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When meeting up take sensible precautions. Meet in a public place and let others know where you are going. You can also meet mums on your local site here.

Wimbledon/Southfields mums who can meet at weekends.

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Decmum Tue 04-May-04 14:20:11

Am back at work f/t and feel like I'm really missing out on the support of other Mums. Anyone in the Southfields/Wimbledon area and able to meet up during the day at the weekends?

cas73 Sun 09-May-04 15:52:56

Just moved to wimbledon and don't know many people around. Normally do things with hubby and babies at weekends (ie shopping and stuff) but will be good to get a break from them sometimes ( I mean the babies...). I'm a f/t mum with two girls (17 months and 11 weeks).


fisil Sun 09-May-04 16:42:56

me too - work in S'fields & live the other side of Wimbledon - so would love to meet up at w/ends. Ds is 16 months.

Why not come to our meetup next Saturday evening? 7:30 or whenever you can make it at Zizzi in Richmond. The thread is under mumsnetter meetups - I'm in a rush so can't do a link now! Will do later!

Decmum Mon 10-May-04 11:45:23

Thanks...will try to make it to Zizzys on Sat.

cas73 Mon 17-May-04 09:14:56


Did you come to Zizzi's and I missed you? I didn't manage to meet everyone at the table...


dinny Mon 17-May-04 09:38:34

I live near south Wimbledon and work too. Would love to meet up Saturday mornings...Wimbledon Park is just lovely, if anyone fancies it sometime...? Dinny

Decmum Tue 18-May-04 08:50:49

Couldn't make it in the end but read that there were lots of hangovers.

Dinny....let's see if anyone else responds and arrange a meet up soon.

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