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When meeting up take sensible precautions. Meet in a public place and let others know where you are going. You can also meet mums on your local site here.

There must be some Bristol mums here...

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maewest Fri 29-Dec-06 14:03:32

Or from surrounding area?

I am currently on maternity leave with my 5 month old DS and would like to meet up with other local mums.

PeachysaysBlwyddynNewyddDda Fri 29-Dec-06 18:46:23

There are some on here so keep bumping (i'm from justa cross the bridge, DH works in Bristol)

TinselgalacticWalrusOfLURVE Fri 29-Dec-06 18:47:09

I'm on the Bristol side of Bath, if that helps?

santasbaby Fri 29-Dec-06 18:50:53

Yes - just between Bath and Bristol. Hello

TinselgalacticWalrusOfLURVE Fri 29-Dec-06 18:51:41

Whereabouts? I live in Weston.

booge Fri 29-Dec-06 19:04:06

Clevedon here, but work in Bristol. On mat leave with DD nearly 3 months. Also have DS 18 months.

maewest Fri 29-Dec-06 21:56:15

Hi all - just off to bed, but wanted to acknowledge your posts . I live in East Bristol (the Bath side of Bristol if you will).

TheArmadillo Fri 29-Dec-06 22:12:55

I'm from Central/South Bristol.

There are a few others about as well.

Might be interested in meeting up as long as you promise you aren't an axe wielding maniac

Have 2yo ds.

maewest Sat 30-Dec-06 08:40:20

No - just the normal sleep-deprived psychosis, I don't even own an axe

TheArmadillo Sun 31-Dec-06 17:16:55

if you wanna get in touch - my email is

klmb_ilc at yahoo dot co dot uk

(remove spaces etc)

maewest Mon 01-Jan-07 20:04:06

ok - have emailed you

maewest Mon 01-Jan-07 20:04:41

Anybody else want to join in?

FestiveAtForty Tue 02-Jan-07 18:34:48

Hi - I'm on the Bristol side of Bath as well and have a 5 month old DD. Back to work this month but only p/t so am free some days, would be nice to meet some other mums. BTW I have met up with Maewest once before through MN and can happily report that she is a very nice axe-free lady!

TheArmadillo Tue 02-Jan-07 18:42:29

I've emailed back maewest.

Am quite happy to meet up with anyone who swears they are not an axe murderer

HAve car so can travel a bit.

booge Sun 07-Jan-07 19:18:47

I also could meet up sometime. I'm non axe-weilding. The zoo is a lovely place for a term time midweek lurk.

clothears Sat 13-Jan-07 06:53:54

I live in Weston. Im a single mum to DD nearly 2 and would really love to meet up with other MNers.
I will keep an eye on this thread to see what gets arranged or you can reach me
at clothears74 at hotmail dot com

princesscarrie Sat 13-Jan-07 16:45:38

Hi I live in pill and i'd love to meet some MNers in real life.

bobalinga Fri 09-Feb-07 19:42:49

Can I join in? I'm in Staple Hill. Have 4 kids but 3 are teenagers. My 3yo is at home with me and I don't really know anyone in Bristol

Flossam Fri 09-Feb-07 19:49:03

I'm about too. I live in Kingswood. Am up for meeting round abouts here! I have 2 yr old DS and pregnant with no 2. IGW is lovely we meet every few weeks, perhaps we could all set a date in the next few weeks?

TheArmadillo Fri 09-Feb-07 19:51:19

I'd be interested if anyone wants to arrange something.

<maewest turned out not to be an axemurderer thankfully >

Flossam Fri 09-Feb-07 20:00:22

Perhaps if we were to all post which days we could do? I'm free tues, thurs and fri most weeks.

TheArmadillo Fri 09-Feb-07 20:37:44

thurs and fri are usually good for me most weeks or weekend.

booge Fri 09-Feb-07 20:56:50

I'm on maternity leave at the mo so could do any day. DS is 2 in May and DD is 4 months.

bobalinga Sat 10-Feb-07 11:49:27

thursday and friay are best days for me. DD, 3, has cerebral palsy so anywhere needs to not have too many steps! I hope that no-one would feel uncomfortable with that. lease tell me!
There's a soft play place in Kingswood that is bus-able for me. that any good?
And no, I'm not an axe-murderer either!

TheArmadillo Sat 10-Feb-07 12:13:37

I think I know the soft play place you mean - castaways or something?

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