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I want a friend

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TootToot Fri 01-Dec-06 14:15:00

or two! I'm not very good in large groups and do find it difficult to make friends but I am so lonely! I'm 36, a SAHM and have two daughters; one is nearly 4 and the other nearly 6 months old. I live near Harpenden in Hertfordshire. My husband works long hours and I need a friend!! Is there anyone else out there who lives near me and feels the same way?

CrocodileKate Fri 01-Dec-06 14:23:12

Def feel the same way but, unfortunately, I live no where near you.

chocolateshoes Fri 01-Dec-06 14:40:35

Sympathise and feel similarly but live at other end of the country. Hope you find s.o!!

Rhubarb Fri 01-Dec-06 14:45:44

bumping for you. Have you tried They will have a local site to your area and they run Meet-a-Mum schemes that are very successful!

lealou Fri 01-Dec-06 20:46:40

Toottoot I can sympathise! My friends live in different parts of the country and I know how it feels to miss being able to meet up for a coffee and giggles. Always happy to chat, I live in Hampshire so not too far away.

southeastastra Fri 01-Dec-06 20:48:19

hello i live near harpenden, there are quite a few mnetters around you

CantSleepWithSanta Fri 01-Dec-06 20:51:05

Hello TootToot - I also live near Harpenden. I'm 33 and have a nearly 10 month old DD. I was self-employed, but think I can call myself a SAHM too now, as I've turned down all offers of work since DD was born.

Happy to meet up for a coffee and a play at Big Space some time if you fancy it?

lovelybird Fri 01-Dec-06 20:55:59

Hi TootToot,

I don't live anywhere near you but just wanted to say Hi, and you're not on your own. I have felt like you for a long time, but have made some contacts through netmums, and see a few others moms and they're really nice.
It can be very lonely being a SAHM but i'm sure you'll make some contacts soon.

anisha Sat 02-Dec-06 11:55:31

Hi TootToot
I hope you are able to meet a mum locally through mumsnet. I know eaxctly how you feel I have no close friends, and having someone to talk to that's not family would be really nice. I live in Nottingham and recently posted 3 messages on the netmums meet a mum board, I haven't recieved 1 reply, which is disheartening.

nikcola Sat 02-Dec-06 12:03:25

hi i live in dunstable and have a friend in harpenden. i am 22 with a 5 year old dd. i am a sahm and dp also works long hours email me if you want ...

George30 Mon 15-Jan-07 13:33:30

Hi Toot Toot. Not sure if you'll see this cos it is a while since you posted but, just in case... we moved to Harpenden in November and am just starting to make some new Mum-friends - found them on Would be happy to meet up with you too and introduce you to the others if you'd like. I am off work on Tuesdays and often go to the park or Big Space with my DS who is nearly two.

Hope to hear from you.

EllieHsMum Mon 15-Jan-07 13:41:37

Hi Toottoot

I am 36 SAHM with dd nearly 8 months. I live in St Albans, more than happy to meet for coffee/tea. In St Albans or Harpenden all my friends work & family live up north.

Mumcab Mon 15-Jan-07 14:15:27

Hi EllieH's Mum, i am new to the WGC area and i couldn't help but feel for Toottoot because I know how she feels. Not exactly in the same position, but i am new to the area. When my other three are off at schol and my husband is at work, the house is a lonely place. Would love to meet people nearby, St Albans is not that far away. Oh What does SAHM mean, this is al new to me??

EllieHsMum Mon 15-Jan-07 14:33:23

Hi Mumcab

SAHM Stay at home mum, it took me a while to figure it out also.

I am free most days, depending on dd's social calender

I don't drive but happy to meet any where with good public transport links. Have met a few Mumsnetters & enjoyed it.

I moved to St Albans 6 years ago from Scotland, originally from North East. Found it hard to make new friends. Mainly work linked.

Mumcab Mon 15-Jan-07 14:47:45

Of course, now I get it. I'm going to be at home soon, I'm still at work, but because i work strange shifts, when my friends are at home i'm at home and vice versa. i drive so am able to meetup anytime if you're available. I moved from London in September, an trying to get to know new mums at my ds's school is not my forte.. it seems so clique, and I've never been very good at it. That's my dh's strength. I am around tomorrow and will be around next week Mon/Tue/Wed/Thur, if you fancy a coffee and a natter...

Mumcab Mon 15-Jan-07 14:48:37

Going to do the school run and will brb

EllieHsMum Mon 15-Jan-07 16:18:45

Hi Mumcab

How about next Monday?

Mumcab Mon 15-Jan-07 16:26:54

Next Monday's good for me, only thing is my knowledge of St Albans is limited so the town centre would be a great place...what about Marks and Spencers cafe??

CanStarveWillStarve Mon 15-Jan-07 16:31:52

George 30 - Tuesdays are the only day that we don't have a group to go to, so I'd love to meet up with you at Big Space some time.

Mumcab Mon 15-Jan-07 16:34:57

Where's big space - george 30??

CanStarveWillStarve Mon 15-Jan-07 16:39:52

Harpenden mumcab. Here .

Mumcab Mon 15-Jan-07 16:44:56

Have just had a look at the site, looks big. How far from St Albans is Harpenden?? I'm sure my son would love it.

George30 Mon 15-Jan-07 22:07:27

That would be great CanStarveWill Starve - occupied with thrilling things for the next couple of Tuesdays - tomorrow waiting in for furniture and next week Mum visiting (actually am being mean that will be quite nice) but calendar very empty after that so take your pick.

Mumcab - Big Space isn't that far from St. Albans although i guess it depends which bit you live in - I don't know it at all. Has its own website which has a map -

Would be great to see you both there soon.

EllieHsMum Tue 16-Jan-07 08:05:35

Mumcab Monday would be great for me, or do you want to meet at big space now? Tried it a few months ago dd didn't like. She is now much older 8 months I am sure she will be fine?

Mumcab Tue 16-Jan-07 12:04:17

EllieH's Mum- I'm realy sorry, got a delivery coming on Monday now, one of those 9-5 delivery slots ...really helpful??
but can make Tuesday same place, M & S, what time suits?

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