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When meeting up take sensible precautions. Meet in a public place and let others know where you are going. You can also meet mums on your local site here.

Anyone from Derbyshire?

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redfiasco Wed 21-Apr-04 18:00:52

Have 2 children, and baby due next month. Would like to hear from other mums in area and arrange meet ups. Have transport, so distance not a problem.

Honeybunnie Wed 21-Apr-04 18:04:08

Where do you live in Derbyshire?

I live in Birmingham.

2 kids, 2yrs and 5 months.

Easy Wed 21-Apr-04 19:34:05

Hi both. I live on the Notts/Derbyshire border, have transport and a son of 4 & 1/2.

We love meet-ups (how did you miss the recent one in Ripley?), and would be happy to help find suitable locations.

Hear from you soon?

MadameButterfly Wed 21-Apr-04 20:40:15

Hi there,
I live in Burton, but am willing to travel.
There are currently threads on Birmingham and Derby meets, at the moment.
Hope to meet you soon

redfiasco Thu 22-Apr-04 09:48:57

I live in Kilburn, near Belper. Have only just joined Mumsnet, which is why I missed meet up in Ripley!! Hope there is another one soon, as its really near!! Thanks for advice on threads, as this is new to me, I`m still learning ropes. Will check them out.

discordia Thu 22-Apr-04 10:09:53

Ey up. I live in South Derbyshire (between Derby and Burton). My kids a bit older than those mentioned here (7 and 5).

redfiasco Thu 22-Apr-04 10:13:54

Hi Discordia,
My children are older too, 7 and 9, and baby due next month!!

discordia Thu 22-Apr-04 10:16:51

Good luck with the baby, redfiasco. Hope you're feeling OK and managing to keep up with the children! I don't know Kilburn except as a signpost on the A38. Where will you have the baby?

redfiasco Thu 22-Apr-04 11:50:24

That was all I knew of Kilburn until I moved here, is lovely village, but can be little claustrophobic!! Feeling ok now, bit emotional at times, but am enjoying being at home on maternity leave.
Will have baby at Derby City General Hospital, had daughters there,and was very happy with the care we got. Although will be staying there for shortest time possible!! Did you have yours there?

discordia Thu 22-Apr-04 13:07:40

redfiasco, DCGH just down the road from me. I pass it regularly. I've only lived here 4 years, my kids were born in Worcester and Shrewsbury! However, dd had a spell in the Children's Hosp at DCGH. Lots of building work going on there just now.

If you get bored while you're waiting for the babe to arrive, get in touch! I find day times a bit quiet with both kids at school.

WedgiesMum Thu 22-Apr-04 13:21:06

Hi! I live near Clay Cross (near Alfreton) so would be interested in a meet up. I have a DS who will be 5 in 2 weeks and a DD who will be 3 in 5 weeks. I work part time and have access to transport so can travel.

fairydust Thu 22-Apr-04 15:52:50

hello i live in ripley with one dd 2yrs old

Egypt Fri 23-Apr-04 08:40:52

hi, i live on leics/derbys border, close-ish to swadlincote

Hulababy Fri 23-Apr-04 08:46:53

Hi. I am not from Derbyshire - from Sheffield - but as I have been on lots of the Derby meets I thought I'd come and say hello too.

I am 31, from Sheffield, married and have a 2yo DD.

MadameButterfly Fri 23-Apr-04 10:43:45

Egypt, You are not too far away from me then, I am in Burton.
Contact me via the mumsnet team if you fancy meeting up locally.
I am 33 with 1 Daughter, she is almost 21 months old

shivermetimbers Sat 27-Sep-08 09:01:25

hi, i live near chesterfield but have no transport so dont get out much sad

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