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When meeting up take sensible precautions. Meet in a public place and let others know where you are going. You can also meet mums on your local site here.

anyone from Swindon or nearby?

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NannyJo Tue 04-May-04 20:57:49

I'm a new Mum to be (due November 3rd) in Swindon. Is there anyone out there or nearby who I can share my experiences with??

karen99 Wed 05-May-04 10:21:06

Princesspeahead and Cuppy are I think (did a search through the other threads for you). Have a look for S. West or Wilts threads. HTH

I live in London, but drive past Swindon every time I go home to see my parents! So that's why I had the quick interest in this thread. I'm sure you'll be meeting up with MNetters soon!

rubyt Mon 10-May-04 18:24:46

nannyjo - I live just off the next junction on the M4 (17)

NannyJo Fri 14-May-04 10:46:42

Hooray rubyt, This thread has been on for ages and I thought I was the only one around here. Everyone talks about meet ups all the time and I was feeling a bit left out. That shows you how boring my life must be!!! Do you have children or are you on the way to having one. J17 is chippenham way isn't it?? I'm desperate to share my experiences with someone being a Nanny I don't get too much adult conversation during the day, my other nNanny friends and husband must be sick of baby talk by now although they're too polite to say.

podgegl20 Fri 14-May-04 10:51:18

Hello nannyjo - how are you? this thread caught my interest as i used to live in swindon and my perents still do. Where abouts are you?

cuppy Tue 25-May-04 20:47:21

Nannyjo - I'm in Swindon too.

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