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Brighton SAVE THE DATE 12 Dec

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MABS Sun 13-Sep-15 10:51:47

I know it doesn't work for everyone sadly but Dec so busy its hard to suit us all.

The Brighton Xmas meet will be on Sat 12 Dec at 1pm. No idea where we are going as yet but i will get it sorted. Very likely i will need deposit from all as it's a busy time in Brighton. Let me know if you will be joining me please?

CobOnTheCorn Sun 13-Sep-15 10:58:51

Thanks for starting MABS

I'll join you smile

MABS Sun 13-Sep-15 11:01:29

fabulous Cob smile

MyGastIsFlabbered Sun 13-Sep-15 16:59:02

I thought we'd suggested the 19th? Not a problem for me but someone couldn't make the 12th. I'll be there.

RattieofCatan Sun 13-Sep-15 17:14:29

I'll talk to boss and try to wrangle a swap day smile

MABS Mon 14-Sep-15 07:18:58

I can't make the 19th after all, and as i arranging it i changed the date

MyGastIsFlabbered Mon 14-Sep-15 08:24:58

Fair enough, I just couldn't remember who couldn't make it when. It's all a bit blurry through the wine haze!

Helish Mon 14-Sep-15 10:48:46

Count me in for the 12th

MABS Mon 14-Sep-15 11:20:29

great Helish smile

DoreensEatingHerSoreen Mon 14-Sep-15 11:49:46

Me that can't make it on the 12th smile
Not to worry though as I don't think there were any dates that suited all x

GingerPCatt Mon 14-Sep-15 12:13:36

I'll pencil it in. I think it should be ok. Thanks Mabs!!

SESthebrave Mon 14-Sep-15 14:14:19

I should be able to make it smile

SilverShins Mon 14-Sep-15 15:47:39

Think that's OK for me grin

MABS Mon 14-Sep-15 16:20:51

thanks all, really sorry Doreen sad

DoreensEatingHerSoreen Mon 14-Sep-15 22:14:05

No worries! I'll be up in London but will have a glass if wine to be with you in spirit grin

MABS Tue 22-Sep-15 15:01:20

no one else?! x

MABS Sun 27-Sep-15 11:28:57

any venue ideas? x

MyGastIsFlabbered Sun 27-Sep-15 11:33:04

Weren't we thinking of looking at Browns or did we dismiss it as too pricey?

MABS Mon 28-Sep-15 08:00:18

It was mentioned, will have a look at a few options, thanks

HubertsBirthdayStick Fri 02-Oct-15 21:08:14

I will come to this one I imagine grinthanks

MABS Mon 05-Oct-15 10:48:19

great smile have spoken to a few places, will do some more research later this week. They are all doing set menus of course that close to Xmas, and so far all need a £10 per person deposit which i will need by paypal before i book. Make sense?

CobOnTheCorn Mon 05-Oct-15 16:33:15

Sounds good MABS flowers

HubertsBirthdayStick Tue 06-Oct-15 18:11:02

Thumbs up from me MABS

MABS Wed 07-Oct-15 08:23:32

good good smile

MABS Thu 08-Oct-15 15:43:44

all booked for 1pm on Sat 12 Dec, 3 course inc wine £25.95 p/p smile all ok? New Steine Bistro. Full details to follow soon and I will need menu choices, deposit etc, but no time to do at the mo.

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