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MrsBigD Mon 01-Jan-07 16:56:14

A new thread for the new year

MrsBigD Mon 01-Jan-07 16:59:12

Not sure what I'm doing this week. Hoping ds's nursery is open tomorrow . Wednesday I have both lo's and Thursday it's just me me me!

Paddlechick666 Mon 01-Jan-07 22:31:23

i'm about tomorrow and weds arvo.

foxie, more than welcome to come over here for a cup of tea and a mince pie? no cake am afraid but have chocolate!

can accomodate at least 2 adults and prob 4 non-crawlers max! but all toys are obviously 0 - 12 months!

i am currently recording Torchwood and have Dr Who on the box also..........

YAY my cleaner comes tomorrow - had to wash my own blimmin kitchen floor yesterday !!!!

harktheheraldfoxessing Tue 02-Jan-07 08:00:12

Paddle - washed your kitchen floor - what's that mean then? You'll have to give me a demonstration one day .

I'm around today too - need to pop to Richmond this morning when monsters awake but could meet a bit later. What's best for you?

MrsD - R U up for a meet up this week then?

Paddlechick666 Tue 02-Jan-07 09:49:18

actually if you'd like to come over here that'd be cool......

there's a good kids playground about 5 mins walk away and it's a lovely day.

mrsb are you about?

MrsBigD Tue 02-Jan-07 09:56:10

I'm about have to go to jobcentre plus though for 12:10 to sign on. Quite a hazzle with 2 kids in tow, but missed last appointment so better drag us there. Not that I'll be getting much but as I've paid in for close to 15 years I want some money back LOL

PC, I'm up for tomorrow arvo. Want me to come round?

harktheheraldfoxessing Tue 02-Jan-07 10:22:50

Paddle - how about after lunch - 2pm ish?

Paddlechick666 Tue 02-Jan-07 10:43:07

Foxie, 3ish would be a bit better i think if you don't mind?

you know where we are right?

mrsb, yeh tomorrow should be okay. d'you fancy kew? we've got passes if you need - or the park and then tea and cake back here?

dd still sleeping despite cleaner bashing around - can't believe I tip-toe around her and the slightest creak i make wakes her up!

mincepiepud Tue 02-Jan-07 11:21:32

Hi all, happy new year! Finally back on t'internet after being up north! Hope you all had a good time over christmas!

I'd love to meet up this week - are there any plans on for today or tomorrow?

Paddlechick666 Tue 02-Jan-07 12:19:49

hi pud

welcome back. foxie's coming over here around 3ish and you're welcome to join us.

am also hooking up with MrsB tomorrow arvo here or somewhere!

happy new year and welcome back!

mincepiepud Tue 02-Jan-07 12:28:11

Hi paddle, would you mind if I joined you this arvo? Would like to catch up - can you text me your address?

harktheheraldfoxessing Tue 02-Jan-07 13:51:55

Paddle/Puds - see you at 3pm then at Paddles

What time R U lot meeting tomorrow arvo do you think?

MrsBigD Tue 02-Jan-07 14:14:04

I'm easy, my day is wide open.

Have also got Kew pass somewhere so if weather is nice we could go there. However, I think c&c will be mayhem.

Paddle what time do you want to meet?

Nanou1 Tue 02-Jan-07 14:14:38

doh! had posted on wrong thread......

Happy New Year everyone!!!!!! foxie; great day on 29th Dec and thanks for hosting. sorry about my monster... but she had such a ball! she adored your dd and they are certainly "partners in crime" esp when it comes to eating chocolate... that afternoon made me realise how dd loves having people around so i am going to make a point of inviting little friends for a few hours on sat afternoons. dd loved to take the train too and walked all the way home - i was very impressed. thanks for lift mrsbigd. and foxie; a lot of credit should go to oxo who was just so good at drying up . anyway, cant say i am busy at work but can't stay either . mrs and paddle came around on sat and that was fun. then i lost my mobile and was without it for 2 days.... and found it in the big bag of clothes i thought paddle might be interested in after going through absolutely everything in the flat of course. btw thank you so much mrsbigd for the clothes - cant remember saying thank you...
first day for ddwithnonappy at creche today and would you believe that dh forgot the spare knickers and trousers... they are going to love us!!!

Nanou1 Tue 02-Jan-07 14:15:17

mrs.... back from job centre?

xoxo Tue 02-Jan-07 14:58:48

oooppps, have now found this thread.

just back from kew retail nightmare, but got loads of 'work' clothes to kit me out for new job: 5 complete outfits for less than £150!! bargain now feel like working woman again

would love to meet up but LOs are happy inside today and ds is getting over a bad cough so I'm happy to let them sit in front of goggle box and tap tap away on MN

my cleaner hasn't been here for two weeks, so really must scrape some clothes off the floor to try to recollect colour of carpet.....


harktheheraldfoxessing Tue 02-Jan-07 19:18:48

Nanou - was sad as I didn't receive your message until Sunday, so missed meeting you and DD.

We're always around on Saturdays if you want to meet up with the girls though

Paddle/Puds - it was lovely to see you today. Thanks for the hospitality Paddle - you make a great cuppa! . DS was going on about getting a Sony computer like yours all the way home .

MrsD/Paddle, I may be able to meet you in Kew tomorrow... have a lunch date then GP appointment at 4pm, so we have a gap in between. Depends on my energy levels...

When I mentioned to DS that there is a chance we may see your DD tomorrow Paddle, he shouted "Wehayyy!"

Paddlechick666 Tue 02-Jan-07 19:36:00

evening all

nanou, thanks for the clothes! the bag is huge and full of gorgeous stuff. unfortunately the sleeping bag is too small . but i bought 3 for £12 on MN today so all good.

was lovely to see you on saturday too - sorry you lost the phone. did you not ring it to find out it's whereabouts? i do this all the time!

pud and foxie, you can so come again! i really enjoyed the visit and dd was aleep in bed by 7:15pm - a complete record! let's hope she goes thru till 6am again huh. altho she only had one boob and normally has both so she may be a bit peckish in the wee hours.

foxie, your 2 are such good value. so cute to see your ds and my dd watching the movie together.

pud, as ever your wee man is so easy to have around and full of smiles.

what with dd having good naps and our visit to the park (in lieu of Kew Retail - sounds like a good exchange oxo!) i've had a lovely day.

my "relief" cleaner coming this morning has made for a lovely house too.

only downside is dh hasn't responded so i doubt he'll be here tonight. altho actually i'm quite happy to make my supper and chill with a glass of wine.

kew tomorrow arvo would be great i think.....

MrsBigD Tue 02-Jan-07 20:18:25

I'm up for Kew let me know when

mincepiepud Tue 02-Jan-07 20:28:59

thanks for having us around paddle, ds seemed to enjoy himself and was fast asleep pretty much as soon as we'd put him to bed! Sorry about him trying to push your dd off your knee!

I may be able to meet up tomorrow, have a few things to do but let me know what time you're thinking of and I'll try to come along.

Paddlechick666 Tue 02-Jan-07 21:17:59

ah well, i spoke to soon. she was awake by 7~:45 and i've been up n down the stairs like a nutter since.

she seems to have a tummy ache - am petrified it will morph into vomiting.

can i give calpol for a tummy ache?

still waiting to cook my supper ;-(

just spent 10 mins rocking her in the bathroom and she's gone down again now. not sure for how long.........

MrsBigD Tue 02-Jan-07 21:36:57

calpol for stomach ache should be alright well it depends whether it's abdomen or stomach iykwim. I did give calpol to dd when she had the vomiting bug as she had a sore throat. Didn't make it worse Hope your dd gets better soon.

We had bad night with ds last night but I think that was down to the pound of grapes he demolished with his dinner!

harktheheraldfoxessing Tue 02-Jan-07 21:39:34

Paddle - Calpol may take away the pain. I give it for pain as well as fevers - mind you my two love it so feel better as soon as I say the word "Calpol"!

Paddlechick666 Tue 02-Jan-07 21:55:28

lol @ foxie! i seriously considered medised for it's sleep properties!

mrsb, grapes'll do that to ya.

well, she went back down around 9:10 and so far so good.

she was "popping off" quite a bit - even thought a nappy change might be required but no.

i've had a bit of tummy ache myself this pm/eve so think she may have too.

finger's x'd she's past it and will have a good sleep tonight.....

ps: Pud, all's i can say is your ds has good taste LOL

thanks all ;-)

MrsBigD Wed 03-Jan-07 07:03:52

Morning all

PC how is dd and yourself?

DS started nasty hacking cough last night and now dd has followed suit, so not going to take them out much today.

Probably should keep them away from everybody's lo's though I think it might just be a chill (they wouldn't keep their jackets on whilst at the playground yesterday).

Anybody who already has a sniffling/coughing lo is welcome to visit us though

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