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When meeting up take sensible precautions. Meet in a public place and let others know where you are going. You can also meet mums on your local site here.

There must be some Bristol mums here...

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maewest Fri 29-Dec-06 14:03:32

Or from surrounding area?

I am currently on maternity leave with my 5 month old DS and would like to meet up with other local mums.

bobalinga Mon 12-Feb-07 08:24:43

Castaways is off two-mile hill in Kingswood, sort of in the Bristol direction from Kingswood shops (hideous one-way system so directions might be tricky. I usually cycle or bus)
Where are you coming from PrincessCarrie?

bobalinga Mon 12-Feb-07 08:42:28

Looking forward to seeing the car-sized buggy! I am amazed at how huge they are nowadays. Back in the olden days when my 3 teens were babies they were flimsy small things. Now a lot of them dwarf Celyn's wheelchair. They look so heavy!
If anyone wants to see some pics of Celyn, they are on

Thirtyplusafew Mon 12-Feb-07 16:57:32

Hi Bobalinga. I tried the website to c photos of Celyn but couldn't get it to work?? I know a bit about CP as I worked as a carer to a young girl and her family for a few years when I lived in London. I know they had a tough time as she was growing up as it is hard enough bringing up a young child anyway but you have a lot more hurdles to get over than we do, especially all the endless hospital visits!!
Unfortunately I can't make the 2nd March as I am covering for someone at work for the next 3 Mon/Fri's (which I forgot about until I looked on my calender today!!). I would love to meet up with you all next time you meet though.

maewest Mon 12-Feb-07 17:01:17

I can see them - she's lovely bobalinga

TheArmadillo Mon 12-Feb-07 18:39:42

time and date sounds good to me.

MEet inside/outside?

I'm the one who randomly throws her stuff down on the floor and legs it after a 2yo in a brown duffle coat

IntergalacticWalrus Mon 12-Feb-07 18:39:59

Bobalinga, Celyn is gorgeous!

IntergalacticWalrus Mon 12-Feb-07 18:41:35

We could meet in the bit with the mats between the soft play thing and the cafe.

Shall I make a "Is that you UCM?" sign so everyone knows where to come? I can pin it to my beast of a double pushchair

TheArmadillo Mon 12-Feb-07 18:41:55

oooh just looked at the photos - I very pretty little girl

TheArmadillo Mon 12-Feb-07 18:42:46

sounds like a good idea.

IntergalacticWalrus Mon 12-Feb-07 19:01:46

Right, the "is that you UCM?" sign is made. (if I don't do it now, I'll forget, but I'll need reminding to print it before the day)

clairemow Mon 12-Feb-07 19:10:24

Wow, how organised. We'll be there. I'll be the one with a mad 2 yr old boy and baby, like IGW. Oh, and I'll look like I'm going on holiday I'll have so many bags...

IntergalacticWalrus Mon 12-Feb-07 19:13:01

Oh god, Claire, the bags!!!

Actually, I just sling everything in a handbag now, and if I forget something it either gets bought while we are out or we have to wait til we get home.

Dippy cow tht I am, I usually forget to [pack nappies.

Thankfully, I haven't yet forgotten the children.

How old are your 2 claire?

bobalinga Mon 12-Feb-07 20:55:05

Well, I'll be hard to miss unless there's a sudden wheelchair convention!
Bags, something wheelchairs are very useful for although, given they've been designed by a man, their tipping point is quicker than a normal buggy. Still, she's well strapped ina nd wont be catapaulted out ;-)
I'm just wondering what other mums will think at 'Hey Armadillo, its Intergalacticwalrus' 'Isn't that Bobalinga?' etc etc

TheArmadillo Mon 12-Feb-07 21:06:24

hehe I know what you mean about the names

TheArmadillo Mon 12-Feb-07 21:12:21

I can imagine telling my (not parent) friends what I'm doing.

Well I'm meeting IGW she'll "be the chubby one with shoulder legnth hair and double buggy with blonde curly boy and baby."

and Flossam she'll "be the harrassed looking one with a rather mischevious 2 yr old"

and Clairemow who'll "be the one with a mad 2 yr old boy and baby", looking "look like I'm going on holiday I'll have so many bags"

and Bobalinga who'll "be hard to miss unless there's a sudden wheelchair convention"

under a sign saying "UCM is that you"

NO wonder they wonder about this forum malarkey

FirstAtForty Mon 12-Feb-07 22:19:18

ooh sounds great can I come too? Should be free as it's a Friday. I'll be the one with bags under my eyes (unless DD's sleeping habits radically change between now and then)!

TheArmadillo Mon 12-Feb-07 22:28:42

feel free to pile in I say

yeahinaminute Tue 13-Feb-07 11:37:30

Oh pooh,fart and arse wipes - I would love to come but afraid I'll be stuck at work paying the staff that day - You'd think they'd do it for love wouldn't you !!.... Now I have met IGW and I can assure you that whilst she is not an "axe weilder" per se - she packs a pretty nifty right hook !!!

maewest Tue 13-Feb-07 13:42:43

Of course now I'll be eyeing up women with buggies on the streets of Bristol wondering if they're MNers .

bobalinga Tue 13-Feb-07 14:38:40

Maybe MN'ers should have a secret handshake/ Or, given that we all have small children....a MN shriek aimed at toddlers.
I rarely take C into town but can occasionally be found in Broadmead in the company of a surley teenager. In fact, this weekend, have to take DS1 to buy shoes. His feet keep growing! Last bought some about 4 weeks ago and now he needs more!
And given he has ASD and is very fussy about seams and bits that rub etc, it could be a long job.
Thats one thing about C, don't hafta buy her shoes. I know many mums with non-walking disabled kids do but i just figured.....why bother?
Mean mummy

needsanity Thu 15-Feb-07 10:18:15

Hi, new to MN but live in St George - can I join in with you guys. Want to make some friends with kids - all my mates are childless.

maewest Thu 15-Feb-07 11:52:50

Hi needsanity - I'm in St George too. Are you a first time mum?

needsanity Thu 15-Feb-07 15:06:31

Hi maewest . I have 3 kids - 6 months, 3 (4 next month) and 6 (going on 16).

Steppy1 Thu 15-Feb-07 15:09:04

not in Bristol but will be taking DS and DD to Bristol Zoo next week as part of their half term break...I'm near Glastonbury

bobalinga Sun 18-Feb-07 09:51:18

Is the zoo still the sort of price that requires a bank loan?
I last went several years back and was charged some huge figure. Thought you should at least take home an animal for that price!
Might try them again one day as they say carers of disabled people get in free. DD is disabled and under 5 so she's free.....and i'm the maybe its a free thing?

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