshire but moved to Herts (close to Beds border) in September. I have a dd 8 in year 4 too (well, 8 going on 14!) and a ds 9 in year 5.

ChopinRocks Tue 02-Jan-07 22:38:45

Hi granarybeck, which part of herts? I used to live in Hemel!

yossa Tue 02-Jan-07 22:46:02

hi, im in dunstable too although my boys are a bit younger 4.7 and 2.6. always up for meeting new friends though!

ChopinRocks Tue 02-Jan-07 22:47:29

hi yossa - i am in the town centre - where abouts are you and which school does oldest son go to?

granarybeck Tue 02-Jan-07 22:53:16

We've moved to Harpenden, we're renting a house on edge of town at the moment while we look for a house to buy (well, one that we can afford!!). Be great to make some new friends in the area though. I think there are quite a few mumsnetters in beds/herts.

yossa Wed 03-Jan-07 09:10:25

am fairly close to town too - just through the park from Asda and behind the massive new arts centre which you cant miss! ds1 goes to aston st peters, only been there a month but its a brand new school with really lovely teachers and he seems happy and to be learning loads so i cant ask for much more at this stage. What about your dd?

ChopinRocks Thu 04-Jan-07 13:53:10

Hi granarybeck, how old are your children? Harpenden isnt far from me at all, in fact, i send all my piano students to the Harpenden Musicale for their exams!

feetheart Thu 15-Feb-07 12:45:53

Been searching for Bedfordshire people and came across this!
Anyone up for a Bedfordshire Mile for Maude?

MuffinMclay Sat 17-Feb-07 18:56:47

I'd be up for that. I'm just over the border in Herts. One ds, 9.5 months.

detoxdiva Sat 17-Feb-07 19:01:04

Hi everyone - I'm moving to Bedfordshire shortly, so would love to arrange a meet up in the future.

granarybeck Sat 17-Feb-07 19:07:56

Hi just seen this thread again. Sorry chopinrocks, if you're still around, my children are 8 and 10 (yesterday!). My dd is in year 4 too.

I'd be up for a meet up, and a mile for maude. I think there are quite a few people around beds/herts border.

theflumpsmum Thu 22-Feb-07 12:24:23

Hi all,Im on the Luton/Dunstable border,Ive 2 Dc,DD( almost 7) Ds (3).Would love to meet up with mums in the area,also we're doing the mile for maude walk.

DaveOHara Thu 22-Feb-07 12:28:18

beds bucks border here...

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