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When meeting up take sensible precautions. Meet in a public place and let others know where you are going. You can also meet mums on your local site here.

Mums in Camden

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Jempa Wed 29-Nov-06 22:11:43


I live in Belsize Park, Camden, and have a 2 month old daughter. I am looking for other mums in the Camden area who might want to meet up for coffee and a chat, not just about babies and parenting but about stuff in the outside world as well.

chilledy Fri 29-Dec-06 15:54:25

Hi Jempa. I live in Hampstead and have a six month old little boy. I would love to get in touch and am definietly up for discussing some non-baby related things too! Hope to hear from you.

rockermum Mon 15-Jan-07 18:46:17

Hello. I also live in Belsize Park and have an 8 month old boy. We should all meet for a cuppa one day.

honeycookiebear Tue 16-Jan-07 08:49:11

Hi, I live in Islington, Just a bus ride away really. I have an 18mth daughter and make a great cup of tea! Can meet up later this week or next? Claire

rockermum Tue 16-Jan-07 15:52:52

Sounds great. Chilledy and Jempa are you around as well?

Vancouver Tue 16-Jan-07 18:14:27

Hi, I live in Kilburn and have a 15-week old daughter. I'd like to join you and meet up next week. Is there any suggestion of a place and date?

rockermum Tue 16-Jan-07 19:05:28

is Cafe Azziz in the Swiss Cottage Leisure Centre somewhere in the middle of all of us? Its right by Swiss Cottage tube. The cafe is very child friendly and there is lots of play areas outside and inside the leisure centre for kids. how about monday 29 jan around lunchtime or late morning? does that suit? can anyone think of a better place?

Vancouver Tue 16-Jan-07 19:35:08

I just went there last Fri. Brilliant place. Good meeting point. I can walk up there and meet around 11-11:30ish. Depends on my daughter's feed time but I can aim for that. Mon, Jan 29th okay for me. Zabrina

Vancouver Mon 22-Jan-07 09:21:05

Sorry, it looks like Mon, Jan 29th is no good for me now. Is there another date available? Cheers. Zabrina

poppynic Mon 22-Jan-07 09:32:52

Hi. I'm in South Hampstead and Cafe Azziz is great for me. I'm due to be induced this Friday so probably won't make it this time, but hope to catch up with you all next time.

rockermum Mon 22-Jan-07 09:38:17

Hi Zabrina,

Next Monday the 29th at 11:30ish sounds great. Other mums let us know if you can make it. I will be wearing a green and white striped scarf.

See you then.

rockermum Mon 22-Jan-07 09:42:12

Sorry just read your message. is there another time on the 29th? or how about thursday the 1st at 11:30?

rockermum Mon 22-Jan-07 10:24:23

PS good luck poopynic!

Vancouver Mon 22-Jan-07 15:42:43

Hiya! Sorry, now I CAN make next Monday the 29th at Cafe Assiz. My apologies but my appointment got postponed so I'd be delighted to meet up on our original day. Again, apologies for the confusion and flakiness.

I'll look out for you.
Zabrina and 4-month old Marina

PS Could you email back to confirm that it's still on???!!! I promise I won't back out.

rockermum Mon 22-Jan-07 21:00:25

See you Monday the 29th at 11:30 am at Cafe Azziz. Any other mums fancy joining?
Jess and Felix

Buca Fri 02-Feb-07 14:50:57


I live in Camden and have a 7 month old baby boy. Didn't see the message in time to come along last monday but would love to meet up another time.


rockermum Thu 15-Feb-07 10:56:37

Can I suggest a meet-up at Caroline's music 11:30 am next friday 23 Feb. Caroline's is Fridays at Royal Free Hospital Recreation Club, Fleet Road, London NW3 Admission £4 (nearest tube Belsize Park) and is extremely popular and busy. If anyone fancies it let me know because it gets too crowded and you can't get in but i can run over and get tickets earlier in the morning so that we can get in. Info on Caroline's can be found at:

jess and felix

Buca Sat 17-Feb-07 13:51:35


I'd love to come along, but the 10.30 session would be much better for me if possible as Luca usually eats around 11.30 and gets tired about 12.

But if 11.30 is better for everyone else I'll try and come along then.

Sara & Luca

rockermum Tue 20-Feb-07 07:32:22

I don't think Zabrina and Marina can come so its just Felix and Jess. Felix is usually asleep at 10:30 but we could try the 9:30 session? otherwise am happy to meet somewhere between here and camden - primrose hill maybe? in the afternoon - is 4:00 too late for you? or earlier in the morning 8:30/9:00 (if you can be bothered to get going that early)
jess and felix

Buca Tue 20-Feb-07 16:55:12

The 9.30 session would be perfect for us. Hopefully cu there on Friday.

Sara & Luca

rockermum Wed 21-Feb-07 10:08:20

sounds good - since i live closer i will try and get there early to be sure we get tix. i will be wearing a green and white striped scarf.


pollyanna Wed 21-Feb-07 10:12:08

ooh, Caroline's music is fab! I moved away from Hampstead in the summer but went to Caroline's most Fridays for 7 years. (hijack over - feeling slightly homesick)

rockermum Thu 22-Feb-07 18:56:32

Hi Sarah,
Felix and I have both come down with bad colds - and i don't want to infect everyone. If you pick up this message let me know - so we can reschedule. Otherwise, we will pop over there in the morning to at least say hello - but may not stay for caroline's. really sorry about this - am normally v reliable - just don't want to get anyone else ill.

rockermum Fri 23-Feb-07 08:14:15

hi sarah,
both feeling better this morning - so ignore last message. will get there around 9/9:15 and wait out front royal fleet hospital recreation centre entrance for you. will probably have felix in a blue backpack on my back.
see you then

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