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When meeting up take sensible precautions. Meet in a public place and let others know where you are going. You can also meet mums on your local site here.

we ar e meeitng up tomoroow

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coddycodcod Fri 14-May-04 18:26:00

in sw london

countdown in hours please and a new roll call

fairyfly Fri 14-May-04 18:27:50

25 hours. Fairyfly

serenequeen Fri 14-May-04 18:28:02

i thought you were drinking wine in the garden with finbar?

Tinker Fri 14-May-04 18:31:45

I'm so jealous

serenequeen Fri 14-May-04 18:32:04

it's not too late...

fairyfly Fri 14-May-04 18:32:44

Jump on the train with me tinker

Tinker Fri 14-May-04 18:32:47

'Tis a bit Let me know if coddy speaks like Norman Collier.

Tinker Fri 14-May-04 18:33:30

Think it'd cost about £200 return now!

serenequeen Fri 14-May-04 18:34:37

right my glass of cava is waiting for me at home, i'm off. no doubt dropping in again here later.

serenequeen Fri 14-May-04 18:35:18

tinker, train fares are absolutely outrageous, aren't they? never mind maybe next time.

fairyfly Fri 14-May-04 18:37:03

Walk on fair £57

Tinker Fri 14-May-04 18:44:24

Pah! Anyway, am OUT tonight and it's Eurovision tomorrow!!!

fairyfly Fri 14-May-04 18:46:21

i'm out tonight too, i feel very odd, i am sitting here with no children, really forgotten what you do with freedom. Bit dissapointed about Eurovision but they repeat it constantly Have fun Tinker

coddycodcod Fri 14-May-04 18:49:37

I am back in
2 kids in bed

coddycodcod Fri 14-May-04 18:50:04

tinker where do you live?

Tinker Fri 14-May-04 18:53:27

Oop North coddy, Manchester

coddycodcod Fri 14-May-04 18:53:42

i htink we need stickers for the first part of the evening
small ones that we cans ee with name and real name on it

coddycodcod Fri 14-May-04 18:55:00

no way you can c ome? we are styong in rivhmond

coddycodcod Fri 14-May-04 18:55:51

what time is it booked for?

essbee Fri 14-May-04 19:14:46

Message withdrawn

motherinferior Fri 14-May-04 19:18:09

I only clocked it about this meetup last week. Have a lovely time. Feeling all jealous now!

coddycodcod Fri 14-May-04 19:19:19

mi COME!

coddycodcod Fri 14-May-04 19:19:49

cant you parnets doit/ ar ethey miles away>?

motherinferior Fri 14-May-04 19:20:23

I don't know anything about it! And feel really awkward! I really don't think I can, not this time anyway, oh bugger...

ks Fri 14-May-04 19:21:10

Message withdrawn

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