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Glasgow February Meet-up

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prettybird Wed 04-Feb-15 16:41:37

Next meet-up for Glasgow is on Thursday, 12 February in the Burrell Cafe at the Burrell. At 12.30 there is also a talk in the Burrell Theatre about the tapestries in the collection, if anyone fancies going. It'll be about half an hour.

I'll be there for coffee and cake before and after, if anyone wants to join me. The cafe is child friendly. I'll put a wee sign on the table saying Mumsnet (with the logo), so you won't need to go accosting random strangers.

It would be nice to meet a few more of the Scottish MNers. There's a wee group of us who've been involved in making squares for the MN Woolly Hugs, so there may be some crochet and/or knitting around, but mostly we just natter and eat cake! winkcake

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