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When meeting up take sensible precautions. Meet in a public place and let others know where you are going. You can also meet mums on your local site here.

looking for friends in west London (near heathrow airport)

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sarahconnorek Tue 04-May-04 12:13:45

hello. I am looking for people to talk to/meet up with in West London, I am from hounslow myself. but know the surrounding areas feltham, brentford, chiswick ect.. I have lived here for 2 years now and dont really have any friends here, i would love to meet other mums with small children as I have a 2 year old boy and it would be great for him to have some friends also. get in touch if you want to chat


sarahconnorek Tue 04-May-04 12:32:06

no one?

whymummy Tue 04-May-04 12:45:15

hi sarah have you looked on no where near as good as mumsnet but you can leave a message for other mums in your area,i live in staines

sarahconnorek Tue 04-May-04 12:47:34

thanks for that, Stains is kinda close, just a bus ride away. good high street i hear lol. i will check out that other site thanks. I hate to sound desperate, but it would be really good to meet new people its just been too long you know?


whymummy Tue 04-May-04 12:53:12

i know how it is sarah we moved here 2 days before ds was born and it took me till he started nursery at 3 to meet other mums,feel free to contact me and i'll show you around staines

sarahconnorek Tue 04-May-04 12:57:29

ahh, thats great thanks. is there any way to add mums to any sort of buddy list? im really new to all this and dont really have a clue. if there isnt my e-mail is we can chat there, Im finding it difficult to keep track of people i have been speaking to on here :-(


whymummy Tue 04-May-04 12:59:23

you can use the contact another talker at the top of this page but i'll send you and email

sarahconnorek Tue 04-May-04 13:02:03

oh yeh see that, remember all the names to start with can be tricky. this really is a great website. so much support and advice.


janeybops Thu 08-Jul-04 02:40:48

i live in Hounslow near the rugby ground. Have a 3 year old and 8 month old. Do you live near here?

Thomcat Thu 08-Jul-04 02:45:48

Hiya, well I live in Middlesex, Pinner. Look on the mumsnet meet up threads and see if there is one happening that you can get to. Do you drive?

jane313 Thu 08-Jul-04 18:44:16

theres also now a thread from a poster in hayes. Perhaps we should orgnaise a west london meet-up. I'm in ealing but have a car.

whymummy Thu 08-Jul-04 18:55:36

hi janeybops,sarahconnoreck is in scotland at the moment but i will let her know about this thread,she'll be pleased to find another mumsnetter in hounslow

willow2 Thu 08-Jul-04 23:00:04

Hiya, there's a handful of us a bit further in - Sheen, Barnes, Putney way. Think we are planning to go out in September (if not before) so come along.

Rohey Fri 09-Jul-04 17:58:49

Hi there..

I live near Harrow...
I drive so can meet up..
I have a DD now 10 months old..
There is the Buuny Park in Hanwell ( which is free) so when it's warm and the suns out would be a good place to meet up..
Let me know

shelly121 Sat 10-Jul-04 10:46:11

hi everyone, im shell from hayes thread, love to meet any of you!
i know bunny park, my son loves it there, have to arrange something, perhaps bunny park or another park or lunch meetup in hounslow or harrow?
i have a 5 year old daughter (shes a school during weekdays) and my lil boy david who is 20months.
shell xxx

Thomcat Sat 10-Jul-04 15:05:34

I'd be up for a bunny park meet up if there are others that fancy it.
sarahconnorek - could you make it there?
It's in Hanwell which is kind of Ealing but not a million miles from Perivale area, do you know where we mean?

yingers74 Sat 10-Jul-04 17:21:23


Hello, I live in Acton and would be happy to meet up. I have also posted another thread trying to find other mums in west london. I perfectly understand your desire to meet new people. I only gave up work 3 months ago to look after my dd aged 16 months and only then did I notice I know hardly anyone in the area, having grown up in north london! Going from work to SAHM is quite a culture shock. I have found it quite hard going.

shelly121 Tue 13-Jul-04 11:01:30

bump xxx

karen99 Thu 15-Jul-04 19:50:25

Can anyone post a link for Buuny Park, eg. streetmap?

When were you thinking of meeting? I'm near Harrow too so could drive down...

jane313 Thu 15-Jul-04 20:50:25

I can't do links I'm afraid

jane313 Thu 15-Jul-04 20:51:00

I'd love to go but I'm not visiting the spiders

Rohey Fri 16-Jul-04 03:10:51

HI Karen et all,

I know how to get to Bunny Park...
It's at the end of Church Road which is just off Uxbridge Road..
Parking is available just opposite the church..
It's a lovely place for the kids...
So when it's happening??/

shelly121 Fri 16-Jul-04 12:16:32

so shall we arrange this then? im not to fussed about what day, although, have a lil girl at school so if meet is b4 21st would have to get away to pick her up by 3pm!

karen99 Sat 17-Jul-04 14:01:53

Is this the right place , where it says "zoo"? Is it easier to approach it from Ruislip Rd/Greenford Ave or the Iron Bridge way?

Can't make this week or next, but how about July 26, 27, 28th at 12pm? We are meeting near Watford on the 23rd here if anyone can make it.

Rohey Sat 17-Jul-04 14:58:43

Hi karen..

That's the place..
I usually get there from Greenford Road and past the hospital and it's the 4th turning on the left after the iron bridge...
The weather is not looking to good for this week..
So when do we arrange this for?

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