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Any MNers in Truro?

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eatyergreens Wed 01-Nov-06 12:32:29

I've recently moved to Truro from London, and while I'm overjoyed to be 'home', I'm finding it hard to find out what's going on/get out a bit with the kids. So here I am. Plucking up the courage to post this on MumsNet!
DS1, who is 3.5 is happy as a clam at preschool, DS2, 4 months, so far hasn't noticed I've failed to take him to any mums n tots groups, or much further than the supermarket tbh. And DH is quite content with weekend trips to the beach and the occasional pasty.
I think the DS's and I need to find some things to do , but I'm still unpacking boxes and this has become a bit of an excuse for not getting out much.
I would love to meet up with any other mums in the area, I know a lot of you aren't this far down, but thought it might be worth a shot...

Tollergirl Thu 16-Nov-06 12:30:59

Don't look at this v often and excuse my message coz not v used to 'chatting' like this (prefer old fashioned variety!). I'm near St Columb and have DD 3 months - am feeling a little cut off as most friends working or live miles away and would love to meet some other mums. Afraid I haven't explored any groups although am about to try local toddler one if I'm feeling brave enough. Would be happy to meet for a coffee in Truro if you fancy?

dinny Sun 19-Nov-06 10:09:17

ooh, eatyergreens - hopefully will be down within next couple of years! sorry, not v helpful!)

wonder if I know you...did you go to Truro School??

hart2hart Thu 30-Nov-06 10:52:26

Hi - I moved to Truro 3 years ago and have met lots of mums and made some really good friends (mostly met them at Toddler groups). Lots of people seem to move down here when they have kids so you'll probably meet people in the same situation as yourself.

The Health Visitors have a booklet with all the groups and activities (there's loads of stuff to do in Truro).

Don't be nervous about going - people are friendly and understand what it's like. Once you've started going to things you'll wish you'd done it sooner!

nellyraggbagg Fri 02-Feb-07 23:16:27

Hello Cornishfolk!
We are moving to Truro at Easter or thereabouts, and I am already in a panic about not knowing any other mums!!
I've just been trawling the internet looking for 'how to meet people with children in Truro' and, funnily enough, found Mumsnet. I have a DS who's five in May and a DD who's three in June, so we are unfortunately not going to be able to join in with mother-and-baby groups (sadly, DH won't let me have another baby as an excuse to make friends!!) How, oh how, will I get to make Mummy-friends? We know Truro reasonably well, but are moving from Leeds, so it's quite a long haul! Any advice (and cups of tea, come Easter time...)would be most welcome...

TheOriginalXENA Fri 02-Feb-07 23:20:46

Hello i'm in wadebridge so bit of a trek for truro. We only moved at christmas so its still all abit new for us too.

nellyraggbagg Fri 02-Feb-07 23:34:01

PS We haven't yet managed to find anywhere to live, despite the fact that DS is starting school in Truro (eek). Where are the 'nice' bits of Truro? DS's school is on the eastern side, so we'd like to avoid driving if possible (may not be possible!), and we're period property freaks (not scared of major renovation, either - DH is only really happy when wielding a club hammer). Is there any particular area that's popular with families - and are there any areas to avoid??!

Good luck in Wadebridge, Originalxena...

hart2hart Tue 13-Feb-07 14:23:49

Hi nellyraggbagg

Truro is fairly small - wouldn't say there are any 'bad' areas (council estates get bad press - same as anywhere). It's a great place to live - beautiful places on your doorstep but convenience of town etc...

It can be hard to get period house in town with parking and also garden. Parking can be bad in Summer holidays and Christmas shoppers in December etc.. We live in a terrace so only have street parking - for me it's still worth it as I absolutely love living so close to town. Depends on your priorites and budget of course!

I have DD 3 in April and DS almost 1. Maybe meet for coffee when you move.

What School os your DS going to?

nellyraggbagg Tue 20-Feb-07 21:59:17

Hello Hart2hart! I'd given up hope of getting any responses to my Truronian posting (gulp: are there no mums there??!), so I'm very excited to see yours. Thanks for the tips - we have been wondering about going a bit further out of town, but I really would like to be able to walk to M&S for a coffee and convenience food!! Yes, would love to meet for coffee once we move. It would be especially lovely to meet someone with a girl the same age as mine. Apart from the fact that I'll miss all my family and friends up here, my main anxiety about moving is finding friends in town for the children - DS will be starting at Polwhele House and I fear the catchment area will be from Torquay to St Ives, so I really would like him to have local friends as well...

hart2hart Wed 21-Feb-07 14:09:45

Hello again nellyraggbagg

Don't worry Truro is full of families It really is a great town - loads to do with children especially in spring/summer.

Are you moving for DH job?

Sorry don't know any 5 year olds.... all my friends have similar age pre schoolers.

Feel free to ask me any questions. I'd give you my email address but feels weird posting it out into cyber space!!! I've only posted a few times on MN - so am new to all this chatting malarkey!

scorpio1 Wed 21-Feb-07 21:08:06

hey,im in penzance,not too far from truro (youve got sainsburys )

truro is lovely,lots to do/see nearby.

feel free to ask anything you like!

nellyraggbagg Thu 22-Feb-07 08:19:55

Well, how nice to know that there are kind people in Truro and Penzance! Thank you both for your comments.

I'm sure we'll encounter other children of DS's age once we're there - but it would be great to meet hart2hart and friends, what with having DDs of the same age... I'm also a bit iffy about posting my email address into cyberspace, but you could contact me via - this is the website for our holiday chalet on the Roseland. The chalet is really the reason behind our move - it needs looking after, which is somewhat difficult from 385 miles away. Plus we love Truro! DH works from home (as do I when the children are asleep), so we are lucky enough to be able to choose where we live. I am a bit scared of missing my family, who will all be up north, but am determined to give the children a lovely Cornish childhood!

I'm sure I'll have heaps of questions, so I apologise in advance for pestering you with them. The main thing we have to do at the moment is find a house!! Otherwise DS will be living in a tent when he starts school...

(Incidentally, I'm also new to this posting malarkey as well...)

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